OMG, You Are Totally Not Like Your Customer – Shut Your Mouth Small Business Marketing

[BLOG POST] You Are Not Your Customer - Shut Your Mouth Marketing

There is a phrase in small business marketing that we forget all..the..time..YOU ARE NOT YOUR CUSTOMER! When I was growing up we said “like” A LOT. Like, almost every other word. It was severely annoying to my Daddy who thought that was the dumbest sounding thing he had ever heard. More recently the kids have […]

100 Quick Marketing Activities You Can Do TODAY!

100 Marketing Activities You Can Do TODAY!

Marketing is all about doing something…writing a book, making a sales page, posting to social media. But honestly, our biggest marketing “wins” coming from forward movement, just doing some kind of Marketing Activity instead of waiting until everything is perfect. This is list of marketing tactics…each is a little nibble of something you can do […]

Are You Going All Justin Timberlake With Your Marketing?

Justin Timerlake Marketing

Small business marketing is a lonely game. You spend hours and hours crafting a great sales page or doing a ton of graphics or writing a blog post…then you send it out into the world and hope someone, somewhere will like it enough to actually read it and come back to you with wallet in […]

Free Marketing Courses

Free Marketing Training and Tools

Are you looking for amazing free marketing ideas? We have the goods for you right here! Get help with your social media, newsletters, small business marketing, realtor marketing and more. These are not just thrown together classes or some kind of come on to buy something else, every one of them is chock full of […]

Small Business Marketing: The Real Bull Shit About Get Rich Quick Internet Marketing

Small Business Marketing: The Real Bull Shit About Get Rich Quick Internet Marketing

Truth is, I am sad about the state of small business and entrepreneur marketing. There are good, hard working people out there in the trenches just trying to figure out what the hell they should be doing online to market their business. It seems like every day a new site pops up or a new […]

Limit Your Market – A FABULOUS Guest Post About Niche Marketing!

Limit Your Market - Niche Marketing

Today’s post is by Barbara Grassey, writer extraordinaire and good friend of mine! Her niche marketing tips are SUPERB and her marketing knowledge rivals mine (not sure I can say that about too many peeps!) I spent my first five years of internet marketing trying to dominate my market place. World domination was my goal […]

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

So excited to have this guest post from my Monster buddy, Rebekah Welch! We have the Marketing and Media Monsters and she rarely gives out these advanced lead generation secrets! Lead generation is vital to the success of every business. If you need customers, you need to generate leads to find those customers. No matter […]

Small Business and Internet Marketing Tricks That Don’t Work Anymore

Small Business and Internet Marketing Tricks That Don't Work

This post is for a friend who is just getting into internet marketing. She has been searching for help and came upon a number of different “ideas”. I REALLY want her to know what is and is not working working in the marketplace today, and if I want for that for my friend-friends, I thought […]

Swag Roundup – Tech Trade Show Promotional Products

Technology Tradeshow Promotional Products Review

Promotional products are a super fun part of marketing! I recently attended the Denver Business Technology Expo and had the chance to collect some “swag” for a scientific review of effectiveness… i.e. I asked the nerdy guys at the show what they liked the best AND asked my geeky husband (he is a database admin) […]

Small Business Marketing – How To Win…Analyze, Plan, Measure, Repeat

Small Business Marketing Goals

Small business marketing is fun for those of us who are of sound hunter stock…we head on out there into the fray with our clubs and bring back a new client. Hmmmm, works good, but what about tomorrow? Head on out there and doink another customer? Sound small business marketing (the kind that has a […]

Small Business Marketing – Writing Good Subject Lines And Content

Bad email subject line - writing good email subject lines post

Small business marketing is ALL about making a connection with the person you hope buys your product. Email marketing is brilliant when done right and great subject lines and content are VITAL to getting someone to even take a peek at your message! Email marketing is so “old” that we forget it takes effort to […]

Success Quotes and Thoughts for Small Business – Burn the Boats

Henry Ford Quote - I am looking for a lot of men...

Okay, today I am going to talk more about mindset than marketing! What if you totally commit to your small business and burn the boats? Success quotes and thoughts for small business. I am from the rust belt of America. The Northwest corner of Pennsylvania just south of lake Erie, in a tiny town called […]

Social Media Marketing – What You Should Be Doing Now

Blogging for social media

Social media marketing is HARD! I have never worked with a marketing platform that changes more than this giant kerfuffle of sites and places that you need to have a presence on, oh and they change it constantly so that you have to be on top of what you should be doing now! A little […]

Small Business Marketing – Using Video Reviews To Generate Traffic and Sales

Video reviews to get traffic

I have been on small business marketing training seminars that talked about using product reviews to get more traffic and increase sales. I admit it, I just could NOT get my arms around how actual small business owners would use these (I can see how spammers or one hit wonders would use them for quick […]

Small Business Marketing – Are you a farmer or a hunter?

Small business marketing - hunter farmer

Small business marketing can either be active or passive…so what’s the difference? Basically it is whether you are working like a farmer or a hunter! I felt like I have to write this post because of meetings I have had with clients lately (coaching and social media marketing). All were with favorite clients and they […]

Marketing Artfully

Social media and small business marketing services

    Social Media Svcs   Marketing Speaker   Small Biz Coaching   Looking for someone to do all those pesky social media and blogging tasks? We do it all!   Want a fun, informative Marketing Speaker who will make a huge impact on your audience?   Need a boost to get your business to […]

Google Plus Pages for Small Business Marketing

Google Plus Pages for Small Business Marketing

Google plus business pages for small business marketing are here! Here is my take on how to make a Google Plus page for a small biz (which may be a little different than what you would do for a giant corporation!) Check out the Marketing Artfully google plus business page! Let’s start at the beginning. […]

Small Business Marketing – In Store Events

Small Business Marketing In Store Events

In store events are a great small business marketing ploy to get people into your brick and mortar business! They can be big or small, but all are effective if you are committed to making them AN EVENT! What Are In-Store Events? In store retail events are not just about having “a sale” (please say […]

Small Business Marketing – Layering Your Marketing Message

Small Business Marketing - Layering

Small business marketing is all about getting prospective customers to notice you. I KNOW, you think that small business marketing is about getting them to BUY from you, but first they have to know you exist! The easiest way to get people to notice you is to show up everywhere they go, from in person, […]

Small Business Marketing – Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Small business marketing - email marketing

Small business marketing has MANY shiney objects to chase and it may seem like the latest and greatest new gizmo is the most important. Today we are we are going to talk about what may seem a little antiquated (smile) email marketing and some common email marketing mistakes! I see A LOT of mistakes out […]

Google Plus – A Handy Dandy Overview For Small Biz Owners and Entrepreneurs

Google Plus Small Biz Entrepreneurs

Google Plus is going to be a great tool for small biz owners and entrepreneurs, once it gets a little bigger! So you should wait right? WRONG! There is SUCH a first responder advantage to getting in there (especially business owners who are NOT social media nuts like I am!) Circle me on G+! […]

Small Business Marketing Launches – Learning From The Big Guys Ibex

Small Business Marketing Launches Ibex

Small business marketing launches can be confusing! You have already been selling your product or service for a while so why would you need to “launch” it again? What IS a small business marketing launch? If you have been on the internet for any time at all, you will notice from time to time that […]

Facebook Marketing – Application Scams and Viruses

Facebook Marketing Scams and Viruses

Facebook marketing is generally fun! We have a process by which we make sure that our clients get great exposure and connect with the most people and companies possible. That having been said, there are A LOT of application scams and viruses so tread carefully if you are using Facebook for business! I admit, I […]

Facebook For Business – May 2011 Updates

Facebook for Business - May 2011 Updates

Facebook is not made for business, rats! I KNOW, it is to talk with your peeps, share photos of your puppies and generally schmooze. BUT many of us have found it is a great lead generating source and there are bits that can be great for business if done correctly. Here are my most recent […]

Small Business Marketing Magic – There is no get rich quick!

Small Business Marketing Magic

Small business marketing magic is a lie! There is no get rich quick scheme that can grow you a sustainable, ongoing marketing plan. Having a good marketing plan that feeds into your Small Business Lead Generating Sales Funnel, is hard work and not something that you should expect overnight. Facebook Business Page Lies Yesterday I […]

Small Business Marketing – How Do People See Your Company

small business marketing maze

Small business marketing, sigh. In the past it was easy, take out a yellow page ad and you were done. Well times they have changed and small business marketing is now a million moving parts that all have to be working together to make a whole campaign. We talk to our clients every day and […]

Small Business Lead Generating Sales Funnel

Small Business Lead Generating Sales Funnel

Small business lead generating is a big deal over here in our marketing world! We are really good at helping you fill your sales funnel, but if these leads never follow through to a conversion and a sale then it is a wasted effort. While working with our small biz clients, we often hear that […]

Social Media Marketing – Social Media REAL Results

Social media marketing social media real results

Social media marketing like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube is a tricky beast. It can be time consuming and if done wrong, super spammy. That having been said, social media can produce REAL results for your small business! We do social media marketing for small business owners and oftentimes during the sales process they ask […]

New Facebook Business Pages – What It Means For Marketers

Facebook Business Page Changes Update

Facebook is at it again, yesterday they rolled out their new business pages so here is an update on what the changes mean and how we are going to implement them for our clients. Facebook as a way of changing things around on us without asking if we want changes (imagine that!) Overall I have […]

Small Business Internet Marketing – RSS Feeds

Small Business Internet Marketing RSS Feeds

I am a small business internet marketing kind of gal. Notice the small business part? While I try to keep my posts non-techy so that my peeps can implement most of the concepts themselves, this RSS Feeds post is going to be a little technical BUT worth reading if you want free traffic to your […]

Badly Executed Small Business Marketing – Commenting On Blog Posts

Small Business Marketing Commenting on Blog Posts

Commenting on blog posts is one of the ways internet marketers recommend to use to get traffic to your website. Unfortunately most of these campaigns are badly executed small business marketing! Let us start with WHY you want to comment on blog posts. There are any number of reasons but in general it is to: […]

Small Business Marketing and Facebook Privacy Settings

Small Business Marketing and Facebook Privacy Settings

If you are using Facebook for your small business marketing efforts, how you set up your privacy setting could have a HUGE negative impact on your success. If you are playing around on Facebook with a little business thrown in or are a personal user, this post is not for you. I am talking ONLY […]

Small Business Marketing Logos Design

Small Business Marketing Logos

When you are talking about small business marketing logos, design matters VERY much. There are some basic design elements which can really help or hurt your marketing efforts! The design of your small business marketing logo is a VERY personal and subjective process. What could appeal to you might not be something that will work […]

Fancy Small Business Marketing Ideas

Fancy Small Business Marketing Ideas

Fancy small business marketing ideas are FUN! They take time and money to develop and can yield big results or colossal failures. In yesterdays post, Easy Small Business Marketing Ideas, we talked about some basic, old school marketing ideas. Today’s post is about OVER THE TOP, more expensive marketing ideas that could score you some […]

What are important customer demographics?

What are important customer demographics

When you are a small business owner, answering the question of what are important customer demographic can make or break your marketing efforts. updated October 16, 2014 Customer Demographics are defined by Wikipedia as including “gender, race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, […]

Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing

Use national marketing campaigns for small business marketing

The easiest way to jump start your small business marketing is to use funny YouTube commercials for small business marketing. Piggy backing a funny YouTube commercial that a national company has spent GAGILLIONS to produce is a great way to help build YOUR brand! National advertisers spent audacious amounts of money to produce videos and […]

20 Percent Of Marketing Works But Which 20 Percent

20 Percent of Marketing Works

I have heard that 20 percent of marketing works, but which 20 percent is working is often a really good question! There are no hard and fast rules about how marketing works, but we CAN track the results of that marketing. In the old days, we knew some good numbers about marketing, send out a […]

Hot Small Business Marketing Help

Small Business Entrepreur Marketing

Hot Small Business Marketing Help is a mix of the latest posts that we just LOVE, selected resources that we think are hot and a mix of our products and affiliate products that we recommend. This is meant to be an overall resource for small business, entrepreneur and realtor marketers. General Small Business Tools Small […]

How To Find Your Small Business Passion

Finding your small business passion

Finding your passion is all the rage today. You are supposed to get out there and start doing what you are put on this earth to do. Problem is, most people do not know what their small business passion is! Yesterday I wrote about having a small business and entrepreneur marketing focus and man-o-man was […]

Small Business Customer Demographics

Small Business Marketing Demographics

Knowing which customer demographics are right for your small business can make or break your marketing campaigns. Always make sure you know who you are targeting! Most small business owners have an idea of who their customers are, but most never dig deep enough to know how to use that knowledge. Figuring out your customer […]

Westminster and Clearwater – 7 Minutes In Marketing Heaven!

Westminster and Clearwater Small Buisnesss Marketing

Westminster and Clearwater, get ready for 7 Minutes In Marketing Heaven! We are having a marketing meetup like you have never seen. All to benefit charity and help small businesses grow their market share and get more customers! ANYONE is welcome, we want as many people to come and learn as possible! Some of the […]

Small Business Affiliate Partner Programs

Small Business Affiliate Partner Program

Small business owners are GREAT at doing referrals for other other businesses, what they are not great at is formalizing and monetizing that relationship with small business affiliate partner programs. Small Business Affiliate Partner Programs In our post yesterday we talked about how small businesses can take advantage of formal online affiliate programs. Today we […]

Small Business Affiliate Programs Overview

Affiliate versus partner programs

Small business owners rarely understand online marketing’s affiliate programs. They are more comfortable with the idea of referrals or small business partnership programs. Here is a basic overview of how internet marketing affiliate programs work and how you could incorporate them into your small business. Internet Marketing Affiliate Programs Internet marketing affiliate programs are pretty […]

Blogging Success Stories for Small Biz

Blogging success stories

Blogging success can sometimes be hard to judge and having goals is vital to knowing whether you are doing well or just spinning your wheels. When you are blogging (or for that matter doing any marketing that takes time away from your real work), you MUST know what you are trying to accomplish. Here are […]

DISC Personality Types and Small Business Marketing

DISC Personality and Small Business Marketing

The DISC personality types affect small business marketing in ways that we cannot see because of the way that we interact with the world, our business and our marketing style. Here is how small business marketing is presented AND received by DISC personality type. Personality type is a major force in shaping who we are […]

Features Versus Benefits Part Deux

Features versus benefits

My features versus benefits post asking whether you are selling the steak or the sizzle is one that pops up quite a bit on my google analytics. It seems like every small business marketer has struggled at one time or another with trying to figure out what is a feature and what is a benefit. […]

Arbitrary Small Business Marketing Goals Part Two

Small Business Marketing Arbitrary Goals

These arbitrary small business marketing goals are part of continuing series about how Small Business Marketing Goals Make A Huge Difference. Read at your own risk, they coud make you do something! Social Networking or Social Media If I get one more email that tells me that they can get 10,000 in 15 minutes I […]

Small Business Marketing Goals Make A Huge Difference

Small Business Marketing Goals Make A Huge Difference

Small business marketing can be super fun and totally overwhelming. Every once in a while I like to throw down the gauntlet with some small business marketing goal numbers so that my peeps have something to shoot for! Those of you who have been readers for a while know that about once every six months […]

Small Business Marketing Do Not Let It Get You Down

Small Business Marketing

Your small business marketing efforts can sometimes get you down. This post is a rah rah effort to keep you moving forward and to keep those gremlins in your head down! My small business marketing gang contains small biz owners, mlm-ers, realtors and even online entrepreneurs. While these are all different kinds of companies, the […]

Small Business Marketing Timing Is EVERYTHING

Small Business Marketing Timing

In your small business marketing efforts, timing is EVERYTHING and is something that very few people consider. Figuring out your timing can increase your efforts, without taking any more work than you are doing now. In my post last week about thoughtfully scheduling your social marketing, I talked about doing things when it was convenient […]

Small Business Marketing Planning

Small Business Marketing Planning

Small business marketing planning is something most entrepreneurs and small business owners never do, much to their detriment. They spend their time jumping from the latest new thing to the next big thing, never stopping for a breath. So what does small business marketing planning entail exactly? Here are some of the steps that we […]

Small Business Marketing Say EXACTLY What You Are Selling

Small Business Marketing Products and Services

Small business marketing does not always come naturally and I see a lot of mistakes out there. One of the biggies is assuming your customers know what you sell! Now if you are a florist, I assume you sell Flowers BUT you may have the neatest gift shop ever in your store too! Mechanics fix […]

Is Small Business Marketing EVER Done

Small Business Marketing Questions

I talk with small business owners, entrepreneurs and realtors on a daily basis and what I hear most often…is my small business marketing EVER done. This usually follows them telling me that they had a website built a couple of years ago and now people are telling them they need a blog. OR they are […]

10 Reasons To Use Social Media For Small Business Marketing

Happy Social Media Marketing

Here are my Top 10 reasons to use social media specifically for your small business marketing efforts. Small business owners and entrepreneurs are uniquely positioned to take advantage of social media when it is just becoming mainstream. Why should I use social media like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter for my small business is ABSOLUTELY the […]

Small Business Marketing What is your superpower

Seth Godin Linchpin

Small business marketing is all about the Linchpins that Seth Godin talks about in his new book. I just finished listening to it and I loved the part about finding your superpower and using that to succeed! What is your superpower? Do you know what your superpower is? Do you know WHAT a superpower is? […]

How to Choose the Right Keywords for Your Small Business

Keywords Small Business Marketing

How to choose the right keywords for your small business is one of the most important things that you can do with your marketing efforts. This post features guest author Reid Peterson, Internet Marketing Educator at! For those of you that don’t know by now – your keywords do matter. That doesn’t mean to […]

Small Business Marketing Where Do You Find The Time

Small business marketing takes time. I hate to be the bearer of bad news but… Now you can farm some of it out to take a little less time, but that is only after you have spent a while understanding it first. Recently I have read and listened to a couple of neat talks on […]

Small Business Marketing – GREAT Customer Service

Great Customer Service

Small business marketing and great customer service go hand in hand! While I do believe marketing is vital to growing your business, if you have not addressed your customer service model then you are pouring leads into a funnel where nothing is catching them! There is nothing more frustrating than running a fabulous campaign that […]

Internet Marketing Keyword and Product Names

Internet Marketing Keywords

When you are doing internet marketing, keyword and product names are more important than almost anything else you can do. It is great to have a product or service, but if no one can find it then you are going to have trouble making sales! Friday I wrote a post about Small Business Marketing Naming […]

Small Business Marketing Naming Concepts

Old School Marketing

Every once in a while I like to get back to old school marketing and talk about how small business marketing naming concepts work in the real world! People will ONLY buy what they can understand and they do not have your knowledge of the back story of your products. This is the WORST name […]

Niche Marketing Know Your Audience

Niche Marketing

When I think about niche marketing I am as hesitant as the next person to eliminate any potential customers BUT it is totally necessary! If you try and please everyone, you will ultimately please no one and will have a hard time succeeding. So, what causes me to make that terribly bold statement? Yesterday I […]

Internet and Keyword Marketing Are Constantly Changing

Internet marketing and especially keyword marketing is fun, challenging AND changing! It used to be so easy to define your business and then run with that for years or even decades. A barber was a barber and didn’t try to be a stylist or add things to his business. An accountant did books for small […]

Duplicate Content for Small Business Owners and MLMs

Sorting out duplicate content

As some of you may know, I do internet and offline marketing for small business owners BUT I also do A LOT of research into hard core internet marketing since many of the techniques I learn from those guys translate into something that my small business owners, entrepreneurs and realtors can use! The other day […]

How to market with press releases

New Business Denver Search

While we are thrilled to report that New Business Denver featured Marketing Artfully in their Social Networking edition, is that really interesting to our readers? I feel like that kind of notification should be reserved for a press release (more about that later). That having been said, I thought that it would be good to […]

Small Business and Entrepreneur Marketing Do what the fast kids do

Small Business and Entrepreneur Marketing

Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs can feel like it is hard to get wind in their sales for their marketing efforts in today’s economy! Well I heard the magic words yesterday for how to get those efforts going again…:) My friend (Dunedin Realtor, Deb Ward) sends her child out in what looks to me like […]

Facebook Marketing Getting Personal

Facebook Marketing

Marketing Artfully was recently featured in New Business Denver for social networking (more about that coming later!) I have been getting some great questions about Facebook from the readers and when I answer them I will share with you, my loyal readers. The first question is one I get A LOT, can you keep your […]

Real Small Business Marketing

Real Small Business Marketing

Real small business marketing is NOT a lot of things. It is not social networking like facebook or twitter. It is not throwing up a blog and hoping someone will come. It is not signing up for the latest online directory or craigs list or usfreeads. What real small business marketing is is hard work. […]

Small Business Marketing There is no set it and forget it!

Loudspeaker Salesman

This post about small business marketing is a follow up to “There is no one marketing thing that works“. In that post I gave small business marketers the bad news that there is one marketing thing that works like the old yellow page ads used to. Well get ready for more bad news! If you […]

Small Business Keyword Marketing

Small Business Keyword Marketing

In my post yesterday about entrepreneur internet marketing I talked a little bit about keyword selection but I feel like I did not explain how fun small business keyword marketing can be! Here is a little bit about what prompted my keyword obsession this week… So I am always working on great keyword selection for […]

There is no one marketing thing that works


I have been talking about this with humans A LOT lately so I am just going to get it off my chest here. There is NO ONE marketing thing that works! Facebook is not going to change your life, getting a blog or a website will not get you 1000 prospects tomorrow, new business cards […]

Is Honest Affiliate Marketing An Oxymoron

honest affiliate marketing

I have a huge question for you! Is honest affiliate marketing an oxymoron? Is there a way to make a little bit of money and still keep your integrity? Should you care? My Take On DISHONEST Affiliate Marketing As you know, I am a big marketing reader and learner. I have taken courses from people […]

Internet Marketing – Making the most of your marketing efforts

people iStock_000000113302_2

When you start internet marketing, or real life marketing for that matter, you are all fired up. You are going to tweet, and facebook and get a blog and free websites and and and…. Then one of two things happens A) nothing works because you did one thing on each of those mediums or 2) […]

Small Business Marketing – How To Get More Traffic

All small business marketers want more traffic to their website, blog or facebook pages. These are where you can actually make content and build a brand and a following rather than just talking to your readers. So how can you get more traffic? This is NOT a get traffic quick scheme! This is a slog […]

How To Write a GREAT Sales Letter!

You know I never re-post stuff from other people but Gabor Olah of PLRwholesaler sent out one of the more informative emails that I have gotten recently. His email about how to write a great small business marketing sales letter was very informative and easy to understand. PLR is Private Label Rights and this guy […]

Realtor and Small Business Marketing Tip – Google Voice!

Google Voice - Realtor and Small Business Marketing

So you know I like make sure my realtors and small business owners know the latest and greatest marketing information so that you can take over and dominate your market! Well today’s topic is Google Voice! I signed up for Google Voice a few weeks ago and got the notification the other day that I […]

Small Business Customer Service –

When I hear about great small business customer service I just have to talk about it! Lon from (a manual off-camera flash distributor) sold Johnny two cables. Well when he opened the package only one came. John emailed Lon and within minutes got an answer that his second cable was coming and that the […]

How To Market Your Small Business


People ask me all the time what I do to market my small business (and my Realtor Marketing clients). I KNOW when I hear those words that they want to know the magic bullet – the ONE THING that I do to achieve online success. The ONE THING that I focus on that makes the […]

Small Business Marketing – Free Tools

Google Local Free Tool Screen Shot

So I have been talking A LOT about free marketing tools lately since I think this is the best way to “pad” your marketing budget. Make sure you pay for things that matter and get great free tools where available! Here are three of my favorite free tools! Free Marketing Tool #1 – Google Local […]

Twitter Day – How to use twitter for your small business!

So I am determined to get some value out of twitter and social networking for my business! With that in mind I have set out on a mission to figure out how to make twitter work for me and my tribe…:) These are my twitter numbers right now (I did follow a bunch of people […]

Google Local Business Listings – Great for small business owners!

Want another way to get more clicks to your website? For FREE? Google local business search is free, easy and sent 22 people to my website last month. Is that a lot? Not compared to the regular search, but considering that I set it up a couple of years ago and never touched it again, […]

Eyejot – a free email marketing tool!

There are SO many free tools on the internet to get your marketing message out – Eyejot is a winner! One of my absolute favorite marketers – Brian P. Forrester of Mortgage Communication Spot sends out an eyejot most Mondays to tell his sphere important information about the mortgage industry. It takes him less than […]

Thesis For WordPress – How To Videos

This 18 VIDEO course will walk you through all of the steps on how to use your Thesis for WordPress blog to grow your business. This course is perfect for the beginner who needs to know where to start and for the more advanced user that wants to increase thier blogging knowledge! BUT wait…:) If […]

Airports, Snow Boots and Your Small Business Marketing Message

I love small business marketing and I love my husband who has moved to Denver for a job transfer. So I have been flying back and forth to the Denver Airport to visit him and try and find a house to buy in the Denver area (we have an offer in – again – so […]

Tracking your statistics – How can that help?

So I had a small business marketing seminar a couple of weeks ago with a focus on real estate professionals like Realtors, Mortgage Bankers, and marketing experts. One of the Realtors who attended (Cyndee Haydon – Clearwater Real Estate Specialist) has been tracking her numbers since the seminar and she is setting the world on […]

Small Business Marketing – Are You Selling The Steak Or The Sizzle?

Small Business Marketers are Selling The Steak Instead Of Selling the Sizzle! What the heck does that mean? Well it means that as humans it is SO much easier for us to sell the features of a product than to figure out the benefits to our target audience. For myself, it is easier to tell […]

Seth Godin – 2 Minutes Of Wisdom

Sunday morning. Coffee and reading a couple of blogs – BAM! I was just “hanging out” online and suddenly had GREAT inspiration in under 2 minutes! Andrew Warner over at Mashable interviewed Seth Godin for a couple of minutes and gave me a great way to start my day of business building! Here’s my take […]

Marketing Planning Seminar for Real Estate

BE PART OF THIS AMAZING OPPORTUNITY TO GROW YOUR REAL ESTATE BUSINESS! This one-day Marketing Planning Seminar for Realtors, Title Companies and Mortgage Professionals will help you focus on the activities that will help you establish your brand, grow your business, get new clients and generate leads for your business. Marketing Guru Tara Jacobsen will […]

Small Business Advice – Doing what you love AND…other stuff

Small Business Advice – Anyone who knows me well knows I LOVE talking about marketing, reading about marketing, teaching marketing classes, blah, blah, blah. On the weekends I frequently spend time researching new marketing ideas, planning for new projects and doing lots of other TOTALLY fun things. This weekend I ALSO spent 7 hours fixing […]

Small Business Marketing Case Study – Body and Mind Enrichment

So I met with a GREAT gal this week – Emily with Body and Mind Enrichment. She won our drawing at the WIN (Women in Networking) Symposium for a free Marketing Plan!  Mary Dado of Business Writing, Ink and I started out by taking a tour of all the plants Emily has around her house […]

Weird Stuff….Small Business Owners Who Don’t Want More Business

I have never understood business owners who don’t want more business. Now I am not talking about doubling their staff or making them increase their inventories by 50% – just easy tips for more business!!! I had pizza on Thursday at my friend John’s pizza parlor (Nick’s Pizza on 19 in Palm Harbor) and I […]

Niche Marketing – Business Writing, Ink.

So it was a great day in marketing! I spent some time with a wonderful woman today figuring out what her business model would look like and helping to pick a name and position for that business. I thought you might like to see what the process looks like! Focusing On Her Goals – We spent some […]

Niche Marketing and Customer Service Go Hand In Hand

Niche marketing and customer service are vital to building your small business marketing brand. Having a niche makes your ALL of your marketing marketing efforts easier. If something does not fit in with what your marketing focus is, just don’t do it. If your brand is being a high end boutique, do not advertise in […]