Getting Things Done – Going From Big Ideas To Little Projects

Getting Things Done - Going From Big Ideas To Little Projects

I am a creative GENIUS marketing-wise. I can come up with a MILLION big ideas (okay maybe only hundreds of ideas), and now I have a system of capturing them so they don’t get lost… Getting Things Done – Start An Ideas List Today. But what’s next? How do I take all of those wicked […]

Time Management – There Is NO Multitasking

Time Management - No Multitasking

Time management and multitasking are opposites of each other. The idea that you, as a human, can concentrate and be effective doing multiple tasks at once is the height of hubris and impossible! Multitasking is the erroneous thought that you can accomplish two things at once. According to the Mirriam Webster Dictionary, multitasking is: the […]

Small Business Marketing Timing Is EVERYTHING

Small Business Marketing Timing

In your small business marketing efforts, timing is EVERYTHING and is something that very few people consider. Figuring out your timing can increase your efforts, without taking any more work than you are doing now. In my post last week about thoughtfully scheduling your social marketing, I talked about doing things when it was convenient […]

Small Business Marketing Where Do You Find The Time

Small business marketing takes time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… Now you can farm some of it out to take a little less time, but that is only after you have spent a while understanding it first. Recently I have read and listened to a couple of neat talks on […]