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100 Great SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents | Real Estate Marketing

Real Estate Marketing | 100 Great SEO Keywords For Real Estate Agents

Great real estate SEO keywords for agents include ones targeting buyers, sellers, FSBOs expireds and more! Here are my top real estate marketing search terms for my Realtor friends, broken down into categories.

If you think that there is something I am missing, please let me know in the comment section! Number amounts are the search volumes monthly

Post updated…  current information as of  2019! – and I sorted them by search volume for you!

SEO Keywords People Use To Describe Real Estate Agents

  • realtor (2,740,000)
  • real estate agent (74,000)
  • realtors near me (33,100) NEW
  • real estate agents near me (14,800) NEW
  • real estate agents (4,400)
  • commercial real estate agent (2,900) NEW
  • top real estate agents (2,400)
  • find a realtor (2,400)
  • find a real estate agent (1,900)
  • local real estate agents (1,600) NEW
  • how to find a realtor (1,300)
  • what do real estate agents do (1,000) NEW
  • best real estate agent (720) up from 120 last year
  • best real estate agents (170)
  • list of real estate agents (720) NEW
  • best realtor (590)
  • how to find a good realtor (590)

Wow have these numbers dropped! in June of 2013 when this post was originally published, there were 9.1 million searches for realtors. That said, the “find a realtor” keyword that popped up recommended by Google is really interesting! Don't forget that there are many words different people use to describe real estate agents around the world like “realtor, broker, agent, estate agent”. 

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SEO Keywords For Real Estate Sellers

Most real estate agents SAY they are prospecting for sellers but use all keywords that are for buyers. If you are a listing agent, please consider some of these Realtor and real estate keywords for your website!

Selling a home

  • selling a home (2,400)
  • selling your home (2,400)
  • tips for selling your home (1,900) up from last year
  • sell my home (1,600) NEW
  • costs of selling a home (1,000) NEW
  • home selling tips (1,000)
  • sell home fast (880)
  • sell home (720)
  • sell my home fast (720)
  • how to sell your home (590)
  • sell your home fast (590)
  • how to sell a home (480)

These numbers have dropped too. I talk with lots of real estate agents on a regular basis and I think this is super important to note. Back in 2013 people needed real estate agents more. Now that the market has picked up, there is not such a need for real estate agents so they should be marketing more, not less!

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Short Sales and Foreclosures

  • foreclosure (60,500) – 40,500 last year
  • short sale (33,100)
  • what is a short sale (22,200)
  • foreclosures (18,100) – 12,000 last year
  • foreclosure houses (8,100) NEW
  • foreclosure listings (6,600) – 5,400 last year
  • HUD foreclosures (6,600) NEW
  • pre foreclosure (6,600) NEW
  • short sale process (6,600) up from last year
  • buying a foreclosure (5,400)
  • how to buy a foreclosure (5,400)
  • house foreclosures (4,400) 
  • short sale homes (4,400)
  • bank foreclosures (3,600)
  • free foreclosure listings (3,600)
  • bank foreclosure listings
  • foreclosures for sale (1,900) – same as last year
  • short sale vs foreclosure (1,600)
  • foreclosure sale (1,300)

These numbers went up last year (2018) and have gone up again this year (2019) . There are a few more big number short sale and foreclosure real estate keywords that have been added. Based on this information, I would look at your local real estate market and see if there is a bit of a downturn. This is not drastic yet, but could signal something coming!

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For Sale By Owner

  • for sale by owner (165,000) – steady for a few years
  • homes for sale by owner (40,500) NEW
  • fsbo (33,000) – down from 100K-1M
  • houses for sale by owner (27,100)
  • houses for sale near me by owner (12,100)
  • land for sale by owner (8,100)
  • home for sale by owner near me (5,400)
  • buying a house for sale by owner (1,000)
  • for sale by owner listing (720) – up from 110
  • for sale by owner mls listing (590)
  • listing homes for sale by owner (480)
  • cheap houses for sale by owner (390)
  • how to list on MLS for sale by owner (260)

Some agent have asked me why I show these… if you are a listing agent prospecting sellers, FSBOs are a great place to find sellers ready to list. 

SEO Keywords For Real Estate Buyers

  • houses for sale 673,000
  • houses for sale near me (201,000)
  • tiny houses for sale (110,000) NEW
  • condos for sale (90,500)
  • zillow houses for sale (27,100)
  • townhouses for sale (27,100) NEW
  • buying a home (22,200)
  • townhouse for sale (22,200)
  • cheap houses for sale (18,100)
  • condos for sale near me (14,800)
  • buying a foreclosed home (9,900)
  • how to buy a foreclosed home (8,100)
  • home buying process (5,400)
  • new houses for sale (5,400)
  • townhouses for sale near me (3,600)
  • home buying programs (2,900)
  • how to buy a home (2,400)
  • steps to buying a home (2,400)
  • buy a tiny home (1,900) NEW
  • buying a second home (1,900)
  • buying your first home (1,900)
  • home buying checklist (1,900)
  • home buying tips (1,900) way down from 9,900
  • renting versus buying a home (1,900) NEW
  • buying a hud home (1,300)
  • buying homes cash (1,300) – intriguing!
  • how to buy your first home (1,300)
  • new houses for sale near me (1,300)
  • buying a home with no money down (1,000)
  • new listings houses for sale (1,000)

Holy schnikeys, buying a home keywords are dropping.  I know that there have been some studies done showing that Millennial are less likely to buy than rent, but these numbers a bit shocking. If you are focused on buyers, please makes sure to check out real estate seo terms like townhouse for sale or condo for sale that took huge jumps. Also keep an eye on the tiny house keywords.. not a big volume right now, but could be something. This could just be a verbiage change, but super important to your realtor seo to note this now!


  • mls (368,000) – steady for the last few years
  • mls listings (90,500) – a bit down from last year but way up from 49K in 2017
  • mls real estate (12,100)
  • multiple listing service (9,900)
  • mls real estate app (4,400)

MLS listings have more than doubled in keyword search volume. Might want to think about about doing “MLS Listing Search for Tampa” or “Atlanta MLS Search” as a cornerstone page on your website. 

First Time Home Buyers

  • first time home buyers (590) – big drop from 6,600 last year
  • first time home buyers programs – super low numbers!

First time homebuyer keywords used to be a great way for agents to attract younger buyers. There just are not any good keywords this year (2019) to support this. This could be because of lack of interest by Millenials in the home buying arena or the fact that baby boomers are selling their mcmansions and downsizing. Customer demographics for real estate agents

Key Words For Real Estate Agents Wrapup

There you have it, all my best real estate keyword ideas. I have been doing this list for many years now and it is interesting to see how real estate key words come and go out of fashion! If I have missed some keywords that you think would be a good addition, please do not hesitate to email me … tara (at)

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100 Great SEO Keywords for Real Estate Agents | Real Estate Marketing… Great real estate SEO keywords for agents include ones targeting buyers, sellers, FSBOs expireds and more! Here are my top real estate marketing search terms for my Realtor friends, broken down into categories.


Thursday 11th of April 2019

This is also something to consider so that you know that you have an agent with a nice network.Really, it’s very good. I learnt a lot about this. I’ll try to apply your ideas and tips as well as.Effective marketing is crucial in getting tenants for your property.

Tara Jacobsen

Sunday 19th of July 2015

Thanks for the great idea Rick!!!

Rick Creel

Saturday 18th of July 2015

You can also use these keywords in your Google+ comments. You can bold the keywords, add hashtags and more. Give a link from your Google+ back to your website page that has those keywords. It's amazing how many times you will be on the front page, with your photo and a link back to your website. SEO just isn't for your website anymore. Social Media is BIG! REALLY BIG!!!

Scottsdale Realtors

Friday 10th of April 2015

Thanks for the keywords. I've been especially looking for great keywords around selling.

Brad Tollefsen

Sunday 22nd of March 2015

Thanks Tara,

This is a great starting point for realtors looking at keyword research. It is important that they combine these keywords with their location in order to rank properly.

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