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How To Succeed On Pinterest As A Service Provider

Pinterest is an amazing traffic source… for certain kinds of things! That said, there are definitely ways to get your B2B services business in front of more eyeballs.

How To Succeed On Pinterest As A Service Provider

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Why I Wrote This Post

I owned a service based marketing business for over 10 years and still have leads coming 5 years after I shut down my services.

I have watched numerous people who are used to selling or working with B2C (business to consumer) come into the marketing game and being stunned at how hard it is to grow a B2B (business to business) email list, blog or social media platform.

I always joke, but it is true, that more people care about what kind of glue to use than care about marketing and business!

I wanted to write this post to help my B2B services based friends find success on Pinterest!

My Credentials On Pinterest

While have Pinterest accounts for both consumers and business, I am going to focus on my business account today (tarajacobsen). I have about 22K followers and get over 1.5 millions views a month.

That “views per month” is a vanity metric that people misconstrue for getting blog traffic so here is the data about how many views I get per month from Pinterest from my ad network data:

Revenue by traffic source - Pinterest Traffic

As you can see, I get about 6K views per month from Pinterest to my marketing blog and one of my goals for this year is to increase that number greatly! (this is one other reason to write this post… so I can think through how I am going to get more traffic from Pinterest too!)

I have been focusing on offering things to my marketing readers that also good for Pinterest… MUCH more about this later!

As you can see, year over year my Google traffic has decreased by 30% while my Pinterest traffic has increased by 30%.

Who Is This Post For?

  • Software Development Companies
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Consulting Firms and Coaches
  • IT Support and Managed Services
  • Human Resources Outsourcing (HRO)
  • Legal Services
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Market Research Firms
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Training and Development Companies
  • Event Planning and Management Services
  • Printing and Packaging Services
  • Wholesale Trade Services
  • Commercial Real Estate Services
  • Technology Integration Services
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics Services
  • Environmental Consulting Services
  • Telecommunications Services
  • Office Supplies and Equipment
  • Mortgage Bankers

How To Find Things That Pinterest Likes

We all know that Pinterest likes clothing and home decor, crafts and food, but how can you find topics that are interesting to Pinterest AND will help drive targeted traffic to your service based business?

Say you are an accountant or bookkeeper who is not location dependent. DO NOT search for accounting, no one likes accounting except you!

Let's look up money…

Pinterest Topics For Accountants

6 out of the top 14 pins are about manifesting money. They are quotes, tips and ideas, etc. If that is too airy fairy for you accountant types, what about side hustles… you can talk about “the top side hustles that help get exemptions” or “multiple income streams that make the most money”.

As a B2B business you need to think about what Pinterest likes first and then how you can offer something that Pinterest users will find interesting!

How To Find Your Business Niche on Pinterest

How I Got A 29.8% Increase In Pinterest Traffic To My Services Site

So right about now you might be wondering what I did to get an almost 30% increase in Pinterest traffic to my website.

Here is the progression…

Marketing > Time Management > Planners > Planner Covers > Motivational Planner Covers

I am still finding more and more niches that fit the Venn Diagram of my business and things Pinterest people want!

This screen capture of one of my planner boards is the perfect example of this…

Fun Pinterest Worthy Planner Posts

The things that Pinterest people liked… cat to do lists, mermaid planner cards, coffee to do lists

The things that Pinterest people didn't like… direct sales planner and real estate agent planners

But WHY? Why can't we just go directly to what we want to sell or the people that our business serves?

Pinterest Is The Business Card, Following Up Gets You The Business

I can hear you now (because I was you a couple of years ago)… what does it benefit my business to have a whole bunch of people who want free printables or free affirmations or free anything if none of them are small business owners who might want to buy B2B services.

It is the law of large numbers… if you can grow a list of people who like what you are giving them or talking about, you can slice off the ones that DO meet your criteria for business because now they will know, like and trust you because you offered them something they were interested in AND they found you!

Here is a simple flowchart that could show how this works for our accountant friend….

When you have more leads to work with, you can use automation to filter out the people who are good prospects for your business services!

And don't even get me started on how these people could wind up being referral sources for your business.

more leads from Pinterest = greater opportunity for your biz

Pinterest For B2B Service Providers

I KNOW, this is just touching the surface of how to use Pinterest to help grow your B2B business and don't worry, there is no course or coaching offer coming!

What I will ask is that if you like this Pinterest marketing strategies that you email me ([email protected]) and let me know what business you are in and I can lay out a Pinterest marketing plan for you in an upcoming blog post!

These can include things like how to set up your Pinterest boards, check your Pinterest analytics, target audiences, pin descriptions and titles and Pinterest strategies.

Hopefully that helps!


How To Succeed On Pinterest As A Service Provider