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11 Free St. Patricks Day Pinterest Pin Templates in Canva

Want to make your Pinterest feed festive for St. Patrick's Day? I've got you covered! I'm giving away 11 free, fully customizable Canva templates specifically designed for eye-catching Pinterest pins.

Why I Made These Pins For You

I am a graphic designer by trade and a marketing nerd from way back! So when I was thinking about something that I could make for you to use for free, I thought, “why not free Canva Pins”? (affiliate link)

I went on Pinterest to review the most popular pin styles and then made the pin templates in Canva using only free fonts and images so you can use them as is, or if you have a paid Pinterest account swap them out using Canva's huge library of images!

Why Canva and Pinterest are the Perfect St. Patty's Day Combo

I LOVE the huge spikes in traffic I get around the holidays, in fact I even have a free seasonal marketing calendar you can print out to use for your marketing efforts too!

  • Pinterest loves visuals: Eye-catching designs thrive on this image-focused platform.
  • Canva simplifies design: Create scroll-stopping Pinterest pins without complicated design software.
  • Free = budget-friendly: My templates and Canva's resources help you celebrate without breaking the bank.

Ways To Use These Pins In Your Pinterest Marketing

The possibilities are endless, but here's some inspiration to get you started…

  • Recipe roundups: Share links to your favorite Irish dishes or festive cocktails with a themed pin.
  • St. Patrick's Day quotes: Craft inspiring or humorous pins featuring Irish sayings and blessings.
  • DIY Décor Ideas: Share festive decoration tips and tutorials with beautiful Pinterest graphics.
  • Fashion Finds: Highlight green outfits, jewelry, or accessories for St. Patrick's Day style inspiration.

How to Customize Your Chosen Template

Once you have the design saved to your Canva account you can add or subtract anything you like! Add more leprechauns and green beer, jazz it up with rainbows and pots of gold!

Make free St. Patricks Day Pinterest Pin Templates uniquely yours!

  • Step One: Open your chosen template in Canva. Easy-peasy, right?
  • Step Two: Click on the text to tweak those Irish sayings or any details to better fit your vibe or message. Trust me, a personal touch goes a long way.
  • Step Three: Feeling creative? Swap out images or backgrounds. Drag and drop any element from Canva's huge library of St. Patty's Day designs.
  • Step Four: Don’t forget to play with colors. Whether it's splashing more green or adding a sparkle to that pot of gold, make it pop!

Add Fancy Bits To Make The Pins Stand Out

  • Stickers and graphics: Add shamrocks, leprechauns, rainbows, and more from Canva's library.
  • Eye-catching text: Experiment with fonts and colors to make your message stand out.
  • Upload your photos: Make your pins extra special by including your own images.
  • Play with background: Try different textures, patterns, or solid colors to change the look.

Claim Your 11 Free St. Patrick's Day Pinterest Pin Templates

Here's how to grab your high quality free templates!

1. Click this link or the image below to go to the template download link

Claim Your 11 Free St. Patrick's Day Pinterest Pin Templates

2. Sign In To Canva

The template link will take you to Canva! If you are already signed in it will open up a file that you can use right away.

If you don't have a Canva account it will let you sign up for a free account which is all you need at this point to use these templates!

3. Save The File To Your Account

If you go to File and then “Save” or “Save To Folder” you can save the pin templates to use later!

St. Patty's Day Pinterest Templates FAQ

Here are some awesome answers to questions you might have about St. Patricks Day or using the templates!

About St. Patricks Day

St. Patrick's Day, affectionately known as St. Patty's Day, is a cultural and religious celebration held on the 17th of March, commemorating Saint Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland. This day is marked by festive green attire, parades, and a lot of shamrocks.

My Irish friend Deb, from actual Ireland, is wicked mad that we Americans call it “St. Pattys Day”. She says that Patty is a woman's name and if we were actually going to shorten it then we should call it “St. Paddys Day” which is the male version… I think she is fighting a losing battle!

Should You Change The Templates To Suit Your Business

YES! These are a starting point to jump off of. You can totally change up the designs, use fonts that you like better or swap out pictures from the paid Canva library!

Why Are These Free?

I love giving away things for free that other people charge for to get traffic to my website!

I get to sit around making cool graphics and earn money on my ads, you get freebies to use in your marketing! Win-win! Add them to your St. Pattys Day Pinterest boards to drive more traffic to your blog posts!

Free Canva Templates For Pinterest Pins Wrapup

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11 Free St. Patricks Day Pinterest Pin Templates in Canva