Getting Things Done – Going From Big Ideas To Little Projects

Getting Things Done - Going From Big Ideas To Little Projects

I am a creative GENIUS marketing-wise. I can come up with a MILLION big ideas (okay maybe only hundreds of ideas), and now I have a system of capturing them so they don’t get lost… Getting Things Done – Start An Ideas List Today. But what’s next? How do I take all of those wicked […]

Persistence, The Rah Rah Post

Persistance..the rah rah post

Persistence is a funny concept. On one hand, it is a glorious, motivating being who propels you forward into previously unimagined consequences. On the other hand, it sometimes drags you down in the bowels of despair thinking, “is this all that will ever be?” This is year is a pivotal year for me. I have […]

Goal Setting – Figuring Out Your Fabulous Life

If you are doing ANYTHING right now but what moves you toward your FABULOUS LIFE you are just burning time!

Okay, you guys know I am HUGE on goal setting, having written goals with you right now! But what if you don’t know what your goals should be? Today’s post is all about finding your passion and living your Fabulous Life!!! The now You are sitting at your desk, thinking, “if I have to do […]

Small Business Marketing – How To Win…Analyze, Plan, Measure, Repeat

Small Business Marketing Goals

Small business marketing is fun for those of us who are of sound hunter stock…we head on out there into the fray with our clubs and bring back a new client. Hmmmm, works good, but what about tomorrow? Head on out there and doink another customer? Sound small business marketing (the kind that has a […]