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100 Lead Magnet Ideas For Physical Product Sellers

As a retail seller, it can seem really hard to figure out a free giveaway idea for your products that doesn't cost you a lot of money! Here are 100 examples of free products upgrades you can give for your email signups.

100 Lead Magnet Examples For Physical Product Sellers

please note :: I often recommend resources, some I receive an affiliate commission for at no additional cost to you! check out my policies here

Why You Need A FREE Giveaway!

Many product sellers know they should offer a free give away to encourage people to join their email lists… and everyone does a discount coupon, but what about having something high quality and valuable for your buyers?

Something that matches your product, but also is valuable in its own right and increases how much your target audience likes you, your shop or your kinds of products!

This is called an “ethical bribe”… give me your email address and I will give you something worthwhile.

Why You Shouldn't Give Away Your Products

Okay, now let's talk about why you shouldn't give away your products in exchange for an email address…

  1. It is expensive! An author giving away a free chapter of their book doesn't have any sunk costs, a product seller does.
  2. It devalues your product and makes it seem like you don't think it is valuable enough to sell.
  3. People will take free stuff all day, that doesn't make them the kind of person who wants to buy your kind of product. For example, one of my marketing clients gave away a free sample of her green cleaning products. It got on a “freebie” list and she got over 20K requests… most not from someone who was interested in buying green cleaning products going forward… sigh!

100 Ideas For Free Product Seller Giveaways

I have lots of Etsy marketing peeps on my email list and they struggle to think about what they could give away for free. Here is a comprehensive list of giveaways for all different kinds of shops!

Don't just look at your kind of product… look at them all! You could get a great idea for yourself!

Content Upgrades For Jewelry Sellers

  • What Jewelry To Wear With Formalwear
  • What Jewelry To Wear With Friday Casual Outfits
  • How To Style Layered Necklaces
  • Mixing Metals – What Are The Current Rules and What Looks Good Together
  • Jewelry Gift Guide For Busy Husbands
  • The Best Jewelry To Give For Anniversary Years
  • The Best Jewelry To Wear With Your Wedding Gown
  • How To Organize Your Long Pendant Necklaces
  • How To Store Your Rings

Content Upgrades For Planner Sellers

  • The Best Planner Accessories That You Will Use Everyday
  • 10 Bullet Journal Layouts That You Will Be In Love With
  • 5 Things Your Planner Has To Have So You Can Stay Organized
  • Best Markers And Pens To Use In Your Planner (To Avoid Bleeding Through)
  • How To Organize Your Planner Accessories
  • The Best Planners To Pick When You Are Super Unorganized
  • Take The Digital Versus Paper Quiz To Find Your Perfect Planner
  • The Best Handbag To Use To Carry Your Planner Around With You
  • How To Repurpose Your Planner After The Year Is Over

Free Giveaways For Bath and Body Sellers

  • Best Gifts for the Holidays
  • List of Popular Fragrances
  • Top 10 Sellers For The Year (and why their customers' loved them)
  • Which Dyes To Avoid In Your Bath Products
  • How To Pick Bath Bombs To Feel Calm and Sooth You
  • The Best Fragrances To Use In Your Bath Products To Get Energized For the Day
  • List of Items To Put In Gift Baskets For Women
  • List of Bath Items To Give To Men (Husbands, Fathers, Sons, Teen Boys)

Free Giveaways For Beauty Sellers

  • How To Style Your Brows For Your Face Shape
  • How To Use False Eyelashes The Right Way
  • How To Take A Selfie That Will Get 1000s of Likes On Instagram
  • List of the Best Smokey Eye Tutorials
  • How To Take 10 Years Off Your Age With Contouring
  • How To Use Highlighters The Right Way So You Don't Look Like Bozo The Clown
  • The Best Products To Make Beautiful Brows
  • The Most Popular Brow Shapes To Work With Snapchat Filters

Free Content Upgrades For Vintage Sellers

  • How To Clean Silver So It Never Tarnishes Again
  • 5 Best Clean Cloths for Brass
  • How To Fix A Dent In A Vintage Dresser
  • How To Paint Your Vintage Furniture Without Having To Strip It First
  • How To Modernize Vintage Pieces Without Losing Their Value
  • How To Mix Vintage and Modern Pieces
  • Best Vintage Gifts for Moms, Dads, Grandmas
  • How To Use Vintage Pieces In Your Loft Apartment
  • Why Instagram Loves Seeing Vintage Pieces In Modern Homes
  • How To Store Your Vintage Instagram Props When You Aren't Using Them

Email Giveaways For Shops That Sell Crystals

  • Best Crystals To Attract Money (Get A Man, Improve Your Mood, Sleep Better)
  • How To Decorate With Crystals
  • Why Crystals Work, And How To Use Them Daily
  • Best Crystals To Keep On Your Desk At Work
  • Best Crystals To Use In Jewelry Making
  • What The Different Crystals Mean
  • Best Incense/Candles To Pair With Your Crystals
  • Where To Place Your Crystals For Maximum Effect
  • How Feng Sui and Crystals Work Together To Make You Better

Free Content Upgrades For Shops Selling Artwork

  • How To Hang The Perfect Gallery Wall
  • Best Tools For Hanging Your Artwork
  • How To Clean Your Artwork
  • 5 Different Kinds of Picture Framing (Gallery, Matted, Shadowbox)
  • Best Budget Friendly Framing Options
  • How To Make Your Print Look Like An Original Artwork With Fancy Framing
  • Best Types of Artwork For Offices
  • How To Show Off Your Art Collection on Instagram

Free Content Upgrades For Hair Accessory Sellers

  • 10 Different Types of Braids
  • Best Wedding Hair Accessories (Prom, Homecoming)
  • Best Scrunchies To Use In Your Instagram Pics
  • Best Pony Bands To Use When You Are Working Out
  • Should You Pair Your Hair Accessory Color With Your Outfit?
  • How To Make A Perfect Messy Bun
  • Hair Accessories For Gals With Short Hair
  • The Best Barrettes For Formal Gatherings
  • How To Keep Your Headbands From Sliding Around

Free Giveaways For Home Decor Shops

  • Best Designer Colors For Your Home
  • How To Use The Latest Pantone Trend Without Having To Paint
  • How To Make Your Living Room Look Casual and Cool
  • How To Design A Formal Sitting Room
  • Get That Eclectic Magazine Look The Easy Way
  • Decorating Your Home For The Holidays
  • How To Style Your Office So You Look Great In Zoom Calls
  • How To Have An Instagram Worthy House (Home Office, Bedroom)

Free Content Upgrades For Bag Shops

  • Do You Like A Structured Bag or A Freeform Bag
  • The Best Leather To Get For Your Pocketbook
  • The Best Accessories For Any Handbag
  • How To Save The Planet By Using Reusable Grocery Bags
  • Best Handbags For Women In Business To Use At Networking Events
  • Should You Use A Clutch, Over The Shoulder Or Cross Body Handle
  • Best Safety Tips For Holiday Shopping To Avoid Being Mugged
  • What Kind of Purse To Use On Your Wedding Day
  • How To Clean Your Handbag So You Aren't Carrying Germs Around With You Everywhere
  • Why You Should Swap Your Bag Out For The Seasons

Free Giveaways For Coffee Mug or Beverage Ware Sellers

  • Best Brands of Coffee To Buy Online
  • Best Cocktails for Thanksgiving (Christmas, New Years)
  • The Top 5 Whiskeys To Give As Holiday Gifts
  • 5 Amazing Hot Chocolate Recipes To Warm Your Tummy
  • How To Make Super Cute Wine Glass Charms
  • Top 10 Wine Bottle Accessories
  • The 10 Best Places To Get Stickers For Your Yeti
  • The Best Coasters To Use With Your Hot Coffee Mugs

There is a difference between something self serving and something helpful. For beverage peeps it seems like a good idea to do a guide for how to care for your Yeti, but really no one cares.

Free Giveaways For Tshirt Sellers

  • How To Style Your Tshirt For Friday Casual
  • Best Way To Class Up Your Tshirt With Jewelry
  • Beyond Tshirts and Jeans, The Best Pants To Wear With Tshirts
  • How To Wash Your Tshirts So They Don't Fade Or Stretch
  • Best Tshirt Colors For Your Complexion
  • 10 Cute and Unique Ways To Knot Your Tshirt At Your Waist
  • How To Make A Cut Off Tshirt For Your Festival Look
  • How To Cut Your Tshirt To Look Manly At The Gym (Without Ruining It)
  • 5 Ways To Store Your Tshirts In Your Drawers
  • The CORRECT Way To Fold Your Tshirt To Make Them Last Longer

Free Giveaway Ideas For Product Sellers Wrapup

Okay, that was A LOT of fun ideas to give away, but now what do you do? Here are a few ideas about what to do with your giveaways once you have them done!

Set up a landing page for your giveaway! Most email platforms will let you create a page when your peeps can sign up for your offer. This will be where you link to on all your promotional giveaways. here is an example of my Convertkit email giveaway for a free vintage sellers ebook

Spread the word! Make sure to share your giveaway with your existing customers and encourage them to share it with their friends.

Use your social networks to promote it! Share it on Facebook and Instagram and Pinterest. Oh and you can't just share it once, I would share it once a week at a minimum!