Entrepreneur and Small Business Marketing Consulting

Entrepreneur Small Biz One Hour Strategy SessionSometimes you need a little extra help fine-tuning your marketing, or figuring out how to make it generate more leads, traffic, or sales. Maybe you’re not 100% sure where you should be spending your marketing dollars, or which types of media are right for promoting your business or event. Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed by the whole marketing and social media thing, and you need help finding where to start.

Successful marketing is not a one-size-fits-all deal. Each unique company, industry, event, product, or service has a collection of tools that work – and a ton that don’t. Most small business owners leave lots of money on the table while trying to navigate the marketing learning curve through trial and error. The Marketing & Media Monsters provide one-to-one phone and/or web consultations worldwide, and in-person consultations for people in the Greater Denver Metro area. Your one-hour consultation will be completely focused on your specific needs. With a combined total of over 30+ years of marketing experience, you can trust that our recommendations will be the best possible options for marketing your business or event in today’s noisy and overwhelming world.

Some things your personalized, focused consult can help answer for you are:

  • Who exactly is your target audience and where can you find them?
  • What exactly is your brand or core message, and how to keep it consistent across your marketing platforms.
  • Does your business need a website or a blog, and how to you decide?
  • Should you be trying to squeeze in managing your own social media or should you hire a social media manager?
  • What are the exact tools you should be using to market your specific business?
  • How should you structure your blog to pull in readers and foster engagement?
  • How will you structure posts, tweets, and updates to grow your network and increase revenues?
  • How can you optimize your marketing for search engines?
  • How to write great subject lines, emails, blog posts, and auto-responders.
  • What kind of content to publish and how often to appeal to your target demographic.
  • How to increase visitors, click-throughs, and sales with targeted marketing online and offline.
  • Is your company ready for database software and Customer Relationship Management tools?
  • Is your business ready for automation?
  • Are you ready to outsource or hire staff to manage your marketing details?
  • What are the best tools to promote your upcoming event?
  • How can you put more butts in seats?

Marketing your business or event correctly is the key to your success. Most small business owners end up trying plethora of things that don’t work, wasting valuable time, and throwing precious money down the drain trying to figure what works to grow their business, increase sales, and put butts in seats. Hiring a professional can help you avoid those costly mistakes and get you focused on and implementing a strategy that will breed real, tangible results starting right away.

Get your Entrepreneur Marketing Strategy Session TODAY and put your business or event on the fast-track to success!

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100 Percent Performance Guarantee (Yeah We Know That Is Crazy!)

100 Percent GuaranteeWe are happy to make a 100% performance guarantee because we have seen the results in action and have NEVER had anyone request a refund.

Our guarantee is that you WILL make enough sales to cover the cost of the session within 60 days if you do the marketing plan as outlined

…or your money back.

The only condition for the refund is that you show us your efforts and that you actually implemented the plan as outlined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is your refund or cancellation policy?

Up to one week before the session you can cancel in full, no questions asked. After that, full refunds are only available to companies who take the session and implement the marketing plan. That said, we know that emergencies happen and we are happy to reschedule once in case of a emergency.

Question: What exactly is the guarantee?

We guarantee that you will make enough sales to equal the cost of the session within 60 days or your money back. The only condition is that you must have implemented the plan in full.

Question: Who will be giving the session? Will they be qualified to help and how often have they done this?

This is not something that we hand off to underlings. You will get the The Marketing and Media Monsters, Tara Jacobsen and Rebekah Welch for your session. We have over 30 years marketing experience under our belts and are currently working in the field with over 20 companies. You will not re-hashed marketing ideas from 5 years ago, just what is working in the front lines right now.

Question: What if we have follow questions?

We work this out one of two ways. Just have a couple of questions to finesse the plan? Shoot us an email and we are happy to help! Need more? If we think that you are the kind of company we would like to work with on a long term basis, we do have a service that can “put us on your staff” for marketing help and inquiries.

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