Should You Write Your Blog Posts For Google or Social Media?

Should You Write Blog Posts For Social Media or Google

The question of whether to write for Google or social has been banging around in my head a lot lately when thinking about content marketing. The happy, friendly answer of course is that you can write great content that does BOTH…big smiley face. But I am not really sure it is possible to do Google […]

Social Media Setup Package: Get All Your Social Media Sites Setup or Updated All At Once

Social Media Setup For Small Business

Our social media setup package is the best in the business, hands down. We have helped hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs get their social media empire up and running and can help you too. Your customers are looking for you! CAN THEY FIND YOU? There’s no question that in today’s noisy marketing climate, […]

DISC Personality Types and Your Sales Message

DISC Personality Types Sales Message

The DISC personality types and how it affects everything we do fascinates me! When you are setting up a marketing campaign it is VITAL that you take your target’s market personality type into consideration and have something for everyone. What Are The DISC Personality Types The DISC actually represents 4 kinds of people, D for […]

Social Media Marketing – Should Facebook Be Your Main Site

Social Media Marketing Should Facebook Be Your Main Site

In our social media marketing world, the option of using Facebook as your main site is coming up more and more frequently! I cannot tell you how opposed I am about this being a viable option. I KNOW, Facebook is one huge party and there is nothing that cannot be done with it! If you […]

Google Local Business Listings – Great for small business owners!

Want another way to get more clicks to your website? For FREE? Google local business search is free, easy and sent 22 people to my website last month. Is that a lot? Not compared to the regular search, but considering that I set it up a couple of years ago and never touched it again, […]