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How To Make Real Estate Postcards In Canva For Free

Real estate postcard design tutorial using the free design site, Canva, to make funny, just listed and farming real estate postcards. Includes how to tips and ideas to make your mailings memorable!

Today is going to be super fun! I have real estate agents ask me all the time to make them postcards, but with all the cool new (free) tools available there is no need to get a designer anymore…. you can do it yourself!

So first off, go to and sign up… I only use the free version so you don't HAVE to upscale your membership to do this!

Using A Premade Real Estate Postcard Template In Canva

Choose Postcard In The Dropdown

Select Postcards In Canva

That size, 5.5 in X 4.3 in is a pretty standard “small” postcard size!

Type “Real Estate Postcard” In The Search Bar

Pick Real Estate Postcard Template

There are a TON of different “typical” real estate postcard ideas, which is awesome! If you are just getting started with postcard marketing these will be good for start your design because they are functionally ready to go! 

I decided to start with a super simple, Just Sold Postcard!

Just Sold Postcard Templates Canva

Do Both “Sides”

One thing that is special about postcards is that they have two sides (the front and the back). To do a real postcard, you need to scroll down below the design on the right and pick, 

Add a second back page to the postcard

This will let you work on the back and front at the same time!

Upload Your Picture

The very first thing you want to do is figure out what picture you want to use as your “hero” shot for your picture. In these typical real estate postcards, it is going to be one of your listing photos or a headshot picture of you!

As you can see there the house picture on the right has criss-cross marks over it and the Canva logo which means that we need to drag a picture in there to swap it out!

I uploaded a house picture… simply click the “upload” tab and then upload a picture. This will probably be a picture of the actual house you had listed! If you are sending these to your sphere or to a radius around the house that sold, they will probably recognize either that exact house or perhaps the similar style. 

Drag Your Picture Over

All you need to do is take that picture that you uploaded and drag it over the Canva placeholder picture.  Your picture will plop in!

Insert Picture Canva

Moving Your Picture Around

As you can see it did come in, but it doesn't look very cute (in my opinion!) I want to move it around a little bit to make it cuter!

If you double click on the picture you can slide it around to get a better part of the house in the picture OR you can use the little “handles” to make the picture bigger!

Editing The Picture In Canva

Change Your Text

The last thing that you need to do is edit the address, this is just like editing any text element!

Change The Text In Canva

Print Right From Canva

One of the cool things about Canva is that you can print right from the website! Whoo whoo! Simply choose “Print” at the top and it will give you the options. 

Print Right From Canva

Download Your Postcard In PNG Format or PDF Print, High Quality. This will give you a big enough file that your printed postcards will look super snazzy printed out!

Click Download

Tips For Designing Your Real Estate Postcards

Having been a designer for years, I do have some tips and ideas that could make your postcards even more beautiful and effective!

Use A Big Photo

A while back, most cell phone camera's didn't take big enough pictures to use in print marketing. If you don't like the photo quality of your postcards, either use a DSLR camera or choose the smallest postcard size. 

Do Something That Brands You

They say it takes at least 7-9 contacts before someone notices that you are marketing to them. I suggest using a similar (unique) font in your postcards, adding your logo to every back or using the tried and true, your picture on the back of each one. 

At one time I was against the dorky picture, but then I read some studies that say we get as much enjoyment from seeing someone's picture as we do in seeing them in person, so picture away!

Real Estate Marketing Postcards, Popbys, Labels and Signin Sheets Banner

Send Multiple Postcards In A Short Time

In the Millionaire Real Estate Agent book, Gary Keller recommends sending a 6X6 postcard campaign to reduce the time it takes someone to notice you are marketing to them. This means sending 6 postcards over 6 successive days to the same person or farm. 

I have done this in the past and it does work. Say you send out 100 postcards to the same real estate farm area on 6 successive days, there is a good chance you will get at least one listing out of it, no matter how bad your design is!

Don't Do The Same Old, Same Old  Real Estate Postcards

As I show in the Top 50 Best Kinds Of Real Estate Postcards, Realtor Postcards don't have to be boring, they can be fun or sexy AND Canva has some cool templates that we can use to make them!

I picked a couple of cute froggy pictures from Unsplash (check out for a huge list of commercial licensed, free stock photography) Photo by Marcela R 

Looking for a new pad? Real Estate Postcard Example

This was just plopping a picture of a frog in from a free stock photo site and changing the words!

As was this one!!! This would go into a first time homebuyer neighborhood and would catch the eye of any expectant mother who want to “nest” in a new home with lots of bedrooms for the kids!

House Getting Tight Postcard

Real estate postcards don't have to be so darn serious!

Pin it for later - real estate

More Real Estate Marketing Tips & Ideas

All my best tips and ideas for using postcards and direct mail in your real estate marketing. From design to concept and then on to solid marketing strategies for increasing your buyer and seller leads and sales!

How To Make Real Estate Postcards In Canva For Free... Real estate postcard design tutorial using the free design site, Canva, to make funny, just listed and farming real estate postcards. Includes how to tips and ideas to make your mailings memorable!