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100 Great Email Subject Lines – Email Newsletters

100 Great Email Subject Lines – Email Newsletters | Writing great email subject lines for your marketing and email newsletters is a breeze, you just have to study copywriting for years, sales for decades, psychology and everything else that goes along with crafting a message that gets opened and read!

Writing great email subject lines for your marketing and email newsletters is a breeze, you just have to study copywriting for years, sales for decades, psychology and everything else that goes along with crafting a message that gets opened and read! Or you can have something like a “swipe file” of great email subject lines you have collected, ones that make you respond and want to click through to open. With that in mind, I have “swiped” some of my very favorite email subject lines and will continue to build upon this list as I go!

They are in no particular order and if you have written or read a great email subject line yourself, please leave me a comment and I will add it with a submitted by. Just know they have to be GREAT, compelling, striking or otherwise interesting to management (me!)

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Ones That Worked For Me!

  • I kinda miss talking to you (my client said, “I was all excited for a minute when I read the subject line. Then cried a little when I saw it was infusion mail”)
  • Are you faking it?

Some New Ones I Love

  • Only Open If You Use Salesforce -Nathan Latka
  • BIG news & you're hearing it first! – Bath and Body Works
  • Me, me, me, me, me – Brooke Howell
  • Great teaser from @jeniiferscot- 12 Pinterest Boards You Can't Live Without, #3 is my bible! – sp
  • If You Like Us, You’ll Love This (GREAT affiliate partner verbiage!)
  • The Brain-Dead Simple but Astonishingly Effective Way to Become a Better Writer – Jon Morrow – Boost Blog Traffic
  • I know what you did – Frank Kern (sent after a trigger showed that I had watched one of his videos)

Requested Items? – Not always really requested but definitely an eye grabber!

I am not all that sure how I feel about some of these email subject lines…if someone ACTUALLY requested info I am fine, BUT the ones where they use the reply sign to deceive is not so great for permission based marketing!

As promised, the scoop on the additional material … – You want to know something Chris Garrett and
Teaching Sells

RE: 1k System – Did You Apply?
The Retired Millionaire

REPLAY! Here's that link as promised – Hey! Sorry for not getting this back to you sooner. I've put the
Nick Peall. Webinar Replay

Fill In The Blank Ebook & Optin Templates

Free Offers

With all the talk of moving the free line, many of your email newsletters and offers MUST include a free component to opens. We are moving towards providing MUCH more free content for our peeps!

Tube Fool upggrade – Check out this DEMO video
Mark Dulisse

Check out these essential videos – Hi Tara, We provide many…

How to DOUBLE your YouTube Views (and a giveaway!)
James Wedmore

(VIP Early Notice) Early Warning About Amazing Mobile Product (Plus – Free Software from
Brian Anderson

My New Email Marketing Course (free) – Excitement doesn't begin to describe how I feel today…
Leslie Samuel

Ignite Your Growth in 2013 With Kauffman FastTrac: FREE Courtesy of NYC
Ventureneer Vcourse

[Breaking News] Grab Your Free Guide to Pinterest's Brand New Business Accounts

[FREE VIDEO] 1 Week of Work Done in 4 Hours…Watch this video to see how you can do an ENTIRE week's worth of work in as little as 4…
Mike Filsaime

your free Tube Traffic Secrets Cheat Sheets are ready [PDF] – I shot over a youtube training video Saturday, but I just wanted to
make sure
Todd [Spontent]

How to get unlimited customers from Twitter! – Last night's webinar, “How to Instantly Attract Customers in ANY Niche Anywhere in the World
Bill Crosby

Amazing free bundle from
Webdesigner Depot

Tara, check out this cool free tool I found: – Tara, check out this cool free tool I found:
James J Jones

Did You Miss Your Bonus Training… Make $100k by GIVING stuff away!
Aaron (Spin Rewriter)

AMAZINGLY interesting calls to action from Bryan Ellis

(I am not a huge investing kind of kid, but always open his emails to see how he is going to frame some of his links!)

  • Cold, Hard Numbers: Housing markets in how many? states now have THIS in common
  • Lies in Lending: Why THIS bank will have to pay millions thanks to a 75-percent FAIL rate on rating loans
  • Foreclosure Double Dip: Why federal INTERFERENCE likely will cause another foreclosure wave (the deal that created the double dip)
  • Business Notes: Lobbyists hope to extend TERRORISM insurance options for another 7 years (is your property covered?)
  • Financial Markets: The INSIDER INFORMATION that shows a bearish secret in the markets
  • Personal Finance: Why THIS investment vehicle is pulling in record amounts of cash

Interesting titles

Okay, this is sort of a miscellaneous category, but I thought that it was great for when I will be brainstorming email subject lines. Much like using the Cosmo magazine to jump off from, using these ones to get the gears going may be a great idea!

Top Story: Re/Max Trademark Bullying Goes too Far – e-Brief for Sunday, November 18

even a “Newbie” can use this Affiliate system – Yeah even a Newbie can use this new…
Howie Schwartz

The Electronic Signature Market is Poised to Take Off
Sales & Marketing Update

The secrets behind Black Friday ad copy

Essential Touch-Up Tools for Stamped Concrete
Concrete Network

Downloads that Make a $50,000 Difference

Finally, SEO Expert Reveals Easy Way to Make Your Sites More Visible & Attractive

SALES FUNNEL MAGIC! create yours and triple your sales in an hour!!!
Fire Your Self Marketing

If I had to start again, this is what I would do. – to what these current students are saying…Badly Needed A Source
Ed Dale

How to get ALL of your copy READ – does is check out the headline. They kind of linger there for a few moments, thinking about it. THEN, if they stay on the page..
Andy Jenkins

please don't call this a “bonus package” (time sensitive details enclosed) – freak you out but this is the largest and most comprehensive package we’ve ever put together.
Greg Clement

Become A Traffic Mogul With This “Game Changing” Software/System

BII REPORT: How To Solve Mobile Advertising's “Monetization Problem”
SAI Select

Listen to this… (URGENT) – It's not often you get a chance to access a proven system that's banking over $10k
Frank Dang

Marketing: Marketing Trumps Special Effects on YouTube | YouTube Nation 31
Laura Ciampa

you have my permission to copy this [VERY PROFITABLE] – Your about to see one of my most profitable business models I've used in my business
Mike Filsaime

Have Customers Begging for Your Help! <<<< That's Cool! – Do you struggle getting new customers? If so, then you can't miss this webinar!
Bill Crosby

How to win the $2.2 trillion war for your living room
The Motley Fool

What's your mind-body type (quick quiz) – Here's a fun way to start your…
Chris and Janet Attwood, The Passion Test

[OFFLINE] Real Estate Agents Will Write You 5K Checks With This

Announcing! The End of Writer's Block (The Easy Way)

[SocialMediaExaminer] Nov. 20, 2012, 9 Tips for Integrating Your Facebook Page With Your Facebook Profile
Michael Stelzner – Social Media Examiner

mThink Blue Blook Survey: Help Us Stay #1!
Rakuten LinkShare

Here's EXACTLY how you MAXIMIZE your profits using the LEAST effort + huge bonus revealed!
Brian Tracy

Irish woman goes nuts – Tracey Meagher is a former JV partner of mine, we released…
Martin Crumlish

how many in dog beers?
Kevin Larson

What a great pleasure to have a startup rock star like you…
LinkedIn Group: Startup Specialists

Invitation: Exclusive Partner Program from LinkSmart
Kevin Weiss | LinkSmart

I found that many of the email subject lines were related to sales, free shipping and less about marketing. I don't think that just discounting your product is an effective long term strategy. Will keep my peepers open for more good ones!

Glam Chandeliers Up to 73% Off Ship Free! Plus, Foyer Furnishings, Small Space Decor, M…
55 Downing Street

New themes and fonts are here!


Getting butts in seats can be a real challenge. There are some great email subject lines here, designed to make people stand up and notice your event!

BIG webinar tomorrow with a special guest! – We love to give you access to the top experts in the world
Lewis Howes

[Webinar TODAY] Fighter pilot secrets for profit and passion… – It's been less than 1 month after the launch of..
Mike Koenigs

My Tim Ferriss Interview (And It's Fresh!) – You can download my latest podcast, a brand new…

Connecting the digital dots before 2013 starts – free Inman webinar
Inman News

[Live] Ron Douglas Rare Training – Don't know who Ron Douglas is? He's a guy like you and me. Had a job
— Bill Guthrie —

Today: Tim Ferriss on book writing + promotion – Join me for a free telephone seminar today with one of the sharpest authors I know…
Steve Harrison

-UPDATED-You're invited to an Lindt Chocolate R.S.V.P. Party!
Emily Patten

…we're going live in 3, 2, 1…
Mari Smith

Crazy Invitation, I am Going to Buy You Lunch… – I'm not sure if you are checking your e-mail today, but I thought I would try..
James Malinchak, Big Money Speaker

My “Gift of Thanks” to you. A complimentary “Seat” in my Your Corporate Success Program!
Quantum Endeavors, Inc. / Ann Farrell

Holiday Emails

Okay, this one WILL get bigger as we surf the seasons but all 100 could have been about holiday email subject lines. I love a corny topic so these are right up my alley!

What a Turkey! Mastering Conflict – November's Small Step #3 for Your Corporate Success
Quantum Endeavors, Inc.

Why Daily Learning Beats Gobble-Gobble Learning

Gobble Up These Great Deals Before They Are All Gone! Book Now

✓ Vote for Working Less and Making More HERE – It's Election Day here in the US. Whether you live in the US or abroad…
Rich Schefren

Fearing the Turkey-pocolypse, Watch How to Survive Thanksgiving on YouTube
YouTube Broadcast Newsletter

Additional Characters

Using snazzy html characters can really set yourself apart. While making this list I looked at THOUSANDS of emails and the ones with a little something-something in the titles REALLY jumped off the page!

[SECRET SALE] Tara this has ALWAYS worked (steal at once)
Frank Kern

FR|E|E Women's Networking Event and Holiday Kick-Off
Colorado Connector

Get your message across now [gift]
Brian Tracy

[NO B.S. E-ZINE] Long Form Copy vs. Short Form Copy – can make these connections without the stress of uncomfortable situations and consuming all of your time.
Mara Glazer

[ – HOT FSO – ] Steal From Google In 5 Stupidly Simple Steps? – Just a few moments ago a new product launched
Bobby Walker

★ $19+ Last Minute Hotel Deals! ★

[Mari's Top5] Aug 10 – Perfecting Pinterest plus your hot social media tips
Mari Smith

What A Friggin Mess…. {SCS Video #5} – This property was a friggen mess when I took it down and bought it……No bank, No Hard Money
Josh Cantwell

[BREAKTHROUGH] How it IS possible to work 90% less, but make 3X more… – Once, Australian entrepreneur, Pete Williams was right where you may be now. He was spinning…
Mike Filsaime

A “normal” Monday? YES, PLEASE 🙂 – I'm SO happy to be having a…
David Risley

Future Trend Report :: Creating a Global Language Archive
Thomas Frey

#1 WSO Copywriter Spills Her Best Secret To Selling More Of ANYTHING

Scarcity and Urgency

Okay, this was a stretch for me. I KNOW that scarcity and urgency work in email subject lines, just have gotten fooled too many times myself BUT will be willing to try some and see if they work out!

[Uh Oh!] Gone for good at midnight…
Stephen Pierce

Hurry, 4 Days Only: Add a Second Large Pizza for $9.99! Order Now
Papa Johns


With all the talk about using personalization in emails these days, hardly anyone is doing it. I think this will be an area I can make a big difference!

Suggested Travel Resource For – My name is Laura and I'm a freelance writer…
Laura Chapman


A question begs an answer. Using a question in your email subject lines is a great way to get them opened…in almost every case I stopped reading and opened these…

Are you choosing the best option for your cat? Resolve to find the best…

“How long do I have to wait until I can get a loan?”
Brian P. Forrester

How Have You Progressed Since the Third Grade?
Jerrery Gitomer

Want Even More Wiki Links for Your Press Releases?
Bill & Jason | Opportunity Marketers

“What’s the 2nd most popular search engine?” – You know what the #1 search engine is, right? But do you know what the SECOND most popular search engine…
Eben Pagen

[FREE?] 8 giant step-by-step advanced training courses?
Stephen Pierce

Health and Beauty

Because I am so focused on marketing, I am cognizant of how different industries need to target specific niches. Will be filling this out more as we go along!

The Best No-Equipment Workout for Weight Loss
Women's Health Magazine

Is Back Pain Preventing Your Business Success
Jeff Vacek

100 Free Marketing Ideas… Looking for great (free) marketing ideas? Imagine having a handy dandy list of free options every time you had a great marketing idea!

Negative Offers

I don't like scare tactics or putting people in harms way (like the ASPCA showing pictures of dying dogs), BUT there is a segment of email marketing that does this very effectively!

DON'T buy Simple Main Street Control (Video inside shows HUGE Glitch — Open Now)
James J Jones

9 Disgusting Facts about Thanksgiving
Eat This Not That

Risks, Red Flags, and Things to Watch For When Accepting Credit Cards
TradePub Finance Publications

Lists Emails

The lists have been overused and are no longer important (hehehehe – this post is a list post and I assure you it does very well). Lists let people know how long the message might be! If you say 100, you know you are going to be reading for a while, if you say 3 then you can probably blow through it.

Six Ways to Rank #1 in Google Results

21 Inspiring Examples of White Space in Web Design
Web Design Ledger

50 Things I Know About Women Now That I'm 50
HuffPost Post 50

18 SEO Killers You Must Clean Up and Avoid for 2013
Emily Roth

6 Freaky Fast Food Creations – Defend your waistline against these fearsome menu items
Eat this not that

Real Estate

Back to industry based marketing. Great email subject lines target your industry and will increase open rates.

Top Story: Top Ten Most Expensive Areas for Buyers eBrief

Top Broker: “How I Rescued My Stalling Practice To Average $17,238 GCI Every Month”
Vangie Berry

7 Ways to Meet Buyers This Season

People that wrote great email subject lines…If you have an affiliate program, I would love to join it and make your link “hot” so that you can get new signups. If you don't I will still be happy to ad a keyword targeted link. Don't want your name on this list, just let me know and I will delete your subject line asap. That having been said, I will be promoting this pretty heavily and you could get some traffic from it…just sayin!

Additional Copywriting Resource:

I LOVE Funnel Scripts for all my copywriting. Makes it so fast and easy! (#promo)

Additional Email Subject Line Resources:

100 Great Email Subject Lines – Email Newsletters | Writing great email subject lines for your marketing and email newsletters is a breeze, you just have to study copywriting for years, sales for decades, psychology and everything else that goes along with crafting a message that gets opened and read!

Tara Jacobsen

Friday 8th of November 2013

@Don - great point!!! I did not filter for spam words...:)

Don Rosensky

Friday 8th of November 2013

Catchy email subject lines are always a challenge. To my experience you have to avoid "spam" terms in them otherwise some will go straight to spam folders. There are several lists of these terms ~ 100-200 or so...

Copywriting (Nonfiction) - :

Tuesday 28th of May 2013

[...] with an attractive subject line. The subject line is the limited group of text that gets read first on emails and other advertising [...]

Real Estate Marketing - What Should You Send In Your Email Newsletters?

Thursday 16th of May 2013

[...] I read a real estate investing newsletter a couple of times a month because the author has AMAZING email subject lines. I am not generally interested in real estate investing but his subject lines compel me to HAVE to know what is going on in there! Bryan Ellis is included in our 100 Great Subject Lines Post [...]

Frederick Owen

Wednesday 17th of April 2013

Always love a little help when it comes to subject lines. Good info, Thank you! Fred

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