Niche Marketing For Realtors

Want to make all your marketing easier? Find out how all the top agents are succeeding by choosing a niche market to target!

What you get!

This course is PACKED with awesome content & is affordable because it covers only
ONE THING, how to do Niche Marketing For Realtors!

Study Guide

A walk through guide to how to do Realtor Niche Marketing including a case study.


Includes real life examples showing agents who are using the techniques I teach.


A comprehensive list of all the tools and sites that I mentioned in the video and Study Guide.


Step-by-step instructions on how to do the items included in the study guide.


A checklist of items and dates to complete as you market your event. 


This course has a bonus video walking you though 100 different real estate niches you could choose. 

Anywhere Access!

All the Marketing Artfully Mini Courses are made so that you you have anytime access to them on your desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. You will be getting a zip file that contains all the pieces of the course immediately.

All documents are in PDF format so you can save them for printing out later.

Apple users, I feel your pain! So many online courses are formatted for Windows only, well great can access all the content on your MacBook, iPad or Mac Desktop.

Like I said that is the 1st time I’ve been at a seminar or training session that I didn’t put on my sunglasses even once (to take a quick snooze)!

Also, I’d like to thank you for the personal help you gave me afterwards – that meant so much to me because it would have taken me forever to figure out what you did so quickly & effortlessly!

You’re quite a gal & I feel very fortunate to have met you...Keep up the GOOD WORK! 


Here are the study guide and a peek at the training video!

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I try to make getting my marketing mini courses super simple. They are made affordably so you can get LOTS of great training AND they are intended to be implentable in just an afternoon.
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