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SEO For Etsy Sellers

SEO Marketing Services For Etsy Sellers

You have an Etsy store…YAY! But now what? How do you get people to your store to buy?

Etsy buyers overwhelmingly use the Etsy search bar to try and find products to buy. That means that getting found in search is vital to your store's success! My Etsy SEO services are designed to help you learn more about what keywords you should target in your listing titles as well as which tags to use to achieve the highest rankings for your products.

SEO Marketing Services Offered For Etsy Sellers






The SEO Marketing Services Details:

1. Etsy Single Item SEO Services

If you have one key product that you want to make sure ranks highly in the Etsy SEO search, this is the product for you! I will do a deep dive research into the EXACT product titles and tags that are ranking well and determine the best words for you to use to rank highly for one or more searches.

This product includes a video walk through of my research as well as a written report with recommendations for your product.

Cost: $50

2. Etsy SEO Market Research

If you are trying to take over a niche you need to know much more than how to rank one keyword. You need to know multiple keywords that will increase your visibility in search. Find out what you need to do to take over top listing spots for your products.

This product includes a video walkthrough of my research and a written report with recommendations for your niche.

Cost: $150

Why Not A "Store Review"

When I am looking at your keywords I will of course be looking at your store and will make recommendations as I see fit. That said, you probably know that you need nice pictures and that you should have lots of products. I won't be giving you the same re-hashed recommendations you can get in the Etsy Seller's Guide, instead I will give you strong, actionable keywords you can use to really help your rankings.

Why Hire Me To Help With Your Etsy SEO?

Experience: I have been doing SEO work since 2001 which gives me a unique ability to spot trends and see quickly what will work and not work in your Etsy store.

Knowledge: I am an Etsy seller myself, check out my Paperly People store! I have a bunch of products and add more regularly using the techniques that I will will be showing you in the videos.

It is working: While my shop is not that old, I rank on page one for many different keywords related to my products and have been successful in selling products right from the start because of showing up in search (even without many reviews or sales). Just a few of the searches I rank for include Business Planner (super competitive), Business Calendar, Realtor Marketing and even Etsy SEO.

Learn to DIY: I am not stingy or secretive about what I do. There is no magic to doing SEO, in fact it is highly structured and "learnable". Once you get the videos showing how to do research for your products, you will be able to do much of it yourself!

Tools I Use

Google Keyword Tool - I do use the Google keyword tool early on to find "seed" keywords to start with. Because the Google data is so extensive there is a value to finding out which keywords they feel are related.

Marmalead - After a quick peek at Google I will be using Marmalead to search for your product rankings and to review your competitors' keywords and tags.

Etsy Search - Last but not least I will be using the Etsy search engine itself to verify that the keywords we find will turn into buying keywords for you products.