“Homemade” YouTube Video Commercials You Can Copy | Viral Video Marketing

Homemade YouTube Videos That You Can Copy | Viral Video MarketingI am thinking of making more YouTube video commercials and you know what that means, I am out there researching what is working now!

To start, a word about commercials (video or otherwise)…no one wants to watch a blatant commercial for 2 minutes about your product. They want to know what you do and how it relates to their lives and how it can help them. Or they want to be entertained. Or they want to learn something. Whatever their motivation, it is not to hear you pontificate about your product.

Here is one from the “bad old days” of commercials:

These watches were being used to time some of the most amazing sporting events. There were probably athletes that were easily recognizable from that time, and yet we got the talking head guy who told us all about the features of Longines watches. I tell you this only so you don’t make a commercial that bores us to death!

How To Make Videos

Today we have an unlimited supply of ways to make video that we can include in our commercials! We can use:

  • Programs from the internet to do screen captures of us talking at our desks (like Screencast-O-Matic)
  • Video making programs like Animoto
  • Programs like iMovie if you have a Mac or Movie Maker if you have a PC
  • Most of us are carrying around a production quality video camera on our phone
  • AND YouTube is available for free to distribute our videos

There are bunch of other resources that we can tap and I will include them when I break down each video. It is truly amazing how far video recording has come, how small companies can really start to harness the power of video in their marketing without having to spend thousands of dollars on equipment or production!

The Plan

So I am going to be really be “messing around” with video to see what I can do with it during this last quarter of the year, BUT I am not the kind of gal that can just have a burst of inspiration and make a fabulous, successful video. I am the kind of gal who has to research other people, how they are doing it and THEN I get creative inspiration that I can copy!

The videos that I am including in this post are all ones that I feel like I can emulate (I am not a professional video gal, but I do have some computer and graphic skills). That said, they are all pretty “normal” with no CGI crazy-ness or big name stars to muddy the waters. In each I will break down my thoughts so that you can see why they were picked with a theme for why I like them.

Dear Diary

So for this one we have to go back in time and see that there was man (zefrank1) who had a cool voice, a bunch of videos of cats and a great idea.

Functionally his first 100+ videos were him talking into a camera. They are semi interesting, but not anything that would set the world on fire. He did this for 4 years. Around video 100-ish he made a really funny video about Baby Echidnas that was a mashup of videos and screen captures. It is irreverent and has dirty words in it and I like it very much!

It looks like he did the ones of himself and these funny ones concurrently for a bit until he made the sad cat diary video and I noticed him (I like sad cats!) This one “went viral” and has over 17 million views. I have shared it personally with 1) my husband, 2) my children, 3) my friends and random strangers on social media because it cracks me up!

So now this is a proven winner and Friskies figures out that people 1) like the funny way Frank talks, 2) like kitten diaries and 3) will share the shit out of cat videos. They make a “real” commercial using Frank and his video model. There have been over 16,000,000 views to this commercial!

Now, I have seen Frank’s videos from way back and some of them are downright horrendous (the one where he was on painkillers comes to mind), but the thing is he was out there busting his ass, making videos, being vulnerable and checking to see what would stick. Good on you Frank!

That said, any of us could make a video like Frank’s cat video just by buying stock pictures, videos or even shooting videos of our cats ourselves. Nothing “big budget” here, just a really creative and fun idea!

Another “Doable” Cat Commercial

This one is cute too, although more blatantly branded and “commercially”.

What is neat about this one is that it is totally “homemade” videos stitched together with words on top. ANY of use could make this one!

Last but not least, Friskies is really good at picking “memes” to copy…you can too!

Interview Style Videos

Two recent videos have shown that utilizing very low budget sets and technology like Skype can be put together to make an interesting video.

This first one is a commercial for Cardstore.com where you can make a card for your Mom after watching this tearjerking video. There is nothing on there that we couldn’t do with a screen capture program and a laptop! This one has 21 million views!

I actually adore this commercial by Always. It makes me proud to be a “girl” and that I have strong smart daughters who play like girls. The neat thing about it is there are no cool sets, just a black background and good lighting. If this is something that looks good to you, I am sure you can figure it out!

Motherhood Rap and Christmas Jingle

These two feature “normal” people moving around their homes. They are just cut together videos that anyone could do with their phones!

Now the rap isn’t for me, but how targeted a demographic are they reaching?!?! New-ish moms who still want to feel like a person instead of just a blob who had kids!

This was originally a family Christmas card video

and this is the full blown “commercial” that the Cardstore made using that same concept

Talking Heads

This one is funny because of the parody that Macs can’t download videos well. I also think that the music adds greatly to the commercial (I have found AudioJungle.com to have the best selection at a great price!) Just doing one like this would be a breeze without any heavy lifting at all!

Merged Videos

Okay BIG disclaimer on this one! I have to think that Chromebook bought the rights to use these video clips from movies in their video. You can’t just steal video clips and include them in your commercial videos!

That said, there were elements in here that I liked very much including the font, the flashing computers at the beginning and the music. These are super simple to do and for a commercial that I am sure cost millions to make, I feel like I could pull out some parts and do just as good a job!

Insane Unboxing and Demonstrations

I often suggest that you make videos of you unboxing new stock or even do demonstration “how tos” that show your product and how to use it. Well a lack of understanding of how popular this could be has forced me to bring out “Bunny”. Bunny has hundreds of millions of views on her videos describing “As Seen On TV” products.

As you can see you don’t need to have a big professional set or a polished professional demeanor to be popular! Bunny has grown a following of millions of people who want to hear what she has to say, just by being an interesting personality and being willing to put herself out there!

Stop Trying To Be Perfect, Amazing, Professional

There is a huge following for the “Will It Blend” guy. He puts things in his Blendtec blender that he is selling and destroys them. Now, there is a huge following in the marketing world about this guy, almost a cult following of people saying how great he is and how brilliant his marketing plan was. But let’s take a step back into the past…say back to 2006!

As you can see, he was much less polished and more, well, geeky back then. There were no whiz bang graphics or snazzy animations when he started, just him, a little intro and a blender. And don’t let anyone fool you, it took some time to get views! It looks to be about two years until he had 1,000,000 views on his video!

Will It Blend Video Stats

Today Tom’s show is much fancier, but please remember that all this took time to grow and he didn’t start out with all the bells and whistles.

Cool Cutting

Now, all videos don’t have to be vanilla and boring. They can be cut-in-and-outy interesting. The first video is by Gary Vaynerchuk who has a staff of production people who are there for him.

This second one was doing using iMovie and one of the templates that come with the program. Not bad for teen guy who was trying to help his Mom sell more real estate is it?

A Real One

Last but not least, I want to show you a “real” video done by a normal person with no experience doing this kind of video. She put her head down, got all the “stuff” together and figured it out within a week. There really is not anything you can’t figure out if you put your mind to it!

PS – A big tip here is that Donna didn’t try to make the snazzy intro herself, she went to Fiverr.com and got one premade that worked with her look.

She has sold one client from this already…:)


I guess the last thing that I want to say is that figuring all of this out is probably going to take a little bit and you might have some god-awful videos in the meantime, but that it is worth the time to get it figured out! Using homemade videos as a template for your commercials rather than trying to emulate marketing agencies with million dollar budgets is a great way to get ideas for how to make your own videos.

Honorable Mentions I Just Like

The Chase Jarvis Intro

The Dog In The Airport

13 Misconceptions About Global Warming

Crash Course In Psychology

14 Money Saving Life Hacks

Video Marketing – Why You Should Do LOTS of Short Videos!

Video Marketing - Why You Should Do LOTS of Short Videos!Okay, today’s post may be a little controversial, but no cussing in the comments and just remember that my opinions are my own!! You do what is best for your biz…

Video marketing consists of a number of different types of types of videos like Infomercials (PURE SALES), authority videos where you are talking about your industry, how to videos and introductory videos (that are ads for your business). I am sure there are a million types more BUT overall I feel like they fall into two main categories:

  1. Self serving advertisements – these are all about you, what you are selling and how they can buy it
  2. Helping thems – these benefit your watcher…they teach them how to do something or enrich or enlighten their lives in some way.

If you have read my blog for any time now, you KNOW that I am squarely in the, “people are too damn busy to watch your advertisement” camp. I think every piece of content you make should help your viewer or reader.

So now that we have that out of the way….why do I say you should do short videos?

First, you probably are not willing to pay a fortune for short videos. I DO think fancy videos have their place sometimes, but the chances of my readers being able to afford to have hundreds of little videos made professionally is slim and so we probably can agree that using an iPhone or personal video camera is sufficient for most of your videos.

Second, if you make SHORT videos (like around 2 minutes each) you can upload them to Facebook in addition to sharing them on YouTube. Check out my (kinda) short video about how sharing your videos on Facebook GREATLY increases their reach…

Video Facebook SharesI have to say that the most powerful and sharable content we post is OVERWHELMINGLY the videos that we upload directly to Facebook! I redid this experiment today and got 38 views after posting to my Marketing Artfully page, 63 after sharing it to the Marketing and Media Monsters page and then ROCKED the house when I shared to Tara Jacobsen (my profile) with 310 views about an hour later.

Lastly, no one really has time to watch your long videos. I am famous for producing documentary length videos and blog posts, but practically, it is better to do a bunch of little ones that you can share all over the place than to have one GIANT one that has limited reach.

YouTube Marketing – How To Make A Great Viral Marketing Video

YouTube Marketing - How To Make A Great Viral Marketing VideoYouTube marketing can be a fun and creative way to market your business and the ultimate goal of any video is to GO VIRAL. Viral like Psy? Viral like a million hits? Or really marketing viral?

So what makes a marketing viral video? Let’s break it down…

It should be directly targeted to your audience!

In the “real” world, you could make a cute video of your cat wearing a costume, riding rumba and chasing a duck (I SWEAR that is a real viral video) BUT how would that sell more of your product? So number one, make sure you know who your target is!

In this video by the Big Nerd Ranch (which my nerdy husband, John Jacobsen, sent to me), geeky guys flail around mocking C Code. They talk about things that non-coders would never understand but which geeky coder guys will think is funny. Seriously.

Now is this video striking a chord for you my marketing friend? Probably not but these guys sell advanced computer training for big bucks and their target audience is probably eating this up with a little giggle.

Big Nerd Ranch’s Cocoa Got Blocks from Big Nerd Ranch on Vimeo.

The Devil Is In The Details

If you watch this one about the new James Bond movie, there are LOTS of little clues going on all over the place. The violinist is playing the James Bond theme, all the hazards are making the guys look (sort of) like the antics performed by Bond, James Bond and overall, the effect is brilliant!

You Should Go All In

Now, nerdy guys dancing around may not be your cup of tea but DAMN, they gave it their all and everyone looked like they were having a great time. This reminds me of Justin Timberlake. I was never really a fan of his until I saw him on Saturday night live in a wine bottle costume making an ass out of himself. That changed everything for me and from that day forwarded I was happy to listen (and buy) his stuff. This video is really great with broad appeal and shows that he is a singer (a good one) and also fun to watch!

So do you have to make a huge YouTube marketing viral video with top level production? Nope, you just have to go all in! I am sure the nerdy video took a lot of time, but it is not ridiculously high quality…it is good enough for their viewers.

Social Media Marketing – Should you buy likes, followers and views?

Social Media Marketing – Should you buy likes, followers and views?Social media marketing is a combination of tactics, luck and sweat. Gaining followers, friends, views and the like is not an easy task and sometimes you can wonder if all that time is worth it.

Today’s big question is should you buy likes, followers and views for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts? First off, this is one time where I don’t have a strong opinion on the subject. I am totally up in the air for three reasons:

  1. I don’t think that buying likes and followers actually accomplishes anything in the true social media space.
  2. Psychologically I think there IS value to having larger numbers.
  3. I worry that those fakers you get could eventually count against you in the eyes of the social media services or your other “real” people.

So there you have it, I am totally ambivalent so if you are looking for a yes or no, move on to someone else. If you want to become more confused (like I am) carry on as I break down each of these areas.

Buying likes doesn’t accomplish anything in the true social media space – sorta

This one is pretty obvious. If you buy feople (fake people) they will not interact with you at all. The providers of paid services are not promising that they will increase your influence or interact with you in any way, all they are saying is that you will have more numbers.

That said, up until recently YouTube actually counted views as a measure of whether to promote your video on their search results so YES having more views made it more likely that you would get found more, more people would watch and there would be a beneficial spiral upwards.

Additionally, if you are getting your Facebook business page posts shown to 4 percent of all the people (fake and real) there is a chance (however small) that someone will throw you a like and trigger a friendly uptick in your post being shown or shared.

My besty, the Colorado Connector falls on the “what could it hurt” and “heck, it costs so little why not try it” side of this fence. I am totally on the “bah humbug” here.

Psychologically I think there is value to having higher numbers

Should you buy twitter views?
Looking at those two accounts, which would you be more likely to throw a follow to (as a real person?) I have to say that I am swayed by seeing someone has only a handful of followers, thinking that their stuff must not be that good or more people would like it. Now, what would you say if you found out that just last week, MandMMonsters (on which we post AMAZING marketing information only had about 150 followers?) For this piece I worked with a company that sells Twitter followers and had them provide us with 1,500 Twitter followers (they were not paid nor was I for writing this post, it just makes me curious so I thought I would take a peek at the numbers).

This is the first time that I have used a paid service to get followers for any of my accounts (doing so generally violates the terms of service). That said, how it made me feel was somewhat compelling. These days it is not as easy to get followers as it was back in the good old days when I grew my Taradactyl Twitter account (I have 16,387 home grown, worked it and scrambled to get them for years).

I understand the idea that if you post great stuff and interact like crazy, people will follow, like or view your stuff. BUT there is much more competition out there now than when I started and got the initial 6,000 or so that made me “popular” enough to keep getting more. We do social media marketing for clients and I am here to tell you, without some kind of critical mass to get you over the hurdle, it is scrabble, scrabble to get any traction at all.

Additionally on Twitter there is a ration that says when you get to where you have liked 2,000 people, you can’t like anymore until you get 2,000 likes. We have one client who spent MONTHS trying to clear that hurdle and never made it. In the end she bought followers to get her over that and has continued to have trouble right up to today.

I worry that we could be penalized down the line for buying followers, likes and views

As you may or may not know, at heart I am an SEO girl. I like that my blog gets search engine traffic and ranks well for terms I am targeting. Over the years, many people have said I was stupid for not buying backlinks, spamming directories or doing any of the other “black hat” tricks that could have made me even more popular. I could have had a shining month or year where I got tons of traffic…until…dum dum dum…Google penalized me for doing that! So many sites have been hurt by the Penguin and Panda Google updates that there is a whole industry built up around NOT using search engine marketing (because their sites have been banned for bad practices).

I would rather have a “clean” site than hire comment spammers so why wouldn’t I want to have clean social media accounts. If Google could change the rules retroactively, why couldn’t Twitter. What if, from now on I have NO more paid for followers BUT it still hurts me in the end when they shut down my Twitter account?

Check your Twitter “realness” >> Twitter Fakers Checker-Thingy

So now you know how many fakers you have…as you can see, Taradactyl has 98% real accounts and MandMMonsters has 13% real accounts (on an interesting sidenote, the day they added those fakers, it was only 2% real, so in just one week, there has been an over 9% swing back to more real than fake – I wonder if that happened because people saw I had more followers and so were more likely to follow me, THIS Is why this is so hard to figure out!)

Should you buy fake followers

What does your twitter history look like? >> Twitter Counter

If this tool is out there you KNOW that Twitter can tell if you have dumped a bunch of followers in all at once. Thinking that they will not be able to track this is ridiculous. Maybe (because my account was not shut down) they have a level at which you have bought too many followers or you haven’t swung back around after to do real work on your account – just remember that buying followers is not the endgame, just a boost. The Taradactyl account was grown organically and shows a steady upward climb for the last three months. MandMMonsters is OBVIOUSLY not playing fair with a TREMENDOUS jump in followers all at once.

Twitter Counter - Twitter Following Stats

One last thing to note…the ones you buy are not forever. They will eventually all get shut down or banned so don’t count on them to do all the heavy lifting for you. Use the boost to quickly follow other real accounts who might then be more likely to follow you back now that you look less lame.

There is WAY more data (and interest on my part) about the mechanics of Twitter than Facebook or YouTube (their open API means that more developers have handy-dandy tools to check out your stuff). That said, the penalty for buying likes probably would be similar across accounts, the probability that they can tell what you are doing is high and the benefit still seems to be up in the air for me.

What do you think about buying likes, followers or views? PLEASE let me know if you have had success or crushing defeat one way or the other! 

YouTube Video Marketing – How to use calls to action in videos to increase interaction

YouTube Video Marketing – How to use calls to action in videosI am intrigued by YouTube video marketing and KNOW that the power is going to shift from long winded websites to short, pithy videos so I am trying to figure out best practices to use and will share some recent a-has with you here! Today’s topic – how to use calls to action in videos to increase interaction.

In case you are not sure what “call to action” means, it is just getting people to do something that benefits you. You see this all the time on the television infomercials when they say, “call now before they are all gone” or “visit our website for more information”. It used to be that YouTube videos did not have strong calls to actions but more and more we are incorporating them into our marketing.

First call to action – Like this

So your video will be seen more if you have more likes and comments. This is because YouTube wants to show popular videos and they judge this by the number of views, likes and comments they receive. That is why I thought the callout in this video was so fun! James Wedmore is sitting on the toilet talking about how to make intimate backgrounds for your videos when up pops a call to action – “too intimate – CLICK like below”. Well I clicked like and so did a bunch of other people. I didn’t even think about, just did what he said to do which is the hallmark of a GREAT call to action.

want to learn more about video marketing from James like we do? check out our review of his video training product – Reel Marketing Insider

Video Marketing - James Wedmore

Second call to action – Listing a hashtag or @name

In this video they put an overlay of the hashtags to use when sharing on Twitter (coming soon to a Facebook near you if the rumors are right).

So this time, I went to share it with my friends on Facebook and Twitter and I didn’t have to guess how they wanted it to be notated (not sure this is a word!) Instead of tweeting “Realtor Friends – You must see this” with no reference, I was able to put in the hashtags that the providers of the content (Chris Smith and Gary Keller) wanted to use. Here is my tweet – Realtor friends – a MUST watch! #the1thing #peoplework http://buff.ly/X879JT.

Video Marketing Chris Smith

Third call to action – See more

So those two were embedded in the videos and may be a little tough to accomplish for those of us who aren’t video masters. This one uses plain jane annotations to get people over to his website. Instead using fancy video editing software, Brad Fallon simply posts a small part of the talk he was giving on YouTube with a note in the video about where you can see more.

Video Marketing - Brad Fallon

Well, that about covers the basics… I will keep my peepers open for more good YouTube video marketing calls to action and will update accordingly! Make sure to leave a comment below if you want to be notified when new content is added to this post!

My #1 Tip For Writing Great Email Newsletters, Blog Posts, Recording Videos and More!

Number one tip for writing great email newslettersI never talk about my number one tip for anything because things change, I learn something new, and generally marketing is moving target so I have to stay nimble like a tiger.

But today, I am throwing down with my #1, all time, most important, never goes out of style tip for writing great email newsletters, crafting amazing blog posts, recording stunning videos and every other sort of marketing that you do. In fact, it is one of the main, evergreen tenants of good marketing theory and I don’t we are talking about it enough!

You are only talking to one person.

There, for you High D’s who are worried that this is going to take too long, I have just blurted it out, for the rest of you, follow along!

When we are crafting blog posts or email newsletters, oftentimes we are thinking about all the people who are reading, listening or generally going to consume our info. We use terms like, “you all”, “you guys” or “everybody”. But think about it for a minute. Almost EVERY piece of content is being seen by just one person sitting at their computer or looking at it on their smart phone.

How To Go About Writing Great Email Newsletters, Articles or Blog Posts and Record Amazing Videos

Unlike “the news” which really is made for mass consumption, your written words are going to be sent out via email or over the internet. There will not be a gang of people sitting in a room waiting to read your pearls of wisdom, there will only be one person clicking that link and reading your words.

The easiest way to write for one person is to get a real person (or two) in your head and write as if you are talking to them. In another post I did for our Marketing and Media Monsters site I wrote today about new age marketing, I was thinking of two gals, Andye Murphy and Regina Sisco. Some of the ideas were specific to each of their businesses and I got double the great tips out because each has a little different business.

Another thing to check when you are producing content is are you saying YOU more than you are saying I or WE. If you are saying “we do this”, “I am” or “our tools” too much, your reader or listener will get grouchy and abandon all hope of you helping them! Howie Jacobson has my favorite saying, “are you we’ing all over them?” (read it out loud, it is really funny!) This is a SUPER easy way to tell if you content is great.

Last but not least, my besty the Colorado Connector talks A LOT about the WIFM (what’s in it for me) Channel that people are always playing in their heads. If your content is all about me, what I do or how I can help them, they will go away. Every person wants to know that you like them, that you care about their problems and that you have the solution for solving those problems.

Seriously, just making sure that you are talking to one person will make a tremendous difference in how your marketing is received! Now, go look at your web pages, listen to your videos and check out your last couple of email newsletters. Do not beat yourself up, just start a list of what you need to fix and grind through it. Then, start writing as if you are talking to your friends or best clients. Write as if you are telling them something and watch the accolades roll in!

Small Business Marketing – Great B2B YouTube Video Marketing

Small business marketing in the B2B (business to business) space can sometimes feel a little less exciting than what the B2C (business to consumer) folks can do. I hear a lot in the marketplace that social media and YouTube videos are not for B2B.

Small Business Marketing - Great B2B Norfolk Southern VideoWhile it can be hard to conceptualize how to make businesses like accounting, floor sweepers or cash registers (or now the Square) exciting, I cannot think of something older or more stable than rail transportation. It only applies to large companies who need national transportation for large amount of goods (a pretty small slice of industry). It is not a market segment that I would think of being on the cutting edge of technology or innovation.

That was why I got SO exited to see this commercial, that makes a B2B video fun, interesting and, heck even exciting!

So why does it work and how can you take these ideas and move them over to your small business?

The mystique of rail travel…okay, I have to admit that I love trains. I got it honestly from my dad who loves trains too. That having been said, there is a large percentage of the population who like trains, had toy trains or whose brothers, fathers or sons had trains. It pays to look at your industry and find out what makes it “sexy” or interesting. Could be whacky urban myths, a rabidly loyal customer base or even the industry itself.

Obviously this was a professional production, CGI laden, EXPENSIVE commercial that ran on the national cable channels. So how can you expect to compete (and darn it, you keep telling us that great production on videos is not important!) Take the idea of the video and transport it to your less expensive videos!

I could so picture this as a smaller local video with pictures of trains fading into a video of a train blowing past and then a picture of a big city in the background with the words superimposed over the images. That is a perfectly acceptable version that would work for our small biz peeps. You just need to make an effort to think how you can leverage these kinds of ads and make them your own.

Copy the big guys

I cannot express this enough. BIG NATIONAL companies spend a gagillion dollars doing ads, focus testing them, production costs, etc. If you can take their concepts and make them your own, you are WAY ahead of your local competition. Using a national ad that comes to mind, how fun would it be to take the Farmers ad with Kasey Kane (a Nascar race car driver) and a fire extinguisher and move it down to small business level by going with a local agent and a Boy Scout style racer.

B2B YouTube video marketing does not have to be boring or hard, it just takes a little bit of creativity!

want to learn more…check out Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing – Using Video Reviews To Generate Traffic and Sales

I have been on small business marketing training seminars that talked about using product reviews to get more traffic and increase sales. I admit it, I just could NOT get my arms around how actual small business owners would use these (I can see how spammers or one hit wonders would use them for quick hits, but not real business owners!)

So today, I figured out how using video reviews could actually work to generate traffic and sales for small business marketing…BRILLIANT!

The Back Story…And The Ways That This Works…

I have been doing paper crafting things like coloring, stamping etc. for a little while now and am looking for some tools to make my job easier (cutting little pieces of paper is not my sweet spot).

Step 1 – So, I was on the YouTube looking up how to do cutting and I found Sizzix Big Shot as a recommended product…

The person making the video I watched might have missed an opportunity to sell me one of these bad boys, had she directed me to HER website with an additional post and video I might have bought through her affiliate link. As it was, I had to go to the Google to research what a Big Shot was and…

Step 2 – Who pops up but Amazon?

Go figure. Their site is HUGE, their web score is great…SOOO many people use it. As small business owners we could never hope to get even a tiny portion of the traffic they get a day! So I found the machine and there were reviews done by users, one of which was a video review by June Campbell…check out using video reviews in action

Step 3 – She has her web address at the end of the video…

Video reviews to get trafficNow, one important thing to note about June’s review is that it was NOT a sales pitch. It was a 7 minute long, how to video that showed how to use this product, with a TEENY WEENY little reference at the end to her website.

Please, please, please also notice that it is a simple video. It is not production quality or perfect. SERIOUSLY, NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH COMMERCIALS anymore, that ship has sailed. They would rather watch real people doing real things than have a slick, professional, TV quality video (stepping off my soapbox now..:)

Step 4 – June sells videos on how to do scrapbooking…BRILLIANT!

So when you go from her review (which has 37 thank you comments itself) to her website…which sells an information product teaching people how to do things WITH the product, she can sell you something…the heavens part and it all makes sense!

Using Video Reviews To Generate Sales Leads

Video Review Examples

Okay people, I am not great at making things up so I need some help, put your product or service in the comments and I will see if I can come up with a video review that you could with a complimentary product! Here are a couple to get us started…

Bookkeeping Services > QuickBooks review (there are no video reviews at this time) > Sell your quickbook services by having additional how to videos on your blog!

Craft store > Reviews on EVERY product you sell in house that is on Amazon or Google Product or anywhere else with lots of traffic that allows video reviews > sell locally using the power of Amazon

How To Send Free Video Email – Eyejot

Lots of my customers ask how to send free video email. Because my peeps know they can email me anything marketing related to review, I have been getting a glut of “should I buy this video email program?” questions. The ones that are the current MLM (multi level marketing) darlings are quite pricey, with setup fees up to 500 bucks and hefty monthly payments.

How To Send Free Video EmailSo what if I told you there is a FREE VIDEO EMAIL?

Well, I was teaching my 100 Free Marketing Ideas class the other day and did a whole bit about how to use video email for sales and the attendees were astounded that there was a way to send video emails for free using a safe, reliable service! Eyejot.com – a free video email service! aff link

What Is Video Email?

So, one of my favorite friends and clients, Brian P. Forrester of the Mortgage Communication Spot, does video email better than anyone I have seen. He has compiled a list of Realtors who have an interest in changes in the banking industry and when something happens, he sends a translation email of what those changes actually mean in English! He also uses them to promote his events (as you will see at the end of this email).

How To Send Video Email That Works

So, as with any “new” technology, video email has some great applications and the ability to be used as a spamming machine. Make sure you are using your video email for good, not evil!

  • Follow up to an interview or sales call – image if your salesman from yesterday “remembered” just one more thing to tell you and sent a little video email over with a message that he or she would be calling later in the day to see if you have any questions. I guarantee that you would probably get a pretty warm reception from that prospect!
  • Keep in touch with past clients – one of my bestys is an Irish Realtor and don’t you know she sends out a video email to her entire database for every St. Patricks Day. Why stop at that? I would do something every couple of months at a minimum! Note – unless you are going to have VERY entertaining video emails, if you send out a happy Valentines, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Groundhog, the effectiveness will drop off dramatically.
  • The video DOES NOT need to be embedded in the email to be effective. I know of people who pay exorbitant rates for video email because they believe having it play from inside the email client matters. Technology rarely matters! I check out Brian’s messages because I know, like and trust him, and am not bothered by the fact that it does not automatically play when I open it!
  • Branding and the ability to post on a blog or website – one thing I DO like about Brian’s emails is that they are branded with his information. As the “premium” cost for the branding upgrade is between $29.95 and $99.95 A YEAR, this is a great price point for being able to snazzy them up a bit AND I like the fact that you can try it for free first to make sure you will actually use the service!
  • It doesn’t have to be perfect! Seriously, none of us like to see ourselves on camera and if you wait for a perfect moment, take, hair day, you will never send anything. Just jump in and do some!

Seriously, if you are willing to learn how to send free video email, you will SO set yourself apart from the crowd!

100 Free Marketing Ideas

Small Business Marketing

Looking for more great FREE marketing ideas? Check out our best ideas for free marketing. From online to off, blogging, email, social media and more!

Today, much of marketing is free (or almost free), knowing what and how to use them is key to being successful!

Get 100 Free Marketing Ideas!

Speaker Training Tips – How To Make Your Sound Better

Speaker training tips come in all manners but this one is hitting close to home. I did a quicky screen capture video that I popped out in a couple of minutes to have for the YouTube and a blog post. While I am a HUGE proponent of launching something without taking a million takes to get there, I did have one watcher call and say that the sound was a little distracting and could he give me a couple of pointers to make it better next time? Sure!

Voice Presentations
guest post by James Todd Shiffer

Original video posted about Twitter Marketing For Small Business

This video posted above is very informative and done very nicely, although a couple things that I did notice that Tara should have done differently.

Sound Mistakes Made On The Video

  1. She had her microphone too close to her mouth.
  2. She was talking directly into her microphone.

Public Speaking Training TipsTechnically, this is what went wrong!

  1. Being too close to the microphone can cause distortion
  2. While talking directly into a microphone can cause what’s called “sonic blast” an annoying popping sound that is created when you say “T”s & “P”s this and “blowing” into a microphone can cause damage to the microphone element, the diaphragm that is inside the microphone that acts like your ear drum.

Now with my experience as a 2 way C.B. radio operator and a licensed Amateur radio operator for about 20 years. I will explain the proper way to speak with a microphone, which there are two important things to remember.

How To Talk With A Microphone To Make Your Screen Capture Videos Better

  1. Hold the microphone about 3 inches away from your mouth.
  2. When you speak never speak directly into the microphone speak across it. You can accomplish this by either holding the microphone to the side of your mouth, which does NOT look pretty, but works or hold the microphone under your mouth below your lip line.

A way you can tell where you will need to hold your microphone is to test with you hand. Hold your hand around your mouth about 3 inches away and speak if you can feel your breath on your hand at all this will be the areas you WILL need to avoid holding your microphone, also try different spots around your mouth. Once you have found a spot that is comfortable for you next test this with you microphone to see if you end up hearing a “sonic blast” at all.

I hope this information helps you with speaking in public venues or like Tara did by making informative videos. Thank you for taking the time to read this and Happy Speaking!!!!

YouTube For Business Video Ideas – Advertising On YouTube

YouTube for business can be a great marketing channel. Advertising on YouTube is tricky so here are some video ideas for small business owners.

YouTube for Business - Advertising On YouTubeIn my post the other day, I talked about YouTube Video Marketing – Are You Trying To Go Viral? In that post we talked about the fact that, while it is important to try and “go viral”, most BUSINESS videos are going to rank okay only within a niche. This post is about getting your business videos to laser target a niche that may get you fewer views but those views will be laser targeted!

General Google Keyword Research

So in this post I was thinking that I would target the keywords “youtube for small business” which is good for my main site keywords. BUT I wanted to rank well on google for the correct search term so I used the Google External Keyword Tool to do a search and see if there was any traffic for those keywords. Come to find out, the search term that I was thinking of had 170 searches per month BUT the search term YouTube for Business has 368,000 searches per month. This was a pretty easy one to figure out – the post HAD to be titled “YouTube For Business Video Ideas – Advertising On YouTube”.

Keyword Reseach For YouTube

So I have a general idea that the Google itself should like “YouTube for Business”, but what does YouTube think about that? I used the search bar and found that there were 623,000 without the quotes (a pretty hard nut to crack), but there are only 113 results for the exact search phrase WITH the quotes. I can fight 113 people!!!! So next I will make a video that matches this post that will include a link back here. I will also share that video with my social media buddies which will increase likes, views and offer me credibility.

Small Business YouTube Video Ideas

All this is great, you say. All this figuring out what to make is good, you say. BUT what the heck should you make videos of?!?! There are some REALLY easy ways to figure out what to make videos of for your industry without having to figure ANYTHING out!

  • What do you find to be the most interesting bits of your business? If you are a florist and have come up with some really neat tricks to arrange flowers, make a video of that.
  • What do you find the most annoying about your business? I frequently make videos of things that I am sick of explaining over and over again. If you are a dog groomer, make a video of each of the different grooming styles starting with a fluffy, hairy mess and turn them into a show dog!
  • FAQs – I guarantee that you have questions that come up over and over, make a video of each answer. Take this right off of your website!
  • Check your emails – I always have my clients send me long answers they give their clients for blog posts, do this same thing for your videos. If you are a realtor and get lots of questions about a specific subdivision or town, make some videos of that area. The great thing is that you can send the video with your email description and let them see a bit of your personality with your answer!

So those are the easy ones. Now lets go to YouTube and do some searches to see if we can figure out some good topics with not too much competition!

I was doing a search for a client for the term “dog pain” because he sells a great natural dog pain product. What I noticed was that when I did that search, there were a lot of videos about yoga and a man called T-Pain, AND there were 30,800 results. So I redid the search with negatives included, so the search looks like dog pain -T- -yoga, which means search for dog pain but ignore yoga and T- before pain. Now we only have 7,410 results but that is still a lot of competition.

I have done some research online and know that dog pain medicine is good on regular Google so I checked on YouTube and there are only 722 results PLUS that is the actual product that he sells so SCORE. We need to do some dog pain videos for him!

Advertising On YouTube

So does advertising on YouTube work? YouTube is much like Facebook. People are not necessarily going to be willing to watch a true advertisement. What you want to do with YouTube for business videos is make a video that is going to be interesting or informative, NOT saley. I have to say that we have found that most small business owners earnestly make videos that are truly advertisements and not informational.

If you are going to actually try and sell something, make sure that you have a video that would be interesting to someone other than your Mom and THEN include a link back to a sales page or or at least a post with a call to action to buy something.

So there you have it, great YouTube for business video ideas! I hope that come up with some good, informative, videos that you would be proud to share.

YouTube Video Marketing – Are You Trying To Go Viral?

YouTube video marketing is the hottest thing going right now, BUT if you are TRYING get your small business video to go viral, you may be disappointed!

Video Marketing - Going ViralWhat Does Going Viral Mean For Video Marketing?

Going viral supposedly means that you get billions of hits and your video is shared across hundreds of sites like Digg, Facebook and other social media platforms.

The very first video that I can remember “going viral” was the dancing baby video years ago and it was not sent via a service like YouTube, it was on a basic web page. Currently the dancing baby video on YouTube has 735,071 views.

Some recent “viral” videos that I have seen lately are the laughing baby ripping paper (with over 13 million views) and soldier coming home to dog (with 3.5 views). Those are some big numbers that anyone would be happy to get for their business, but they weren’t made for business, were they?

YouTube Videos For Big Business

A couple of recent national videos for business that I know have gotten a lot of views are Jenifer Aniston for Smart Water where she does a spoof on videos going viral (over 8 million) and the official Chrysler commercial with Eminem which has about 80,000 views.

Wait, what was that, Eminem and a Superbowl commercial with national exposure have 80,000 views? I read a few places that the commercial cost about $9 million to make. So that is, I am not good at math so…it cost them A LOT to make an ad that got seen on the superbowl and achieved relatively few YouTube views.

YouTube Videos For Small Business

So, if small business owners shouldn’t expect millions of hits, what should they expect from video marketing? They should try and do enough videos that one of them becomes “viral” in their own space. For example, a plumber who does a video which shows EXACTLY how to get hair out of a drain, could become viral and get thousands of hits. The best part is that there are only 2,640 videos online right now about “clean a drain”, there are 31,300,000 results on google.com for that same search term.

Additionally, plumbers have a radius of area in which they work. Having someone in Belgium like their video won’t help, so adding your location to the video could make your success (getting calls or website hits) even more beneficial.

Quantity Versus Quality

When I talk about quantity versus quality I mean in the video production, not in the information and knowledge you are sharing in your video. Having a “snazzy” video with all of the bells and whistles can mean that you will get LESS views than if you have a great video that has good information which people actually need.

People on YouTube (and social media in general) are not there to watch your commercials. They are there to solve their problems, entertain themselves or generally learn something. Having a great video with smooth transitions, titles and a voice-over are not what they are looking for. Good, solid content is what will make a difference!

So, if you are trying to make a small business marketing video that will “go viral” on YouTube, maybe you should try for one that will fill a niche or be a great video on search term that is good for you but without very many results.

Check back tomorrow to find out what videos to make on YouTube for small business!

Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing

Use funny youtube commercials for small business marketingThe easiest way to jump start your small business marketing is to use funny YouTube commercials for small business marketing. Piggy backing a funny YouTube commercial that a national company has spent GAGILLIONS to produce is a great way to help build YOUR brand!

National advertisers spent audacious amounts of money to produce videos and buy airtime. Some scary numbers for us small business marketing types are $250,000 on up for taping a commercial, $10,000 to $2.4 million to buy air time (that higher number is for the superbowl, how many of the super bowl advertisers are out of business now?)

Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing

So how can we compete? Use their high priced commercials for our own marketing (with proper references of course – we are marketers NOT plagiarizers!) It is easy to find funny commercials on YouTube. Here are some marketing ideas that you can use for your company, even if you are truly a mom and pop with no parent company!

Insurance Company Marketing

Use national marketing campaigns for small business marketing

In the picture above, Jean-Paul (JP) “Good Hands” Gudka, an Allstate Insurance guy posted the Allstate Mayhem Satellite Dish video with the tagline on HIS facebook account “Protect yourself from Mayhem! Call me today!”. In addition to that YouTube video, he also has a “Storms cause major damage in metro Denver” and other links to pop media and current events around the Denver Metro area.

NOTE: We are approached by businesses ALL THE TIME who are in the real estate, financial services and legal fields who are terrified to market. PLEASE understand that you CAN do fun and interesting things without compromising your integrity or putting your license in jeopardy!

Bookkeeping Marketing

For the financial peeps, it can seem IMPOSSIBLE to find something that would be fun and festive about bookkeeping. Well a two minute search on YouTube turned up a funny parrot ad that QuickBooks had put out. You could post it to your profile with the message “Is EVERYONE nagging you to get your business books in order?!?!?!…:)”


Those are just two examples, you can literally find HUNDREDS of funny YouTube Commercials that you could use as teasers to help market your business. All I did was do a search for “funny commercials” and got 174,000 results!

Other Funny YouTube Commercials Ideas

For health and beauty – Old Spice Swagger with Ray Lewis
For auto dealers or tire stores – Changing tires can be dangerous from Goodyear
For realtors – A funny commercial from My Realty.com – you could tell your prospects that you will even list it here for them!

Long story short, most humans like funny things and if you use funny YouTube commercials for your small business marketing you can save yourself the time and trouble of producing them yourself! If you have any other good commercial ideas, please feel free to leave a comment!

Learn To Use You Tube Videos – Top 10 Internet Tools

Video For Small Business MarketingIn my top 10 Internet Tools post I talked about learning to use You Tube for your small business – this one is HUGE!!! AND I mis-spoke, I don’t want you to just use You Tube, I want you to use VIDEO on your blog, on your website, in your newsletters, basically anywhere you connect with your people!!!

So if you have NEVER used video, how do you get started (do not worry video junkies, more for you later)! I have found two easy ways to create video for my blogs and newsletters:

1. Using a Flip Video Camera for small business marketing videos – Why a Flip camera?

  • Because it is plug and play AND comes with its own software that works on a Mac or a PC
  • Because it is easy to operate – push one button to start, push one button to stop
  • Because it makes videos you can take directly from your computer and upload to YouTube!

If you are just starting out, buy this camera! I have SO many small business owners who email me and ask how to use their fancy digital video camera (because they got talked into upgrading at the store) because they can’t operate it. I use a flip or my iPhone to shoot videos and have NO IDEA how to manage a fancy schmancy video camera.

2. Using www.jingproject.com to do screen capture videos

For the last two years I have been using the $15 a year version of Jing to make my screen capture videos. If you are not going to be doing professional quality work (and I think most people are wary of professional quality work right off the bat), then use the Jing! It is SUPER easy to use and allows you provide information to people who follow your message.

So what can you use video for? Here are some ideas off the top of my head!!!

  1. Do a powerpoint and use jing to screen capture your analysis of the content (DO NOT just read the slides)
  2. Use your flip to document someone using your product
  3. For realtors – do a video tour of the house in addition to your virtual tour, show all the things that the owners liked about it OR film the current owners telling the great things about living there
  4. For retail store owners – film one of your favorite (and lucrative) products and include a link to how someone can buy it
  5. For non-profits – film an event where you help people by utilizing contributions
  6. For internet marketers – show how easy it is to use your product (or your affiliate product), show them how you use it in YOUR business and why you recommend it!!!
  7. Make sure to check out eyejot.com for sending video emails (if you want to learn more about eyejot I wrote a post a while back…:)

If you have a business that doesn’t fit these ideas, make a comment and I will give you some more!!!

the link to the flip camera is an affiliate link – if you would like to purchase one of those without using my link, search for flip at your favorite online retailer…:)