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How To Pick A Signature Color For Your Coaching Business

If you are marketing a new coaching business and want an easy way to stand out from the crowd, choosing a signature color might be the “easy button” for your marketing strategy you have been looking for!

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What Is A Signature Color?

In the world of fashion it is easy to think of signature colors… just imagine the Goth kids all slouching around in black or the new Barbie movie that is draped in pink.

Just seeing that color gives you an idea of what you can expect to encounter when you approach that person.

In marketing there are standard colors… green for banking institutions, red and blue for medical, purple for luxury goods.

But that is a macro marketing thing, for this post I am talking about a micro signature color just to represent your business!

My Signature Color Story

When I doing a death march of speaking every week after we moved to Denver, I had a signature color paper that I used for all the handouts I gave away.

Choosing a signature color for your coaching biz

This little gem comes from 2014 and shows a room full of peeps, holding my signature acid green handouts full of marketing tips!

I printed out everything I gave away on acid green paper which “branded” my business so well that people would come up to me and say that other coaches had “stolen” my color!

It had the added benefit of being cheaper to buy colored paper and print in black than to have to make full colored handouts all the time!

Signature Color Case Study

Since I am coaching Coach Harry, my son's lacrosse coach, on marketing for coaches I figured I would let you in on this idea too!

At Joesiah's coaching practice today I noticed that Coach Harry has pink lacrosse balls. I don't think I have ever seen pink lacrosse balls before (they are usually white or yellow) so they stuck out to me!

Pink Lacrosse Balls

So this is what I would do if I was Coach Harry and wanted to take over the lacrosse coaching world…

Picking A Signature Color

So first off, pink is a weird color for a men's lacrosse coach. I don't think I have ever seen any of the teams at tournaments with pink on their uniforms, let alone it being the predominant color.

So if Coach Harry chose pink it would definitely stand out and be instantly recognizable in the sea of colors at lacrosse tournaments.

I even thought of a cool slogan for him, “It takes balls to wear pink!” (and then my son told me he teaches girls lacrosse too so that might be a bit out of line, but this is marketing and we are trying to get noticed!)

Branding With A Signature Color

So now that (in my mind) Coach Harry has agreed to using pink lacrosse balls from now on going forward, we need to think about branding with a pink color.

First off, he should go to Printify and order himself some pink tshirts with his logo on them or cool lacrosse sayings AND put LAX COACH on the back.

He should wear them anytime he is coaching or when he is roaming around at lacrosse tournaments. Eventually people will start associating him with the pink color!

All the guys playing lacrosse are used to having “team uniforms” so Harry could give his coaching clients pink tshirts to wear for practice and they would show up in his marketing.

Every time some Mom or Dad took a picture of their little darling in Coach Harry's pink tshirt and put it on Instagram, it would be a bit of marketing for him!

Now, you might not be coaching the kind of people who wear a uniform, but getting people to walk around in your marketing never sucks!

Then Coach Harry could order custom lacrosse stick nets in pink (I am sure there is a real term for this, but I don't know it).

Mens lacrosse stick pink mesh

source Wikicommons

If he found an amazing net thing that was super functional for the guys AND was pink, he could have every player he coaches advertising his services at games and tournaments.

Or he could buy them pink socks, etc. When the guys wearing pink socks are tearing up the fields and scoring all the goals because of Coach Harry's training, people are going to notice, THAT IS MARKETING!

Selling Your Signature Color

The reason I suggested that Coach Harry use Printify for his tshirts, is that I want him to eventually open a store where he sells his “merch” and he can stop buying everything out of his own pocket.

Up until now my recommendation is that he pay for things to get the ball rolling, but once it becomes cool to wear pink things because the good players who coach with Harry are wearing them, then the tables can turn! (before this he can just charge $25 more for his packages and “throw in” two practice tshirts)

One of Coach Harry's goals is to become the king of lacrosse coaching. We have talked a little bit about how eventually he would like to franchise his coaching business and having a signature color will be something that he can leverage in that arena too!

Think about those bright yellow Truly Nolen mouse cars! Once you see the bright yellow color, you know right away that it is one of those “mouse cars”!

Choosing A Signature Color Wrapup

Down the line Coach Harry could sell his pink lacrosse sticks, pink balls with his logo, pink tshirts and elbow pads.

But all of that starts with choosing a color that is memorable for your industry and then figuring out how to get other people to mark your coaching business for you!

Branding a color as “yours” is a great way to save money on marketing in the long run and is fun to think about as possibilities for unique ideas!

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How To Pick A Signature Color For Your Coaching Business