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The Second Week of My Etsy Shop

Starting an Etsy shop is hard! But in the early days there are so many exciting things happening! Here is the current state of my shop in the first couple of weeks!

The Second Week of My Etsy Shop

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My Listings

I have 13 listings at this point! In general I did one a day until the last couple of days when I caught a cold and didn't want to make any listings while on medication!

Etsy Stats

At the two week mark you might think I would be fretting that I haven't had any sales yet, but this not how having a shop works!

In this post, why it takes two months to start making consistent sales on Etsy, I give 10 reasons why it just takes time to start getting sales on Etsy!

I KNOW it is hard to acknowledge that you won't be an overnight success, so let's take a look at my stats over the last two weeks!

Etsy shop stats at 2 weeks

You can see where I announced my new shop officially to my peeps! I had been waiting over the previous weekend to see if they would shut down my shop in first few days for review, but once that time period passed I was off to the races!

Other than that, things are super slow and won't perk up until Etsy ranks my listings OR I start marketing my listings OR I send another email telling my peeps about my shop or a sale.

Etsy Shop Status Email

Etsy sends an email out saying about the same thing as my stats did…

Etsy Shop Status Email

The one thing I didn't mention could help my shop sales is if I do paid advertisements!

Those three visits are from Etsy's marketing of my shop, not anything I paid for, but paying for ads is an option I will start using when I get 50 listings in my shop!

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Etsy Keywords

Oh my gosh, this is the BEST! I have 6 pages of Etsy keywords now!

Etsy Keywords

I only got 3 visits from those keywords so far, but this is how the game works… you make listings, you get keywords to rank, you wait and see which ones have a good conversion rate and then you rinse and repeat!

Listings For Specific Keywords

Since I am an artist, I can make art specifically to target keywords! For example, I am doing a couple of pieces that are for Halloween to target keywords for that holiday!

Working with recognized seasonal holiday is a great way to jump on a “trend” to get more views and sales!

Second Week of Etsy Wrapup

I hope seeing a little bit of what I am doing helps you with your shop! I love that I will be able to look back and see how things started in the beginning once my shop is really up and running!

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