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11 Free Canva Pinterest Pin Templates for Graduation

Get clicks from Pinterest this graduation season… 11 free Pinterest Pin templates for your business! Not the same-old-same old ones everyone is using but custom designed pins that will help drive traffic to your website!

11 Free Canva Pinterest Pin Templates for Graduation

I'm obsessed with creating marketing materials that help my business shine, and Canva is always my go-to. But lately, I've been diving into designing my own Pinterest pin templates – it's been incredibly rewarding! And since graduation season is just around the corner, I whipped up 11 custom graduation-themed templates to boost my marketing efforts. Want to give them a spin? I'm sharing them for free!

Why Pinterest Pins Matter for Graduation Season

If you're not leveraging Pinterest for graduation promotions, you might be missing out!

Parents, graduates, and gift-givers flock to Pinterest for inspiration this time of year. Well-designed pins make your products or services pop, turning clicks into website traffic and potential sales.

Take Advantage of My Free Graduation Pin Templates

Let me save you some design time! Here's what you'll find in my template collection:

  • Celebrate Accomplishments: Templates with inspirational quotes or images highlighting graduation themes.
  • Party Essentials: Pins that showcase party decor ideas, food, or themed favors.
  • Gifts for Grads: Templates highlighting thoughtful, personalized gift suggestions.

Step-By-Step Guide to Customizing Your Pins

Here's how to make these templates your own:

  1. Get the Templates Below!
  2. Open in Canva: The templates will seamlessly open in your Canva account.
  3. Brand It: Add your logo, brand colors, and preferred fonts.
  4. Your Own Flair: Swap in your own product images or use relevant stock photos as needed.
  5. Compelling Text: Craft attention-grabbing headlines and descriptions for each pin.
  6. Call to Action: Guide your viewers – Click, Shop Now, Learn More, etc.

Click here to get your free Canva graduation templates or click the image below!

Wrap-Up: Celebrate Success with Eye-Catching Pins

Seasonal promotions are a fantastic way to give your business visibility. With these free templates, you can create stunning Pinterest pins that get results.

Ready to get started? Let me know in the comments how you adapt the designs for you!

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11 Free Canva Pinterest Pin Templates for Graduation