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The Difference Between Writing For Google VS Pinterest

I am among the bloggers who have lost over 80% of their traffic to Google updates… sigh. Here is how I offset that loss by writing blog posts for Pinterest traffic rather than Google traffic!

The Difference Between Writing For Google VS Pinterest

Watching my Google traffic fall

So first off I want to say that I can empathize with you if you have lost “all” of your Google traffic. Here is a chart of my Google search traffic for the last year on Marketing Artfully

Watching My Google Traffic Fall

Notice something interesting last March? I was getting about the same level of impressions, but my clicks to my website started falling consistently over the next year. After the Christmas push things fell off a cliff and mostly I stopped seeing much traffic from Google at all.

Why would that be you ask? My theory is that Google changed the SERPs (search engine results pages) to include more information in the AI generated top box AND they added about a million paid links before the actual search results, among a ton of other things that they have messed with which has rendered Google search almost completely useless to me (and maybe other users too!)

So in about November of last year I stopped doing keyword research in writing for Google and started writing for Pinterest! My website traffic has stayed consistent as I slowly started exchanging my Google-focused post writing for Pinterest-focused post writing.

And I have to say it is so FREEING! I love hearing my friend Carly from the free “Blogging like we mean it” Facebook group chortle as she says that she NEVER writes for Google now!

So if you aren't going to write for Google, how EXACTLY do you write for Pinterest traffic? I will tell you all my best Pinterest blog writing tips!

THIS is not a good Pinterest post!

So first off, let's address the elephant in the room, this is not a good Pinterest post… sigh. Pinterest users are not (for the most part) going to Pinterest to learn about blogging.

Pinterest is a visual search engine where people (mostly women) go to share things that are visually appealing and unique. A post about Google and Pinterest is going to BOMB on Pinterest! HA!

But I LIKE writing about marketing and search engines and Pinterest so like a damn rebel I am going to write it anyways!

What are good Pinterest topics?

There are 5 top categories that work best on Pinterest… fashion, beauty, home, crafts and recipes.

So what would a good marketing gal DO to make her posts less “googley” and more “pinteresty”. Find things that are in the Venn diagram of what I love to make and what Pinterest peeps like.

What are good Pinterest topics?

I chose to add categories to my site like “free planner printables“, “free wall art” and “free bookmarks” which are all things that look beautiful on Pinterest, I LOVE making AND peeps on Pinterest like saving to their Pinterest boards!

As of this writing I only have 3 free bookmarks, but over time that will build up and I will get more traffic from Pinterest from those pins!

Add to that, I make sure to find out what is in the Pinterest zeigeist… things Pinterest gals love like sloths, fairies and butterflies and BAM, I have something pretty, that makes good pins AND will get enough interest on Pinterest to drive traffic to my website!

So now you, let's figure out things that YOU can make which will be good for Pinterest if you are not a graphic artist and huge planner nerd like me!

5 Examples of Pinterest topics to write about on your blog

I can't do EVERY blog topic, but here are about 5 sets of examples that might help get your wheels turning about how to change your Google post writing to Pinterest post writing!

1. Pregnancy Blogger

I KNOW, pregnancy bloggers do okay on Pinterest already, but if you want to take it to the next level pair pregnancy with the 5 top categories on Pinterest to make pinning magic!


  • Eye-catching Image: A collage of stylish and comfortable maternity outfits for different trimesters (think flowy maxi dresses, cute workout sets, and comfy weekend wear).
  • Description: “Embrace your bump in style! We've got outfit inspo for every stage of pregnancy. Stay comfy and confident with these flattering and easy-to-wear looks.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A photo of a glowing pregnant woman pampering herself with a facial mask or applying natural makeup.
  • Description: “Pregnancy is a beautiful time, but it can also take a toll on your skin. Discover safe and effective beauty routines for mamas-to-be. Plus, find tips for a radiant pregnancy glow!”


  • Eye-catching Image: A beautifully decorated nursery with comfy seating, stylish storage solutions, and calming wall art.
  • Description: “Create a warm and welcoming haven for your little one on the way. Get inspired with these nursery decorating ideas that are both functional and adorable.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A mom and dad crafting a cute mobile or crib decorations. Include close-up images of the materials used.
  • Description: “Bond with your bump with a DIY project! We've got easy and adorable craft ideas for creating personalized nursery decor and keepsakes. Perfect for baby showers or a relaxing weekend activity!”


  • Eye-catching Image: A photo of a mouthwatering and healthy pregnancy smoothie next to a bowl of fresh fruits.
  • Description: “Eating for two doesn't mean sacrificing taste! Discover delicious and nutritious recipes perfect for pregnancy cravings. Find inspiration for healthy snacks, energy-boosting breakfasts, and satisfying meals.”

2. Travel Blogger

Travel bloggers get beat up all the time and I have heard from my travel friends that this Google update was particularly harsh… sigh. Here are some ideas that are still travel related but also in the top 5 Pinterest categories!


  • Eye-Catching Image: A flat lay of travel-ready clothing, focusing on a capsule wardrobe with versatile pieces (think neutral basics, mix-and-match items, and a pop of color).
  • Description: “Maximize your suitcase space with these essential fashion picks that take you from beach to city streets. Pro tip: Roll your clothes for wrinkle-free packing!”


  • Eye-Catching Image: A neatly organized travel toiletry bag with travel-sized products and focus on skincare essentials.
  • Description: “Pamper your skin on the go! Discover TSA-friendly skincare must-haves, makeup essentials for effortless travel looks, and tips to stay fresh after long flights.”

Home (with a travel twist):

  • Eye-Catching Image: A cozy Airbnb or hotel room with a unique view, focusing on elements that create a sense of “home away from home.”
  • Description: “Transform any space into your travel sanctuary! Pack these lightweight items for instant comfort and ambiance: a portable diffuser, your favorite travel pillow, and a touch of personalized decor.”

Crafts (with a travel twist):

  • Eye-catching Image: A beautifully organized travel journal, with colorful pens, washi tape, stickers, and a destination-themed scrapbook page in progress.
  • Description: “Preserve your travel memories the creative way! Get inspired with easy DIY travel journaling ideas, photo organization tips, and ways to turn your adventures into art.”

Recipes (with a travel twist):

  • Eye-Catching Image: A spread of delicious and packable snacks perfect for flights, road trips, or on-the-go exploring.
  • Description: “Fuel your adventures with these tasty travel snacks! Think healthy homemade options, easy no-bake treats, and packing tips to keep your food fresh.”

3. Gardening Blogger

Yep, again plants are popular already on Pinterest, but if can hit more categories that Pinterest loves with your content and blog posts you can win the Pinterest game!


  • Eye-catching Image: Gardener sporting a stylish sunhat, durable gloves, and comfy gardening clothes that offer style and functionality.
  • Description: “Protect yourself in style! Discover fashionable gardening gear, workwear that's as practical as it is pretty, and the best fabrics for staying cool in the summer sun.”


  • Eye-catching Image: Hands holding a jar of homemade herbal salve or a close-up of a flower with natural beauty products.
  • Description: “Pamper your hardworking hands! Discover natural skincare recipes for gardeners – think soothing hand salves, natural bug repellants, and remedies for sun-kissed skin.”


  • Eye-catching Image: Beautifully organized potting bench or shed with space-saving storage solutions and a touch of garden decor.
  • Description: “Create your organized garden oasis! Find inspiration for clever storage ideas, DIY potting benches, and tips for turning your work area into a stylish and functional space. “


  • Eye-catching Image: Handmade garden markers, stepping stones, or a beautiful bird feeder made from repurposed materials.
  • Description: “Get crafty in the garden! DIY projects to personalize your space, upcycle materials, and add a whimsical touch to your landscape.”


  • Eye-catching Image: Basket overflowing with fresh herbs next to a plate of pesto or a colorful salad featuring garden-grown vegetables.
  • Description: “From garden to table! Discover delicious recipes using your homegrown bounty. Get inspiration for herb-infused dishes, fresh salads, and tasty ways to preserve your harvest.”

4. Author Blogger

I wanted to make sure to get out of the “mainstream” categories and into things that more niche bloggers and writers are doing. Here are ways author bloggers can write for Pinterest!


  • Eye-catching Image: A stylish and cozy writing nook with comfy sweaters, patterned socks, and an author's favorite mug of something warm.
  • Description: “Get in the writing zone with style! Create a comfy and inspiring writing space with clothing that sparks creativity and reflects your unique personality.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A minimalist desk setup with a calming essential oil diffuser, a single flower in a vase, and a stack of books.
  • Description: “Cultivate a focused mind! Discover self-care rituals for authors: think aromatherapy, calming teas, and mindfulness practices to beat writer's block.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A well-organized bookshelf with visually appealing book displays, decorative accents, and pops of color.
  • Description: “Design an inspiring writer's haven! Organize your bookshelves for maximum creativity, use decor that reflects your genre, and create a space that ignites your imagination.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A detailed world map with colored pins or stickers marking a character's journey, or a vision board with character sketches and plot notes.
  • Description: “Spark your plot with hands-on creativity! Try using physical tools for world-building, character development, or plotting your story's arc.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A stack of pancakes with a book-themed topping (title of the book written out in syrup?) or a literary-inspired cocktail with a book in the background.
  • Description: “Fuel your creativity with delicious treats! Find inspiration for book-themed snacks, character-inspired drinks, or recipes that reflect your writing genre.”

5. Review Site Blogger

No one has been hit harder than review sites… they have been decimated in these Google updates. Here are some ways that you can “write for Pinterest” in your same review site niche!


  • Eye-catching Image: A before-and-after shot featuring a product upgrade (e.g., a worn pair of sneakers next to a sleek new style the blogger reviewed).
  • Description: “Refresh your wardrobe with the best finds! Our honest reviews on the latest fashion trends, must-have basics, and where to find quality pieces.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A close-up comparison of two beauty products (e.g., showing a mascara before and after application or the difference between two foundations).
  • Description: “Get the inside scoop on beauty must-haves! We test makeup, skincare, and hair products to help you find your perfect match.”


  • Eye-catching Image: A beautifully styled room featuring a reviewed item (e.g., a comfortable armchair, stylish throw pillows, or a new piece of tech).
  • Description: “Elevate your space with our top home picks! Discover the best appliances, decor trends, and smart home gadgets.”

Crafts (with a review twist):

  • Eye-catching Image: A fun DIY project made easier with a reviewed product (e.g., using a craft tool, a new kind of paint, or a unique material).
  • Description: “Get inspired with our DIY reviews! We uncover the best tools, materials, and kits to bring your creative projects to life.”

Recipes (with a review twist):

  • Eye-Catching Image: A delicious dish created using a reviewed kitchen tool or specialty ingredient.
  • Description: “Master your kitchen with our honest reviews! We try the latest gadgets, appliances, and must-have ingredients to make cooking a breeze.”

Gemini prompt to make a list like this for yourself!

If I didn't cover your topic, don't fear! I didn't make these lists myself, instead I had Gemini chat write them for me and you can too!

Here is the prompt that made it write these ideas:

Hi Chat! Are you feeling creative today? We are going to be doing some fun writing together!

Chat answers (I like to talk nice to my chat)

Okay here is the back story, I am writing a post about writing for Pinterest instead of google. What are good Pinterest topics? There are 5 top categories that work best on Pinterest… fashion, beauty, home, crafts and recipes. So what would a good marketing gal DO to make her posts less “googley” and more “pinteresty”. Find things that are in the Venn diagram of what I love to make and what Pinterest peeps like.

Chat gave me an idea for a blog post (no bother, I was already writing my post but I wanted to give her an idea of what I was actually looking for!)

Ohhh you are so good at this! Let's do a blogger who writes about pregnancy… how could she do a post that covered fashion, beauty, home, crafts and recipes instead?
do this for any type of blog you have!

Now, your Gemini chat might spit it out in a different format or need a few more prompts, but you can for sure get her to give you brainstorming ideas about how to write for Pinterest instead of Google!

Google vs Pinterest content creation wrapup

When you start throwing caution to the wind and writing whatever you damn well please without worrying whether the Google gods will be happy with you it is FREAKY!

All of your spidey senses will start tingling and you will hear all the past Google guru advice not to do this or that… but what does it matter if Google has already taken away all your traffic?

Go ahead and write to rank on Pinterest and ignore all the “Google rules” we spent so much time obeying which don't work anymore anyways!

Here is the Pinterest account for my marketing website! You can see that there is MUCH less marketing talk than you would imagine and way more Pinterest friendly content!

Google tinfoil hat talk (only read this if you are really ready to lean into Pinterest!)

I have been involved in SEO and business keywords for over 20 years (before Google was the thing!) I have some thoughts that I need to get out of my head and this this seems to be the best place to prognosticate a wee bit about Google SEO!

If you don't know, Google had to take MANUAL actions against the SEO bloggers and Youtubers who were talking about how to “game” the Google system in their content strategy.

That means that Google wasn't able to write an algorithm to catch them, they had to make a list in Airtable like the rest of us mortals and then go after them one at a time with a manual penalty that de-indexed their websites.

This tells me that Google can't tell if you wrote something or if AI helped you. That algorithms are just the most basic form of policing that Google can do and so at any time your blog can get wiped off the face of Google if they don't like what you do!

With that in mind I have written a post that is NOT Pinterest friendly AND maybe might make Google mad… talk about screaming into the void!

But hopefully this example of inspirational content can show that you don't have to be afraid anymore, just go back to writing things you want to write about and maybe when you do that Google will finally stop hating you. For sure this is my own opinion on the matter and not written in a way to make Google happy!

The Difference Between Writing For Google VS Pinterest