How To Refer Affiliate Products Ethically For Service Professionals

Chris Brogan Webinar

If you are a service professional doing authority marketing you may be in a quandary about how to ethically refer people to affiliate programs where you might get a cut of the action. For those of you just getting started with this idea, many companies use “affiliate partners” to sell their products or services. Functionally […]

Have You Been Putting Out The Wrong Signals? Updating Your Authority Marketing Empire

Authority Marketing Bad Hair Day - Wide

When was the last time you looked at your authority marketing “stuff”. If you are doing a lot of marketing and content creation, you are probably like me! I tend to put a whole bunch out there and then keep on trucking along, not thinking about all the nibbles out there that are no longer […]

Targeting Learning Styles In Your Online Courses

Targeting Learning Styles In Your Online Courses

Today’s post is about remembering that everyone doesn’t learn the way that you do and that you need to be mindful of the learning styles you use in your online courses! There are three types of learning styles, Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic. Generally everyone has a primary means of learning that falls into one of […]

4 Things To Focus On When You Are Updating Your WordPress Website | Website Design

4 Things To Focus On When You Are Updating Your Wordpress Website | Website Design

Website design is one of the things that I accidentally know how to do. Back in 2001 when I officially started my marketing company (it was called 4D Marketing back then) I needed to get work and making websites seemed like it would be a great idea. I had a working knowledge of how to […]

Becoming An Expert – How To Pick A Niche Market

Becoming An Expert - How To Pick A Niche Market

Becoming an expert is easy. Simply know more than the people who you are talking to. The big question is how to pick a niche market to become an expert in…that is the rub! I follow a gal who is simply amazing. She has been a hip-hop singer, waitress, coach, author, speaker, and many other […]

Authority, Branding and Niche Building, What Do They All Mean?

Authority Building, Niche Building and Branding

So, we talk A LOT about Authority building (we even have a book out about it on Amazon!) That said, I think that there is a lot of confusion in the marketplace about the difference between Authority building, niche building and branding! Here is my take… Branding (the easiest so we will start there) Branding […]

Guest Post Blogging – I was rejected by Social Media Examiner and I am okay!

Seth Godin - Kickstarter Campaign

Guest post blogging is the new black. Finding authority sites that will publish your works is as old as the hills, but has turned into one of the only true-blue ways to get backlinks that Google likes. First Off, What Is Guest Post Blogging? This is where you find a site that would have comparable […]

Authority Marketing – Branding and Launching Authors, Speakers and Coaches

Speakers and Coaches - Internet Marketing Hub

Authority marketing is my absolute favorite kind of marketing. This is where we take a person and help shine a light on their business, brand and products. Sometimes this takes the form of information marketing (like online classes courses or ebooks), but mostly we are working with authors, speakers and coaches trainers to leverage their […]