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100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples

100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples

Looking for good tweet examples for your Twitter marketing? Good tweets are super easy when you have a great resource to get your ideas flowing!

Most of my posts are just so I have my research handy to use wherever I am…this one is no exception. I spend A LOT of time crafting tweets (and blog post titles) that I think will be “tweetable” or “sharable”. This list is what I use to get the creative juices flowing.

if you are an author of one of these tweets and would like it taken down, please just let me know…if you have a great tweet example that I have not included, please leave a comment and I will review it for inclusion!

Using Unique Characters

  • T.W.I.T.T.E.R = Tweet With Integrity To Then Earn Respect. – Milana Ryan (@PfPioneer10m)
  • •• Wanted — Ambitious – Hard Working Individuals! ••>>> (@Davy_robot)
  • This. Is concerning. … #radioactive (@JimDuncan)
  • If It Fits, I Sits: A Supercut Of Animals Sitting In Small Spaces (VIDEO) via @HuffPostComedy (@JodyZimmerman)
  • [Denver Weather] Your Weekend Forecast For Denver, CO (80247) (@DENSmallBiz)
  • $CRM==wow! Shorts be scrambling. Maybe wait a bit now to start a new position. (@jimcramer)
  • TAKE NO MORE @Seb_Kirby ★★★★★ review ‘NEVER would have guessed who the culprit was.’ Pls RT #BYNR (@Seb_Kirby)

Free Offers

  • #helpeve ASK QUESTIONS. GET ANSWERS. give a little, get a little. Its free. (@projecteve)
  • 50 Free Fonts, Part 1 (@terrinakamura)
  • [REPORT] Strategy checklist, how to organize your business for social & more from @wildfireapp. #WFbyGoogle (@wildfireapp)
  • Free White Paper: 50 Best Practices to Go Beyond Landing Pages. Get your free 25-page guide today! (@ioninteractive)
  • Did you get your free P&G coupon book yet? If not, get it here: (@drugstoredivas)
  • Hey guys, we've prepared something for you.!fankit-twheaders … ← Click the link and download FREE #topeleven headers for your profile! (@topeleven)
Adventures In SEO

Intriguing Posts That Are Hard Not To Click

  • How One Brand Switched A Million URLs & Lived To Tell About It: 5 Questions With @HomeAdvisor (@sengineland)
  • Can a single word make your subject line more effective? (@effectiveemail)
  • The Change in Quality Score Reporting: What REALLY Happened? | WordStream … (@WordStream)
  • (So gosh darn amazing!) London Panorama Drawing – the view from the Shard: #creativity (@avinash)
  • If you aren't using the new Facebook Ads reporting, you're missing out. A huge improvement from the previous version (@glenngabe)
  • This Louisville #startup @collabramusic may have found the missing piece in music collaboration (@startuptechguy)
  • The cure for hating the gym is this!! #Health #Fitness #fitnessKit #physicalHealth #music #musculartraining (@hipmomjulie)
  • SEO Tactics You Think Are OK, but Are Really Just Spam (@mayrabor)
  • Just warning you… this book has real life dialog. The characters drop the F-bomb on occasion 🙂 COWBOY TAKE ME AWAY (@PenelopeChilds)
  • Why Kendall Jenner Is the Hottest Kardashian. These hot pictures are proof. #2 is out of control!! (@high_on_glitter)


  • 2 Chainz arrested following a nine-hour standoff over tour bus access: Rapper and his entourage refused t… #TBR (@TrueBornRecords)

How Tos

  • How I got published on Amazon! (@toyourhappiness)
  • Tying the knot doesn't have to cost a fortune. See how this #bride saved over $20K on her #wedding: (@davidsbridal)
  • Learn the differences between a chipotle and an ancho with this video from America's Test Kitchen: (@lifehacker)

Using Numbers

  • The Day the Knowledge Graph Exploded (+50.4%) by @dr_pete (@Moz)
  • Drive traffic with Pinterest. It is exploding. Watch this 7 minute tutorial (@PowerLineTrain)
  • 13 Tweets a Real Estate Agent Should Have Answered, Not Me … real estate peeps PAY ATTENTION, pass on! (@garyvee)
  • 10 Powerful “Before” And “After” Pictures Of Rescued Animals (@BuzzFeed)

Examples… One of my best number posts 100 Ways To Make Money Online From Home!

Asking Questions

  • 6 questions about ads in the gmail tabbed inbox. What's your opinion? (@wise_laura)
  • What The Heck Is AdWords Quality Score And Why Does It Matter Anyway? (@WordStream)
  • A new trend for online retailers? The New J.Crew Catalog Is a Pinterest Page #trnews (@toprank)
  • Are You Really Going to Wear That? Learn more about dressing for the casual workplace in my new book. (@BarbaraPachter)
  • Can Groupon win back small businesses? (@OPENForum)
  • What do you think of Rihanna's mullet? (@BritishVogue)

Funny Or Clever Posts

  • Do you think Ninja's sneak up on their family members just for fun? #FunThoughts #MyBrain (@JohnLusher23)
  • Don’t be such a potty mouth! Introducing @virgintrains magic new talking toilets (honestly!) (@richardbranson)
  • Bam-BOOO: More Bad Press for Pandas … (@abeautyfeature)
  • I'm becoming convinced that the more hashtags a person uses, the less money that person makes… (‏@Chris_Smth)

Number Posts

  • “Your idea is probably not new.” 5 lessons every startup founder should learn: (@FastCompany)
  • Fun fact. MT @RecallElections #Filner is the 11th official nationwide to resign in the face of a recall this year. (@LisaHalverstadt)
  • 7 Ways to Wow Prospects on Social Media Research & examples #socialmedia #smchat #some (@heidicohen)
  • 8 Common Grammar Mistakes You Should Never Make Again (@brianmoran)

Capitalizing On A Current Event Or Trending Topic

  • Small Business: Do You Have A Dream? #smbiz #usguys #mlk (@heidicohen)
  • The wagging tongue according to dream analysis. 4 Subliminal Symbols You Missed in Miley Cyrus's VMA Show – (@cracked)
  • THREE DAY WEEKEND IMMINENT 15 Awesome Things to Do in Dallas this Labor Day Weekend, August 29 to September 2 …(‏@Dallas_Observer)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. ’s Most Tweeted Quotes In 2013 #twitter … (@tweetynerds)
  • Nike ‘Get Drenched' NFL Jerseys (PHOTOS) #Nike #NFL (‏@TDdaily)
  • 12 Reliable Sources to Follow on Twitter for #Syria News (@mashable)
  • How To Get Back Into A Healthy School Routine (@familyfocusblog)
  • Reduce acne, prevent future breakouts & #battleblemishes as you head #backtoschool with Natural Acne Solutions. (@BurtsBees)

Hospitality Posts

  • “30 years of marital bliss, celebrated at the Bistro bar” Thanks John and Chris for celebrating with us! – and… (@beachbistro)

Professional Services – Dentists

  • If #celebrities are #wearing #Braces , why shouldn't you? (‏@cyberdentistry)
  • So U know when u get home and see green veggie stuff stuck in ur teeth and wanna curse everybody that didn't tell u (‏@tyrabanks)
  • Miley Cyrus had braces the whole time they filmed Hannah Montana. They were glued to the back of her teeth so we couldn't see them. (@Fact)
  • 19 Ways to Wreck Your Teeth. Be good to your teeth, and they'll be good to you. Avoid these known teeth wreckers! ‏(@MIHealth)
  • Throughout its lifetime, an elephant goes through six sets of teeth. The elephant starves to death once the sixth set of teeth falls out. (‏@OMGFactsAnimals)
  • You are like dentures, because I could not smile without you ~~ @notseongyeol (@fakepcho91)
  • #FACTS The acid in Coca Cola is called phosphoric acid which is known to dissolve teeth, metal N it can eat away your liver. (@incarceratedbob)
  • Drinking beer actually helps strengthen your bones and teeth because it gives you a healthy dose of silicon. (@UberFacts)

Professional Services – Financial

  • “I can't believe this financial advisor – who moonlights as a wedding singer – would rip me off!” (@ReformedBroker)
  • Is a ‘Practical' College Major Necessary to Make a Living? – MainStreet (@jimcramer)
  • How to take control of your #debt … #Best advice for #family #financial #success (@PrepareToWin)
  • Become a negotiating pro with Dave's quick tips: … (@RamseyShow)
  • Why SMU never recovered from its scandal and Penn State likely will by @davidwhitford (@FortuneMagazine)
  • Murdoch divorce on front page of NYTs? Or not? What's your vote? (@serwer)
  • 43% of Americans pay zero federal income tax. (@Jonnelle)
  • The startling statistic behind America's top 25 highest-paid CEOs (@MarketWatch)
  • In an attempt to not look cheap, this generation of Americans is going broke (@daily_finance)
100 Free Marketing Ideas… Looking for great (free) marketing ideas? Imagine having a handy dandy list of free options every time you had a great marketing idea!

Health and Beauty

  • Gatsy-inspired hair by Dez at Hair Therapy for Women! #TBBJBWOTY (@MereCensullo)
  • Holy heart stopping coat love batman: #wishlist (@TheCut)
  • YOU WILL READ THIS HILARITY NOW: Madonna’s Diet Is the Hardest I Have Ever Tried – The Cut … (@TheHanBurger)

Sales Tweets For Twitter Marketing

  • Shoe Carnival Back To School Sale – BOGO50% OFF + $5 Coupon! Divine Savings – (@DivineSavings)
  • Oh man… I want this!! The new Wacom Cintiq Hybrid tablet: … (@baekdal1h)

Personal Recommendations

  • I recommend this for ANY business that lists #SEO among their top marketing goals: (@RachelStrella)
  • Wait! You're on Instagram and you aren't following me? Then how the heck are you keeping up on all my adventures? Just do it, it's a total of, what, two mouse clicks? (@DaveTaylor)
  • I don't know how I ever lived without these life tips. Never get a mosquito bite again! (@relatabIemsgs)

Using “Big Names”

  • Going #Green with #Emeril Lagasse (@denverfoodguy)
  • *chef gordon ramsay leans in and whispers in your ear* today im going to show you how to prepare my world famous Vienna Sausage Sushi Rolls (‏@rad_milk)
  • Quite a remarkable story on Seattle's Seahawks: … embracing empathy & being the exception (@randfish)

Good Tweets For Realtors

  • Your clients will appreciate these 10 tips to spruce up their outdoor space, from @realtormag: (Go ahead and RT!) (@REALTORS)
  • Commercial Investments Rise 24% in First Half of 2013: … #CRE (@NAR_Research)
  • 7 Luxury Homes for Sale in Bearpath Golf and Country Club in Eden Prairie, MN Great course and club too! (@Agentopolis)
  • 20 Amazing Kitchens, Each One Is Dream Home Worthy (PHOTOS) … (@Christophechoo)
  • Photo: Hard not to love all the sunlight in this home office loft near Boston!… (@ColinStorm)


You should leave room for retweeting. What you need to do is count the numbers in your Twitter name (@taradactyl has 10 characters), then you want to add 4 for the “RT, a space and then the @ sign before your name). So my posts should never be longer than 126 (140 available MINUS the 14 for the retweet characters).

100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples is a compilation of good tweets that I have seen across the Twitterverse. I tried to make them relevant to all industries but KNOW that there are more Twitter marketing tweets than anything else…that happens, I am a marketing gal through and through!

100 Great Twitter Tweet Examples

Additional Copywriting Resources:

I LOVE Funnel Scripts for all my copywriting. Makes it so fast and easy! (#promo)