Customer Demographics – Age Ranges, Generational Names and Numbers

Generational Chart based on Ages and Percentages Of Population

Today’s post is a reader question: What are the age ranges for the different customer demographics including ages, how many are there and what are they called. Thanks to Don Zale for asking! Currently there are about 319,000,000 people in the United States (Population Clock) There are basically 6 generations alive today: The Greatest Generation […]

Customer Demographics, the DISC Personality Profile and Commercials

Customer Demographics, DISC Personality Type and Commercials

I had such a neat ephiphany this morning about how to explain merging of DISC Personality Types (extrapolate to your favorite personality profile!) and customer demographics using national advertising commercials. If you are not familiar with customer demographics, they are the categories that people fall into, making them easier to market to as a group! […]

Using Customer Demographics To Target The Right Customers

Using Customer Demographics To Target The Right Customers

Using customer demographics to target the right customers for your business could be one of the most powerful techniques I can recommend! First off, let’s talk about what are customer demographics? They are different categories that your prospects and clients can be divided into. Here are some of the most popular: Age Race Republican or […]

Customer Demographics and Advertising

Customer Demographics and Advertising

So I was talking with a client the other day about customer demographics and advertising…it was really enlightening saying it out loud and I thought that you might be interested too! Let’s start with what Customer Demographics mean to small business owners (for huge companies they may mean something totally different). In my business, I […]

Where Do Customers Come From 2011

Customer sources, how do american spend their time online

Doing a search on customer demographics seemed so easy. I just wanted to know, “where do customers come from in 2011”. I was thinking of things like the internet, email, referrals, advertising, etc. After spending a couple of hours researching this, I found that there is A LOT of data out there that DOES NOT […]

Small Business Marketing – The DISC and Your Sales Funnel

Small Business Marketing DISC and Sales Funnel

Small business marketing is full of fun things to trip you up! How your disc personality index and your sales funnel can keep you from making sales from all those leads. Your sales funnel is the process by which you get people to buy from you. They move through the funnel from Sales Leads to […]

Customer Demographics and Super Bowl Commercials

Super Bowl Commerials and Customer Demographics

Customer demographics almost ASSURES that you did not like all of the Super Bowl commercials this year! If a company truly tried to make something for everyone it would be a colossal failure. So how does this translate to small business marketing? As small biz marketers, sometimes we just want to do one commercial (or […]

What are important customer demographics?

What are important customer demographics

When you are a small business owner, answering the question of what are important customer demographic can make or break your marketing efforts. updated October 16, 2014 Customer Demographics are defined by Wikipedia as including “gender, race, age, income, disabilities, mobility (in terms of travel time to work or number of vehicles available), educational attainment, […]

Small Business Customer Demographics

Small Business Marketing Demographics

Knowing which customer demographics are right for your small business can make or break your marketing campaigns. Always make sure you know who you are targeting! Most small business owners have an idea of who their customers are, but most never dig deep enough to know how to use that knowledge. Figuring out your customer […]

How DISC Personality Types Affect Customer Service Models

DISC Personality Sales And Marketing

Your DISC personality type affects what your customer service models are and how we can use them to our advantage. When it comes to customer service for our small businesses though, oftentimes we throw that information out the window and forget it! In a brief synopsis of the DISC personality types, “D” stands for driver, […]

DISC Personality Types and Small Business Marketing

DISC Personality and Small Business Marketing

The DISC personality types affect small business marketing in ways that we cannot see because of the way that we interact with the world, our business and our marketing style. Here is how small business marketing is presented AND received by DISC personality type. Personality type is a major force in shaping who we are […]