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Use ChatGPT to Generate Blog Post Ideas In Seconds!

Finding topics to write about for your blog posts can be challenging! Today I ask an AI (Artificial Intelligence) Expert, Rebekah Welch, to give us a tutorial for how to write Prompts for AI (ChatGPT).

Use ChatGPT to Generate Blog Post Ideas In Seconds!

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Asking An AI Expert

I have been a blogger for MANY years (since 2008!) And over the years I have gotten “stuck” A LOT for topics to write about in a new and interesting way.

So when my marketing partner casually dropped in conversation that she had been spending weeks and weeks researching all the videos, blog posts and courses about how to use ChatGPT to get her work done faster, I was all ears!

So I asked her to write us a post about how to get started with how to generate titles using ChatGPT… whoo whoo!

This post is packed with great info to get you started… BUT… if you want to skip a bunch of learning time and get a one on one consult with Rebekah (like I do!) you can book a half hour with an AI Expert by clicking the link!

What IS AI or Chat GPT

This is just Tara's bit, we will get to Rebekah's AI Tool Tutorial in a second!

I thought you might want a super quick primer on AI and ChatGPT before we jump in…

AI is Artificial Intelligence and is what all the buzz is about. Using our robot overlords to make our lives easier.

For example, I use AI to write blog post titles for me in ChatGPT and make art in In fact, I love AI so much that I wrote a whole blog post about how to use public domain works to prompt your art!

ChatGPT is an AI powered program that writes things for us. It is just a blank box we type in to get answers!

AI Chat GPT Prompt Box

You can think of it as your own (FREE!!!!) blog title generator tool.

Now onto the wisdom of Rebekah about using the free tool, ChatGPT to write blog post titles for you!

Coming Up With Interesting Blog Post Ideas With AI

ChatGPT can be a helpful tool for generating blog post ideas for a few reasons:

1. Diverse knowledge base: ChatGPT has been trained on a massive amount of text data, which means it has a broad knowledge base and can suggest ideas from a wide range of topics.

2. Creative thinking: ChatGPT can generate ideas that a person may not have thought of on their own, as it has the ability to come up with unique combinations and connections between different concepts.

3. Efficient and convenient: ChatGPT can generate ideas quickly and on-demand, which can save time and effort for someone looking for inspiration.

Overall, using ChatGPT can help to generate new and interesting blog post ideas, especially for those who may be feeling stuck or in need of fresh inspiration.

Note from Tara… I hear this “fresh inspiration” so darn hard! As a blogger with hundreds of posts about marketing, sometimes finding a fresh angle can be so challenging. I find the new ideas to be super valuable for me!

Using A Prompt

Once you’ve signed up for your ChatGPT account, you’ll need to start a “New Chat” by entering a “prompt”.

The purpose of the prompt is to give ChatGPT a specific starting point to generate blog post ideas. A prompt can be thought of as a brief instruction (or question) that tells ChatGPT what kind of ideas to generate.

For example, a prompt could be:

“Can you give me ideas for a blog post about travel tips for budget-conscious travelers?”

In this case, ChatGPT would generate ideas related to travel, budget travel, and tips for saving money while traveling.

The prompt helps narrow down the scope of potential ideas and ensures that the suggestions provided by ChatGPT are relevant to the specific topic or theme you are looking to write about.

You can even specify the exact number of suggestions you would like!

ChatGPT will quickly respond with exactly what you requested, even giving you a few tips to help your post be “helpful” for your readers:

Sure, here are five potential ideas for a blog post about travel tips for budget-conscious travelers:

1. “10 Creative Ways to Save Money on Accommodations While Traveling”
2. “How to Plan a Budget-Friendly Road Trip: Tips and Tricks”
3. “The Ultimate Guide to Eating Cheaply and Deliciously While Traveling”
4. “Ways to Find Cheap Flights: Tips and Tricks for Budget-Conscious Travelers”
5. “Money-Saving Tips for Popular Tourist Destinations: How to Stretch Your Budget Further”

These ideas focus on different aspects of travel, such as finding affordable accommodations, planning a budget-friendly road trip, and saving money on food and flights.

By providing useful tips and advice for budget-conscious travelers, your blog post can help readers plan and enjoy their trips without breaking the bank.

Ultimately, the quality of the ideas generated by ChatGPT depends on the clarity and specificity of the prompt provided.

A more detailed prompt will help ChatGPT generate more relevant and useful ideas while a vague or unclear prompt may result in less helpful suggestions.

PRO-TIP: Start with a small, manageable number (say “5”) and ask for more if you need/want them.

Once you’ve gotten your suggestions, you can start writing your blog post.

The Prompt Formula

The Prompt Formula By Rebekah Welch

It is easy to ask ChatGPT a question by using a prompt, but to start it can feel a little intimidating, so here is a quick start guide.

Copy/paste the following into your ChatGPT prompt bar and replace the brackets in red with the words that are specific to you):

Can you give me [number – if you don’t have specific number in mind, just say “some”] ideas for [format] about [subject] for [topics/audience]?

Remember, the more specific you are in your request, and the more details you can provide, the better the recommendations ChatGPT gives you will be.

More Prompt Examples

Here are five more examples of prompts for blog post ideas to get you started:

❥ Real estate: “Can you give me ideas for a blog post about getting a home ready for listing for first time sellers?”

❥ Etsy products: “Can you give me ideas for a blog post about the tradition of personalized Christmas ornaments for new babies?”

❥ Art and Design: “Can you give me ideas for a blog post about the latest trends in canvas wall art for boho minimalists?”

❥ Network marketing: “Can you give me ideas for a blog post about how to successfully build a team from scratch in a wellness network marketing business?”

❥ Life coaching: “Can you give me ideas for a blog post about how to overcome self-doubt and build confidence for women over 40 who want to change careers”

Using AI To Write Blog Post Titles Wrapup

By providing a clear and specific prompt, ChatGPT can generate more relevant and helpful ideas for these different interest groups.

Of course, the actual quality of the ideas will depend on the prompt itself and the knowledge and creativity of ChatGPT, but these prompts should help provide a good starting point for generating blog post ideas.

If you’re having trouble getting started with ChatGPT, or need some help to better understand how this amazing tool can be of service to your business specifically, I offer a specially priced consultation just for friends of Tara.

In this super-session we’ll come with the best ways ChatGPT can assist you, and some customized prompts to get you started. Sign up for a ChatGPT Consult!

Tara's Take On Using AI For Blogging

I hope you don't mind, but I just wanted to pop back in here and give my two cents! (like anyone can stop me from talking about marketing!)

They say time is money, but I say time is the one thing I don't ever have enough of!

Prior to learning from Rebekah… back in the old days, like two months ago… hahaha… here was my process for coming up with blog titles or topics:

  1. Go to my search console, find keywords that Google thought my site was about, but I hadn't written about in quite that way before
  2. Go to SEMRush (a keyword research tool) and search for keywords they said might could go with that topic
  3. Go to the Google search engine and see the search results and “questions also asked”
  4. Gather a list of ideas and then wrack my brains to come up with a good “hook” to write a blog post about

This generally took me at least a half an hour and I might wind up with something that I wanted to write about… sigh.

Now my process is:

  1. Go to my search console, find target keywords that Google thought my site was about, but I hadn't written about in quite that way before
  2. Ask ChatGPT to come up with 20 or so catchy titles about that topic
  3. Start writing my blog post based on one of those high quality blog headlines

This generally takes me less than 5 minutes and requires no thought on my part!

Now, I don't use AI to write my blog posts on this site, but keep your peepers open for how I might use AI to even WRITE the posts on one of my other websites by having it do a blog post outline, meta descriptions and more!

Content creation will never be the same now that ChatGPT for blogging is here!

Use ChatGPT to Generate Blog Post Ideas In Seconds!