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15 Of My Best Marketing Tips for Listing Agents

That old adage of “buyers buy houses and sellers buy marketing” is SO TRUE! As a listing agent, there are some specific ways you want to do your real estate marketing to attract seller prospects. Here are all my best tips and ideas for listing agent marketing!

How I Got Started As A Listing Agent

I joined the ranks of Realtors right when the housing market in Florida was tanking, but we didn't know that at the time so there I was, all bright eyed and bushy tailed getting ready for my real estate career to take off.

I was sure that I would use my mad internet skills to attract buyers and live the high life flipping houses and making wads of money.

Funny thing though, I hated buyers! I ultimately worked with 4 total buyers in my career, one really nice lady, one commercial buyer and two that were just horrible. I am not equipped for the drama that buyers bring.

The business-like way to work with sellers, including a legally binding contract was the way to go for me!

Here are all my best tips and ideas for how to get listing clients for your real estate business!

Over the next couple of years I amassed over 50 listings and learned a few things along the way about how to prospect for listing clients through the internet, direct mail, open houses and many other ways!

Marketing Tips For Listing Agents

Ideas to help real estate agents prospect for sellers, including social media, blogging, farming and more!

Getting Started As A Listing Agent

Maybe you are just getting started as a real estate agent and wondering about whether to focus on sellers or buyers. Since you can generally count on getting two buyer clients for each listing, for sure focusing on sellers is the way to go!

Getting Your First Listing

Sometimes the most overwhelming thing can be just getting that first listing! Without any experience, who is going to let you sell their house? As a listing agent I knew that fear of being thought of as a fraud, here are 10 ways to overcome that fear!

Real Estate Farming

Not the crops kind of farming, but as a listing agent you need to have a "farm" area or two that you are actively prospecting for new listing leads.

Internet Marketing For Real Estate Agents

We all know that internet marketing is super important for real estate agents, but with all the options out there, what is important to focus on for the best results?

Video Marketing For Real Estate Agents

More and more sellers are using video to find their real estate agents. Knowing how to do video is a vital skill for today's agent.

Direct Mail For Real Estate Agents

I KNOW, everyone says direct mail is dead, but you can make a huge impact by using this "old fashioned" marketing channel to get listings!

Open House Marketing For Realtors

Another thing that "never works" is open houses! The one thing that I think most listing agents miss is that those "nosy neighbors" are actually listing prospects.

Real Estate Marketing For Listing Agents Wrapup

There you have it, all my best tips and ideas for how to start and grow your real estate listings.

If I had to pick just one to start with I would do a farm because that allows you to do it all… farming, direct mail, videos, and blog posts. Once you are the neighborhood expert for that one farm you can branch out to a second or third farm as you go!

15 Of My Best Marketing Tips for Listing Agents