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Marketing For Real Estate Agents

Marketing For Realtors | Marketing For Real EstateRealtor marketing is not as hard as everyone makes it out to be. There are specific things you can do to make your real estate business a success and I am here to help! This page has all the great Realtor tools, resources and information all together!

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100 Free Marketing Ideas For Real Estate Agents… Looking for great (free) marketing ideas? Imagine having a handy dandy list of free options every time you had a great marketing idea!

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Marketing For Listing Agents

Rainmaker Realtor | Marketing For Listing AgentsAll Realtors are not created equal.

First off you have Listing Agents and Buyers Agents who operate totally different types of businesses. The Rainmaker Real Estate Program is meant for big-dog listing agents who are dedicated to growing their business. Whether a single, hungry agent or a massive mega-team, Rainmaker Realtor resources will help you get there!

Secondly there are agents who are just cruising along, doing a few deals a year and dabbling in the business. Rainmakers are bold and strong, using every technique and tactic at their disposal to grow their real estate career!

if you are a Rainmaker Realtor, find out more today!

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Courses For Realtors

Niche Marketing Course For RealtorsNiche Marketing For Realtors – Marketing Course

Smart Realtors know the “Riches are in the niches!” This Realtor marketing course will walk you through seeing exactly what a Realtor niche looks like and then follows through all the way to picking your niche.

By picking a real estate niche you set yourself apart from all the other “me too” agents in the marketplace and can stand out like never before. I KNOW, it can seem like picking a niche would limit your options…but instead it focuses your efforts in a really amazing way!

Get the Niche Marketing For Realtors course

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Real Estate Marketing Books

Rainmaker Real Estate Agent: A Marketing Approach To Becoming A Top Producing Listing AgentRainmaker Real Estate Agent: A Marketing Approach To Becoming A Top Producing Listing Agent

When sitting down to write this book, I was thinking of the hundreds of Realtors® who I have met over the years and how much alike most of the successful ones are. In every case where there is a top producing agent, they have taken the responsibility for being the “Rainmaker” of their team on their shoulders.

They are not sitting around hoping for business to come their way, they are actively doing things that are inevitably going to be generating more business for their real estate practice. If you are already a multi-million dollar agent, you will discover some systems that can help you and your team be even more effective and get more business. If you are a hungry, brand new agent who doesn’t have time to flail around figuring things out, this book is for you too. I know these practices work because I was that hungry new agent who wasn’t willing to wait years to grow a business, I had to make money fast!

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Real Estate Marketing To A Farm: How To Find, Grow and Reap The Benefits of a Geographic FarmReal Estate Marketing To A Farm: How To Find, Grow and Reap The Benefits of a Geographic Farm

Find out tips and strategies to cultivate a successful real estate farm area. While researching for this title, we were surprised to discover how little real information there is out there about how to farm a neighborhood.

The postcard people talked about postcards, the magnet people talked about magnets and no one provided comprehensive information about how to pick a farm, let alone how to effectively use sound marketing techniques across a variety of platforms to grow it, ultimately gain more clients and make more money.

If you are just starting a farm, the internal pressure you may feel is just doubt about your marketing abilities and is no way reflective of how great farming Realtors started out. They each started their farm by listing just one house or selling one buyer, the same way that you will. This book will help you overcome your doubts and fears and strike out boldly, claiming your land and making a name for yourself! If you are an established agent who has decided to make your love or success in a neighborhood a formal farm, this book will give you definitive steps you can take to increase your dominance and sales in your desired location.

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How To Deliver A Powerful Listing Presentation: Real Estate Agent Training SeriesHow To Deliver A Powerful Listing Presentation: Real Estate Agent Training Series

These are super practical, commission generating tips for Realtors, providing key updates to your listing presentation that will almost guarantee you get the listing, receive your full commission and get the house priced properly to sell! Many of these ideas are never spoken of because active listing agents rocking it will not tell you about them and talk of commissions (and protecting them) is such a forbidden subject in most brokerages.

It is easy to think of all Realtors as a bunch, but anyone in the business knows that is not true! There are listing agents, buyers agents and Realtors who do both. If you are actively taking or prospecting for listings, this book is for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are a technologically challenged old-dog agent who is looking to learn a few new tricks or if you are a wet behind the ears pup who is just starting out OR a mega agent who is always honing their craft… You WILL get a lot of value, knowledge and potential increased commissions from what we have included in this book!

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Real Estate Marketing Articles

Here are a few Real Estate Marketing articles that I have written over the years and which I think can help you with various aspects of your business. All are very popular and have been a great source of help for people just like you!

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Realtor Marketing can be super fun or the most horrific waste of time an agent ever spent! Check here for tons of great articles and resources to make your Realtor Marketing a success!

I have been doing Realtor marketing for YEARS…in fact, I am still a licensed agent (so I can get commissions) in Florida even though I live in Colorado! Back in 2007, right when the market crashed in Florida, I became a Realtor for two of the hardest years of my life! The buyers took up my evenings and weekends and the sellers were devastated that their homes were dropping in value like stones. But I made it to the top 10% of my office for sales easily because I was good at marketing.

Fast forward until today and I work with some amazing Realtors on a day-to-day basis, coaching them and monitoring what is going on marketing-wise. We try all kinds of neat things to see what is working and really keep current on the latest trends so they can get the most out of their limited marketing time and money.

Whether you are working with a team or are a single agent, I look forward to getting to know you more and helping you to increase your GCI and get some of your life back!

A note: Most of the marketing techniques that I talk about are for listing agents. While it is possible to lead generate for buyers, helping Realtors to do that is not my specialization.