Realtor Marketing – How To Write A Perfect Listing Blog Post

Realtor Marketing – How To Write A Perfect Listing Blog Post

Writing a perfect listing blog post should accomplish a few things including 1) making your seller happy, 2) increasing your digital footprint in your marketplace and 3) increasing your blog content. We will look at all these reasons today and go over what needs to happen to have that perfect listing blog post! Reason For […]

Local Marketing For Realtors – Becoming The Neighborhood Expert

Blog Post :: Local Marketing For Realtors - Becoming The Neighborhood Expert

So glad I got this reader question as it prompted me to think about the ways that Realtors can use their local marketing efforts to start becoming the neighborhood expert. “My main focus is selling residential Real Estate in Adelaide, South Australia. So I’m always on the lookout for how to getter in front of […]

Social Media Setup Package For Real Estate Marketing and Realtors

Social Media Setup For Realtors

While there is no “Realtor Marketing” there are things that Realtors have to be aware of when setting up their real estate social media and websites. Our President is a former Realtor and currently licensed active in the state of Florida. She KNOWS the special ins and outs to watch for when setting up your […]

Real Estate Marketing | 100 Great SEO Keywords for Realtors

Real Estate Marketing | 100 Great SEO Keywords for Realtors

Great keywords for Realtors include ones targeting buyers, sellers, FSBOs expireds and more! Here are my top real estate marketing search terms for my Realtor friends, broken down into categories. If you think that there is something I am missing, please let me know in the comment section! Number amounts are the search volumes monthly […]

Realtor Marketing – What Should Be On Your Real Estate Website

Realtor Marketing – What Should Be On Your Real Estate Website

Oh my friends doing Realtor Marketing…you are killing me! I have talked to literally hundreds of Realtors about their marketing and there are just some super-weird things that drive me nuts about you (the collective you, not you personally…:) The biggest thing to me is your internet presence and what should be on your real […]

Unfriending Your Real Estate Clients – Realtor Marketing

Realtor Marketing Unfriending Your Facebook Clients

Realtor marketing question – should you be unfriending your real estate clients on Facebook? This week we got A LOT of questions asking about a post that one person had written, suggesting that if you have friends on Facebook you could be, scary music sounds go here, ruining your real estate career and putting your […]

Realtor Marketing | Real Estate Email Newsletters

Realtor Marketing - Real Estate Email Newsletters

Realtor marketing is a funny thing, especially real estate email newsletters. I get hundreds of email newsletters from agents every year and most of them are WAY off the mark as far as good marketing practices and just plain old sales techniques. Today we are going to tear up Danielle Sharp’s email newsletter! She is […]

Realtor Marketing – Realtor Newsletter Ideas

Realtor Marketing Email Newsletter

Because I help so many Realtors with their marketing efforts, I KNOW that generating a monthly newsletter can seem like an overwhelming task. Here are my best Realtor Newsletter Ideas, in no particular order. Realtor Newsletter Ideas Your Real Estate Newsletter should be a tool to talk with current, past and potential real estate clients. […]

Realtor Marketing Funny Realtor Postcards

Funny Realtor Postcards

Realtor marketing is generally a serious thing. That having been said, if you have the right personality, funny realtor postcards can be a great advertising tool! When I was Realtor, I frequently used humor to make connections with my clients, prospects, sphere and farms. While I did not use comical sales verbiage often, when I […]

Realtor Marketing Is Social Media Necessary

Realtor marketing social media

Realtor marketing has come a long way from carrying around a huge listing book on your buyer appointments. BUT is all of the new realtor marketing hype important and is social media REALLY necessary. If you listen to the hype, every agent must now spend as much time marketing as I do (and I am […]

Realtor Marketing Videos to Flip Over

Realtor Marketing Flip Video Camera

Realtors who are marketing with videos are miles ahead of their competition. For the best Realtor marketing video camera, I can not recommend anything more highly than the Flip Video Camera! So what does a realtor video look like? This is Deborah Ward’s video for the Sage Condo Complex in St. Petersburg Florida. It took […]

Realtor Marketing Most Real Estate Websites Let Realtors Down

Different Realtor Marketing

Is your website submarining your realtor marketing efforts? Most realtors I know do not cruise the internet marketing sites and forums like I do so they are not aware of some the top things that effect their page rank or how high they are listed on google. Having worked with LOTS of Realtors with different […]

Realtor Marketing – Direct Mail Postcards

The BEST marketing money I ever spent when I was an active Realtor was on direct mail postcards! I sent them out to my farm, to past clients and to prospects. To this day, two years later, I still get people who mention that they are sorry that I am not still sending them as […]

Realtor Marketing – FREE Social Networking Workshop

This is quicky because there are only a few seats left! Join me Friday afternoon in Largo, FL for a FREE Marketing for Realtors Social Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) Workshop. You will walk away with your social networking sites set up (the right way) and tons of information about how to use these FREE […]

Realtor and Small Business Marketing Tip – Google Voice!

Google Voice - Realtor and Small Business Marketing

So you know I like make sure my realtors and small business owners know the latest and greatest marketing information so that you can take over and dominate your market! Well today’s topic is Google Voice! I signed up for Google Voice a few weeks ago and got the notification the other day that I […]

How To Market Your Small Business


People ask me all the time what I do to market my small business (and my Realtor Marketing clients). I KNOW when I hear those words that they want to know the magic bullet – the ONE THING that I do to achieve online success. The ONE THING that I focus on that makes the […]

Small Business Marketing – Success Is HARD!

When you think about small business marketing success, there is no magic bullet! I am sorry to be the one to tell you that, but I sick of hearing about “get rich quick” schemes. I work in the trenches everyday with small business owners and they are busting their humps to succeed. They are learning […]

How To Pick New Small Business Opportunities


This month’s second small business marketing newsletter was about having multiple streams of income, which got me thinking about how we should choose those streams for ourselves. I have a confession to make…I am a huge proponent of multiple streams of income and I have an entrepreneurial spirit so I spend lots of time considering […]

Autoresponders (8X8s) for Realtors – Buyers and Sellers

Using Auto-responders to Grow Your Real Estate Business Auto-responders are one of the most innovative tools a Realtor can use to grow their real estate business. However, most Realtors fail to utilize them to their full business potential.  The ease of use of auto-responders is astounding once you have them set up! If you have signed up […]

Marketing Planning Seminar for Real Estate

BE PART OF THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO GROW YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS! This one-day Marketing Planning Seminar for Realtors, Title Companies and Mortgage Professionals will help you focus on the activities that will help you establish your brand, grow your business, get new clients and generate leads for your business. Marketing Guru Tara Jacobsen will […]

NAR 2008 – A Marketing Perspective

Chelsea Title Company

The Swag Winner Is…………….. Swag is the “stuff” that companies give away at their trade show booths. It can be as bland as a pen or as exciting as a brand new car, but in general is something that will help draw people to your tradeshow booth or help them remember your company after the […]

33 Touch – Fab 5 Contest

So Mary Dado of Business Writing, Ink and I have been on a whirlwind tour of 4 South Florida Keller Williams market centers. We went down there to talk about the Fab 5 Contest our region is having and the 33 Touch Program that we developed to go along with it. What the heck is […]