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Tweet Generator | Twitter Tweet Adder

Up until recently I used the TweetAdder tweet generator tool to make a variety of tweets that I could use to marketing on Twitter. With the recent changes, they deleted that function, but luckily I have a geeky husband who made me this AMAZING Tweet Generator! Please use it responsibly…:)

Use the Twitter Tweet Generator to create a list of every combination of tweets based off of user entered text. The format of the text that you enter is:

[Title] [Text] [HashTag] [URL]

Within each [] section, you can enter multiple values separated by the | symbol. For example:

[Great Post|You need to check this out!][100 Free Marketing Ideas|Get 100s of FREE Marketing Ideas][#marketing|#seo][]

Just enter your info into the Text box and click SUBMIT! Need a URL shortner? I recommend the Google Shortner!