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How To Analyze The New Etsy Stats

As an Etsy seller, knowing how to read your Etsy shop stats and understanding how they fit into your overall Etsy marketing and Etsy SEO efforts is super important. This step by step guide will walk you through all the parts of the new stats and get you up and running right away.

This is for the Fall Etsy Stats Update … October 10, 2019

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Etsy Stats

Etsy is at it again! They have updated the stats page and I have to say that I really like the new format. It has everything you need to use in order to help your marketing and increase your sales!

I KNOW, no one likes change, but for take a peek and see how it is laid out even better right now before you decide you don't like it!


Visits are a good measure for how your marketing efforts are doing, including Etsy SEO, promoted listings, and even social media marketing.

As you can see, underneath is a comparison to last year. I love this because is comparing a relative seasonal time frame instead of say looking at last month's stats. You can use it to track visits apples to apples!

Think of Christmas time! Your stats in January may look dismal against the flurry of holiday shoppers, but comparing it to the same time last year gives you an idea of whether you are trending up or down overall!

Views to me are the most important thing we should look at because they are the easiest for us to influence with increased marketing efforts.


Orders are how many of your items have been purchased! This is a great metric to see if your products are current and what shoppers want to buy.

As you can see, my orders have decreased by 30% year over year. I can say for sure that is because I haven't launched any new products or been very diligent about my marketing efforts for my shop lately.

I can't even claim it is seasonal, since last year (when I was trying harder) the sales were there!

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is how many people actually bought once they saw your item for sale. You get this number by dividing the number of orders by the number of visits.

Again, mine is down about the same amount as my orders, which leads me to believe that there is something wrong that I need to tweak with my listings.

Maybe I need to revisit pricing or descriptions. Or I might not have enough pictures in my listing to really show how the product will help the buyer.

Conversion is another place that our own efforts can really make a difference in the number of sales we get. The buyer was there, but I need to make my products more enticing for them to push the buy button!


Revenue is the last one. Now, this can be confusing because I am down 30% in views but 50% in revenue.

That happens because I am getting fewer sales on my higher priced items and more sales on my lower priced items.

Now, I am not saying you only have higher prices. The Etsy algorithm favors recent sales in their search results so any sales are good sales, even if they are for lower cost items!

How Shoppers Found You

This is my area and one where we can make a big difference! The left side is traffic that Etsy brought to your shop and the right side is traffic I drove to my store myself.

Think about that! If I hadn't been doing marketing myself my sales would be even lower and I wouldn't have the revenue I do have!

When you are looking at this overall, see where your efforts are green and do more of those (more about that Social Media 297% increase in a wee bit!)

Etsy App & Other Etsy Pages

This is Etsy App and other pages like favorites, the home page, etc.

Yours may be a way higher percentage of your visits. Since I sell business planners, many of my shoppers are looking on a computer, rather than using the Etsy app.

Etsy Search

Etsy search is a great way to get shoppers, that said, if you are selling something that people aren't actively looking for (like me) your numbers may trend lower like mine do.

I DO think Etsy SEO and Etsy search terms are an important piece of the puzzle. I use a tool called Marmalead to get relevant keywords to use in my listings!

Direct and Other Traffic

This one is people who have come directly to your listing through your marketing efforts. You may have sent an email or written a blog post about your product. Functionally, it is all the incoming clicks minus the social media ones!

For sure this is something that you can do to increase traffic to your shop! Start an email list or set up a blog to do more linking to your own products. I KNOW that is not so easy for everyone, so if you are freaking out, wait a minute because EVERYONE can do social media to help drive traffic to their store!

Social Media

You get to the details of this number by using the dropdown. It breaks down all the social media sites and shows whether you are gaining or losing over last year.

As you can see, the only good thing on my horizon is Pinterest! Up 328% over last year…whoo whoo! That is because I have been focusing on Pinterest and even made a whole course about how to use it to increase your shop views!

Awesome Pinterest For Ecommerce course

Social Media Drilldown

This is where you can really start to understand what is working on each social media platform.

As you can see, my Postmark listing is doing the best on Pinterest. That means I should start making new pins to promote that listing and also check out all the other “good” ones and do more of that!

You may get lots of traffic from Facebook or Instagram. Really spend some time figuring out what it is about that listing and that social network that is really driving views!


Promoted listings are a great way to drive views! As you can see, I spent $29.50 to make $72.97 which is a return on a digital product.

Just be careful if you sell handmade or vintage! You should shoot for a minimum of 4X to 10X revenue if you have to make and ship the products to account for your time and effort.

Change Your Budget

Using this popup to change your budget was delightful. I feel like having the promoted listings “embedded” more in the stats helped me see that I should up my budget a wee bit.

Change Your Listings

I love how this looks! Seeing this grid of my products with the checkboxes next to them is a super easy way to add and remove listings from your promoted ones.

I tend to only promote listings that sell for more. If I am paying to promote something, it is hard to make the money work when the sales price is so low!

More Info On Each Traffic Source

I thought this would give me even more stats (whoo whoo) but it was just a list of each search and what it encompasses on the Etsy website, wah, wah, wah.


Listings are a great place in the stats to see what is working and what isn't!

Average Listing Views

Seeing your average listing views can let you know whether shoppers are bopping around in your store. Increase this by linking to related items in your shop or creating “product lines” that will show in your other listings!


This is a stat for the number of visits by listing. For sure it is worth comparing this to the traffic sources to see why it is so “popular”.


It is so interesting to see how many orders each item is getting. This is a great place to do some product development work! Can you bundle that high selling item to create another popular listing or make a similar product that might sell just as well?


Last but certainly not least is revenue. A couple of years ago I realized that my revenue was low because I was only selling lower priced items! I added larger planners that could help increase my revenue per sale and that made a world a difference in how much I could make!


A Question I Get A Lot

Before we go, I want to answer a question that may have come to mind for you! If I drive so much of my own traffic to Etsy, why wouldn't I just send it all to my Shopify store where there is less competition?

That is a GREAT question!

I did that for a while and my revenue dropped. Etsy does a whole lot of marketing on our behalf like paid search results, retargeting and all those emails they send out.

When I was sending all my traffic to my own store, no one was doing that kind of work on my behalf (I don't like that kind of marketing).

So for me, paying Etsy to do all that is well worth the chance that someone will come to my listing and then buy something else from another seller!

Etsy Stats Wrapup

There you have it! Overall I am really happy with the new stats and now that I have dug into them a bit I am raring to go to do some work to see how I can get them to go even higher!

Knowing the number of people who have visited your shop and then using that data to figure out which of your marketing efforts are working is a great use of your time as an Etsy seller!

If you want to find out more about how I am getting more views from Pinterest, make sure to check out the Awesome Pinterest for Etsy course!