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100 (Plus) Amazing Real Estate Agent Video Ideas

100 Amazing Real Estate Agent Video Ideas ... This list is 100 REAL ideas for real estate marketing videos. Bookmark this page and just go down the list, making videos and increasing your marketing assets!

Real estate agents KNOW that having videos is a great way to market their business. YouTube and Facebook Live are a great way to lead generate and having fun videos is a sure way to attract more buyers and sellers.

This list is 100 REAL ideas for real estate marketing videos. Bookmark this page and just go down the list, making videos and increasing your marketing assets!

Do your real estate videos have to be great?

Before I get started, let's talk quality and money.

First off, quality of your videos. Do you need to hire a video production company to make 100 videos for you? What the what… that could cost thousands of dollars! Nope, your cell phone and a simple video editor like Window's Movie Maker or Mac's iMovie will be all you need.

Second off, profession video production has it's place but right now EVERYONE skips all the commercials all the time. People want to see real life and how the world actually works so a whole bunch of good videos, well thought out and clear are better than just one perfect video that costs a fortune.

What Real Estate Marketing Videos To Make

There are tons of different kinds of real estate marketing videos you can make! Whether you are a buyers agent or a listing agent (or both), creating a body of work on YouTube (the second largest search engine) is a great idea!

Make sure to use local keywords from your area since real estate sales are so location specific.

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Subdivision Videos

  • Neighborhood videos (general interest)
  • Neighborhood videos with insights (like Dunedin Isles had gas tanks in the yards that often had to be removed prior to selling)
  • About the homes (date built, beds, baths)
  • HOA rules (why they are good or bad for a particular neighborhood)
  • Things that are allowed/not allowed (motor homes, parking in the street, weird house colors)
  • Subdivisions with large or small houses, 55+ communities, special subdivisions (like the one that a builder made with all the support along the walls so they could be totally open concept or the ones with brick streets)

Condos (could be townhouses)

  • Condo complex tours (inside the units)
  • Condo amenity tours (fitness rooms, pools, etc.)
  • How condo ownership works
  • Condo laws and regulations in your state
  • What can you do when you have a condo

First Time Home Buyers

  • Realtor tips videos for first time home buyers
  • Why you need to have financing in place before looking
  • What being “upside down” or “house poor” means
  • What to look for when buying a new home
  • How to handle issues on the home inspection
  • How to handle a sellers market (no lowball offers, no weird requests, seeing a new listing on the first day, getting financing first)
  • What not to do when you are buying to mess up your mortgage
  • Do you need a real estate agent when buying new construction
  • How to be realistic about what features you can get with the money you have
  • Affordable housing options for first time buyers
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Home Sellers

  • How to declutter (like what does that mean… not just take down some pictures but how to make your home look good!)
  • Ways to make your landscaping look good (curb appeal, first impressions and all that)
  • How to price your home to actually sell
  • What absorption rate is (so boring and technical, sexy it up a bit and explain that it really does matter in a slow market)
  • How to handle a lowball offer (should you be offended or counter?)
  • How to prepare for an open house
  • Will you get an offer after the open house?
  • Case studies (why a home didn't sell, why a home sold fast, who bought a home)
  • Why do listings go expired and how to fix it next time
  • How do DOM (days on market) effect the price your home will sell for
  • What should you fix BEFORE the home inspection period
  • Which home improvements make you the most money when you sell
  • How to have a successful showing (good smells, not home, lots of light, flexible about showings)
  • How to sell for top dollar in the fastest time possible (for sure what every seller wants!)
  • Should you let your Realtor use a lockbox?

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Double Dippers

  • How to buy and sell at the same time
  • When is the best time to move up to a better home
  • When to downsize (kids move out, parents move out, job transfer)
  • When to move up (new baby, parents moving in, multigenerational housing)

Luxury Home Buyers

  • Realtor tips for luxury homebuyers….luxury buyers/sellers, move up sellers, waterfront buyers/sellers, you get the drift)
  • Process for making an offer
  • How to create a “wish list” for what you want in your new home
  • Info about features like sea walls, mountain views, etc.

Luxury Home Sellers

  • The most expensive homes sold in your area
  • What luxury buyers are looking for in homes
  • Drone footage of the property
  • Fancy upgrades like audio systems, solar panels, pools, water conditioning, multi-zone heating and cooling

General Real Estate Topics

  • What are closing costs and who pays them?
  • What is an escrow account?
  • How are contract documents signed?
  • Negotiating home repairs and warranties
  • How to handle issues on the home inspection
  • What to do about un-permitted upgrades or rooms
  • When is the best time to buy/sell a home
  • Septic tanks or sewer issues
  • Property insurance (especially if rates are higher for some reason in your area, like we all have to

General Safety Issues

  • Radon and why it matters
  • CO2 detectors
  • Sinkholes and “pinning”
  • Gated communities and security

About The Realtor

  • A day in your life
  • Testimonials from your clients
  • Showing how your process works
  • How you market your listings
  • Realtor designations and how they will help with your client
  • What is a broker, single agent, transaction agent, dual agency and how it affects buyers and sellers
  • Questions your Realtor should be asking you

Local Color

  • Parks, lakes, nature walks, dog parks
  • Restaurants, bars and stores
  • Schools and government
  • Things to do in….

Fun Videos

  • House feature tours (not of a listing, just cool things you find in the houses you see)
  • Cute videos parody-ing popular songs with real estate terms
  • Haunted houses or weird things about your town

There you have it… 100+ great ideas for real estate marketing videos. Now get out there and start making videos!


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