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How Many Emails Should You Send During A 5 Day Flash Sale?

I had a reader question this week about emails during flash sales and so I thought I would lay out the the 8 emails you should be sending for a successful sale!

How Many Emails Should You Send During A 5 Day Flash Sale?

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8 Emails To Send During A Flash Sale

Oh my gosh, I can hear your heart beating from here! EIGHT emails? Yep and, no, you won't be bothering them if they are legitimate people you have collected to your list naturally over time!

NOTE: In my examples I use a lot of exclamation points and excitement because that is my writing style. Feel free to be a bit less exuberant if you are a more somber brand!

DAY 0 – Teaser Email

Announce the upcoming flash sale a few days before it starts to let your subscribers know to look for that email.


Oh my gosh, make sure to keep your peepers open for something really cool coming soon! I have been working my little fingers to the bone for this and I am sure you are going to swoon when you get to see it!

When you see the “launch day” email make sure to open it for an amazing deal!

DAY 1 – Launch Day Email

Send an email to officially launch the sale. Include details about the item on sale, discounts, and any time-sensitive information. Include a call to action.


Here you go! I told you a couple of days ago I was cooking up something big for you and today is the day! With [HOLIDAY] right around the corner I wanted to make sure to give you the very best deal possible on our [PRODUCT]!

This is the lowest price [PRODUCT] will be this year so make sure to snap it up now before the discount goes away!

DAY 2 – Reminder 1 – Product Info

The first reminder email should talk about the benefits of the flash sale product on sale. What’s in it for them when they have this product in their home.


Holy cow the response to the Launch yesterday was amazing! That said, a couple of the gals had emailed me with questions about [PRODUCT] so I wanted to pop in here and give you some of the details!

With [PRODUCT] you can [DO THIS AMAZING THING] and [THIS OTHER AMAZING THING] [BETTER, FASTER, EASIER] than you ever thought possible!

DAY 3 – Reminder 2 – Timed Offer

The second reminder email should focus on the limited availability to create a sense of urgency and FOMO (fear of missing out).


ACK, there are only a few days left of the amazing offer for [PRODUCT] and I don't want you to miss out on the savings!

This is the one time this year I will be offering [PRODUCT] at such a great price (and it is only for gals like you who are loyal email subscribers!)

DAY 4 – Reminder 3 – Testimonial

The third day email should list a testimonial or rave review that your product has gotten. This will provide social proof that other people have liked your product in the past.


I KNOW, sometimes it is hard to decide if [PRODUCT] is really as good you hope it will be! Well here are a couple of nice things the gals have said about it in the past (I am blushing over here!)



I am so blessed to have customers who not only love the product but are willing to share their experiences so others can have the same amazing result!

DAY 5 – Last Chance

Let them know that the flash sale ends today at midnight. Include a call to action.


Oh no! This is the last day of the sale and I don't want you to miss out!

If you are like me, you probably thought a bunch of times this week that you should get [PRODUCT] but then life got in the way.

Well today is the day so you don't miss out on this amazing offer! It ends at midnight tonight and won't be this affordable again this year!

Click here to buy it now!

DAY 6 – How The Sale Went

Send a final email thanking them and asking to let you know how they are enjoying their purchase. This goes to your whole list whether they purchased or not.


Oh my gosh, we have so many new peeps using [PRODUCT] and I have a huge favor to ask you! If you got [PRODUCT] could you please send me back a quick testimonial about how it working for you?

I means the world to me when I can share real life gals who have used it and love it!

DAY 7 – Follow Up

Send a reminder of other products you offer, any freebies they might like and ask them what they would like to see on sale next.


THANK YOU so much to all the gals who sent in their thoughts about [PRODUCT] yesterday! It is so darn fun for me to offer things that actually help people [DO THIS THING]!

Now I know that this [PRODUCT] was not everyones favorite and maybe you are hoping that your favorite will be on super, duper sale next month!

Hit reply and let me know what you would like me to discount next month so you can stock up and save!

How Many Emails Should You Send During A 5 Day Flash Sale?

8 Flash Sale Emails To Send Wrapup

If you have built a list of people who know, like and trust you AND if you write interesting and compelling emails, you can have a super successful flash sale!

If you do this every month with a different product you can exponentially increase your income AND provide great value for your customers.

Now get on out there and start selling!