“Homemade” YouTube Video Commercials You Can Copy | Viral Video Marketing

Homemade YouTube Videos That You Can Copy | Viral Video Marketing

I am thinking of making more YouTube video commercials and you know what that means, I am out there researching what is working now! To start, a word about commercials (video or otherwise)…no one wants to watch a blatant commercial for 2 minutes about your product. They want to know what you do and how […]

Social Media Marketing – Should you buy likes, followers and views?

Should you buy twitter views?

Social media marketing is a combination of tactics, luck and sweat. Gaining followers, friends, views and the like is not an easy task and sometimes you can wonder if all that time is worth it. Today’s big question is should you buy likes, followers and views for your Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts? First off, […]

Small Business Marketing – Using Video Reviews To Generate Traffic and Sales

Video reviews to get traffic

I have been on small business marketing training seminars that talked about using product reviews to get more traffic and increase sales. I admit it, I just could NOT get my arms around how actual small business owners would use these (I can see how spammers or one hit wonders would use them for quick […]

How To Send Free Video Email – Eyejot

How To Send Free Video Email

Lots of my customers ask how to send free video email. Because my peeps know they can email me anything marketing related to review, I have been getting a glut of “should I buy this video email program?” questions. The ones that are the current MLM (multi level marketing) darlings are quite pricey, with setup […]

YouTube For Business Video Ideas – Advertising On YouTube

YouTube for Business - Advertising On YouTube

YouTube for business can be a great marketing channel. Advertising on YouTube is tricky so here are some video ideas for small business owners. In my post the other day, I talked about YouTube Video Marketing – Are You Trying To Go Viral? In that post we talked about the fact that, while it is […]

YouTube Video Marketing – Are You Trying To Go Viral?

Video Marketing - Going Viral

YouTube video marketing is the hottest thing going right now, BUT if you are TRYING get your small business video to go viral, you may be disappointed! What Does Going Viral Mean For Video Marketing? Going viral supposedly means that you get billions of hits and your video is shared across hundreds of sites like […]

Use Funny YouTube Commercials For Small Business Marketing

Use national marketing campaigns for small business marketing

The easiest way to jump start your small business marketing is to use funny YouTube commercials for small business marketing. Piggy backing a funny YouTube commercial that a national company has spent GAGILLIONS to produce is a great way to help build YOUR brand! National advertisers spent audacious amounts of money to produce videos and […]

Learn To Use You Tube Videos – Top 10 Internet Tools


In my top 10 Internet Tools post I talked about learning to use You Tube for your small business – this one is HUGE!!! AND I mis-spoke, I don’t want you to just use You Tube, I want you to use VIDEO on your blog, on your website, in your newsletters, basically anywhere you connect […]