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Realtor marketing or real estate marketing includes realtor websites, realtor postcards, farming, realtor logos, real estate newsletters, real estate email newsletters and more.

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Done For You Realtor Marketing | Real Estate Marketing

We have worked with hundreds of Realtors over the years to help them grow their databases, take over farm areas and brand themselves in their local real estate market. Many Realtors do not have the time to maintain their marketing empire or are ready to take their marketing to the next level. Whether you are a single agent who wants to make a name for yourself or a team that needs to generate sales leads for your buyers agent, we can help! We offer three levels of service to meet the needs of your budget.

We use only white hat techniques that help you to build your real estate business for the long haul. Everything we do for you is in your name and you get to keep it, no matter if you continue to work with us or not.

Real Estate Marketing Services

We have found that doing bits and pieces of marketing for agents doesn’t help. You probably have a little Hobbs Herder, a bit of Brian Buffini and some old Realtor farm postcards lying around your office right now. We help you succeed by forming a comprehensive marketing plan, targeting the area that you want to work in and then implementing the plan for you. If you need a professional blog, custom Facebook page or even help with your newsletter, that is all included in the monthly cost. The only added expenses you usually have are for your hosting fees and any IDX solution that you choose to pay for, although many times we can incorporate the IDX that is provided by your company or board.

Realtor Marketing Real Estate Marketing BlogRealtor Blogs
There is nothing more powerful marketing-wise than having a blog that you use to rank in the search engines and which can “feed” your social media properties like Facebook and Twitter. We set up, post and maintain a self hosted wordpress blog for you, getting you more search engine traffic and more leads!

Realtor Marketing Real Estate Marketing FacebookFacebook for Realtors
Facebook is a media darling for Realtors, BUT we see bad Realtor Facebooking every day. If you are doing nothing but posting your listings on profile, you will lose friends fast! We do your posting for you so that you can be well rounded and get the most benefit from Facebook. Additionally, your custom Facebook page will encourage “likes” and show that you are a professional in the industry.

Realtor Marketing Real Estate Marketing TwitterTwitter for Realtors
We love Twitter for Realtors. The keyword targeting and search capabilities that this platform offers is unsurpassed. We get you set up, branded and then tweet and monitor your account for you so that you never have to look at Twitter again!

Realtor Marketing Real Estate Marketing YouTubeYouTube For Realtors
Video Marketing like YouTube is an exceptional opportunity for agents. We walk you through, step-by-step how to take great 1 minute videos that we can post on YouTube for you! Have client testimonials, farm area videos, home tours and more on your Real Estate Marketing YouTube channel.

If you would like to find out more about our Realtor Marketing Services, Request A Free Quote or call (727) 505-5384 to talk to a real person!

Do It Yourself Realtor Marketing

Do It Yourself Realtor MarketingIf you are looking for comprehensive help to grow your real estate marketing empire, you have come to the right place! We have information and videos for Realtors to use that will allow them to grow market share and increase commissions. We show you how to use all of the tools available from email and social media to branding and blogging. Former (successful) Realtor and Marketing expert, Tara Jacobsen, will help you to stay on top of all of your real estate marketing needs. Find out more about our DIY Realtor Marketing program.

Realtor Client Contact Programs

Brokers Helper Real Estate MarketingBrokers Helper for Realtors

Brokers Helper is a realtor marketing program that allows you to use ONE program to do many of the things that you may be doing with a number of different costs each month. They have a listing tracking function which is VITAL to any realtor, free email marketing capabilities, email property flyers to other agents, AND mailing services with content already developed for you! Sign up for the FREE 15 Day Trial Now!

33 Touch Realtor Marketing33 Touch Program for Keller Williams

My Red Tools is the realtor marketing program endorsed for Keller Williams agents by KW. We have worked with a number of KW agents who are using this program currently and can say that there are some really great features that dovetail with the Keller Williams model. Upcoming changes will make My Red Tools even better, we will make sure to let you know as soon as they go into effect! Sign up for a Free 15 Day Trial of My Red Tools!

If you are interested in finding out more about Keller Williams 33 Touch Program, please visit our 33 Touch page!

Constant Contact Realtor MarketingConstant Contact for Realtors

Constant contact is an email marketing program with fewer bells and whistles than either Brokers Helper or My Red Tools. It is great if you are going to be growing a database online from your website and want to have features like email signup forms and autoresponders. Additionally, they have a Free 60 day trial that you can use to see the newsletter templates and functionality before you get charged. This is a great program if you are just looking for basic email capabilities and not a full blown database. Find out more about Constant Contact for Realtors

Products listed on this page either include affiliate links or are products developed in house by Marketing Artfully and Tara L. Jacobsen, PA. We do not recommend anything here that we do not suggest to our own clients and have used each product either for them or in our own business. If you would like more information about any of these products prior to purchasing, please email tara (at) and we will be happy to tell you more!