Lifestyle Blogging Getting Started | 6 Steps To Finding Your Niche

BLOG POST : Lifestyle Blogging, 6 Steps To Choosing Your #Niche

Lifestyle blogging is all about writing, taking pictures and videoing what you know. That is maybe the neatest thing, that you are just really doing what you do anyways and then documenting it. I have started doing a lifestyle blog over at It is about planners and scheduling and productivity. I would have done […]

Niche Marketing – Can you have two niches?

Niche Marketing - Can You Have Two Niches?

Niche marketing has changed over the years. Back in the day we were told we could have hundreds of niches with all different anonymous logins and build an empire that could span the online universe. Today though, with Google cracking down on spam sites and social needing a face to put to a name, is […]

Limit Your Market – A FABULOUS Guest Post About Niche Marketing!

Limit Your Market - Niche Marketing

Today’s post is by Barbara Grassey, writer extraordinaire and good friend of mine! Her niche marketing tips are SUPERB and her marketing knowledge rivals mine (not sure I can say that about too many peeps!) I spent my first five years of internet marketing trying to dominate my market place. World domination was my goal […]

Small Business Marketing Planning

Small Business Marketing Planning

Small business marketing planning is something most entrepreneurs and small business owners never do, much to their detriment. They spend their time jumping from the latest new thing to the next big thing, never stopping for a breath. So what does small business marketing planning entail exactly? Here are some of the steps that we […]

Affiliate Marketing Where Is Your Passion


Affiliate marketing is a topic that comes up A LOT in my world. Bloggers are often affiliate marketers and I have just one word of warning for them. Make sure to follow your passion! Many of the small business blogs that we develop are for affiliates. Oftentimes they have picked a topic that is “hot” […]

Small Business Internet Marketing Get Rich Slow

Small business internet marketing is not a sprint, it is a get rich slow scheme. As with anything that is important to your business, it takes time to build up a audience AND the skills to do the work. Here are a couple of the things that I do on a regular basis to market […]

Internet Marketing Keyword and Product Names

Internet Marketing Keywords

When you are doing internet marketing, keyword and product names are more important than almost anything else you can do. It is great to have a product or service, but if no one can find it then you are going to have trouble making sales! Friday I wrote a post about Small Business Marketing Naming […]

Small Business Marketing Naming Concepts

Old School Marketing

Every once in a while I like to get back to old school marketing and talk about how small business marketing naming concepts work in the real world! People will ONLY buy what they can understand and they do not have your knowledge of the back story of your products. This is the WORST name […]

Niche Marketing Know Your Audience

Niche Marketing

When I think about niche marketing I am as hesitant as the next person to eliminate any potential customers BUT it is totally necessary! If you try and please everyone, you will ultimately please no one and will have a hard time succeeding. So, what causes me to make that terribly bold statement? Yesterday I […]

Big Changes Coming!

Hi All – Just wanted to let you know that are some BIG (exciting) changes coming soon to Marketing Artfully in the Small Business Internet Marketing, Realtor Marketing and General Marketing Info Arenas!!! Here are just a few of the things we are going to be doing: Creating a membership site where we can keep […]

One-offs – How they cost small business owners time and opportunity!

According to Miriam Webster “one-offs” are limited to a single time, occasion or instance. I see MANY small business owners making the mistake of looking at customers as a one-off and also looking at one-off projects as real opportunities rather than the tremendous problems they really are! One-offing Your Customers I know, that sounds kind […]

How To Pick New Small Business Opportunities


This month’s second small business marketing newsletter was about having multiple streams of income, which got me thinking about how we should choose those streams for ourselves. I have a confession to make…I am a huge proponent of multiple streams of income and I have an entrepreneurial spirit so I spend lots of time considering […]

Free Marketing – Small Business Owners Best Friend

What a time we live in! Marketing is free, I am SO happy about that and so confused that more businesses are not leveraging these channels. Some history…in 1999 I worked at Digital Chainsaw, an internet company, where we built websites for small businesses. Many of these companies had no online presence and were trying […]

Realtor Marketing – Market Like A Maniac Class Available December 22

Small business speaker and trainer Tara Jacobsen is teaching Market like a Maniac for Realtors in the Largo market center of Keller Williams Realty, December 22 2008 from 11-2. This class is designed to help realtors with an overview of things they can do to increase their business through marketing techniques and tips! Keller Williams […]

Personalizing The Disney Theme Park – A Viral Masterpiece!

Video starts running automatically BUT you can pause it if you like! The content is an amazing act of customization, worth the 30 or so seconds!!! See fascinating article below So I was reading my email today and my friend Lori Crawford, Realtor extraordinaire in Trinity Fl, sent me the absolute best email! Lot’s of […]

What makes you a expert? Small Business Success!

Small business success! So you think you are an expert? Who says? Sometimes people are “crowned” an expert on TV, Doctors are experts through training and education, and sometimes you can join a business association or get a designation within your industry. More often than not though, it is what you DO that makes you […]

Convergence – When Need Meets Timing!

Convergence Slide

So, I know that you have all been thinking about Convergence and what it means to your business? Right? Okay, well maybe not but it is important to your sales! I was talking with a small business owner the other day and she said she felt more comfortable in a consultative role with her clients […]

How To Increase Your Real Estate Website Hits – What Does A Girl Have To Do To Get Noticed?

STOP – Think about this BEFORE you spend a ton of money on Adwords or paid search engine listings!!! The first thing you want to think about when trying to increase your website hits is are you going for quantity or quality? You can get great traffic to your site but if it is wrong […]

B2B or B2C – What great companies like Listingbook and Keller Williams are doing right (and wrong)

In this day and age, the line between Business To Business (B2B) and Business To Consumer (B2C) has gotten blurred. Many consumers are small business owners (like realtors) and all companies are made up of consumers. The internet has leveled the playing field for many but has also allowed us to get complacent about making […]

Constant Contact – Let’s Play Hide and Seek!

While I was an active realtor I was VERY good at keeping in touch with my clients and prospects. It was my favorite part of the job (which is why I am now helping agents and small business owners with their marketing instead of actively working with clients)! Lead generating is like a really neat game […]

Small Businessses – How To Survive In A Down Market

I have a great admiration for small business owners! The entrepreneurial inspiration hits and they are ready to go out in the world and start selling (either products or services). I am currently doing work for a fabulous mortgage banker, Brian P. Forrester (who is honest and hardworking and doing great right now, despite the downturn […]

How much more would you pay?

Having a niche or specialization makes sense for your marketing efforts and for getting a cohesive message out to the marketplace. It makes it easier to figure out what to to do (or what not to do). But it also allows you to charge more for your products or services. Say your store specializes in plumbing fixtures […]

Not just a pretty face!

What is the one thing you can do to give yourself instant credibility? Have some FABULOUS collateral made! When I started as a realtor the one thing that I did which helped me most was to design some really impressive marketing materials. When I went on a listing appointment I could feel confident that my […]

Niche Marketing – Business Writing, Ink.

So it was a great day in marketing! I spent some time with a wonderful woman today figuring out what her business model would look like and helping to pick a name and position for that business. I thought you might like to see what the process looks like! Focusing On Her Goals – We spent some […]

What Are You Trying To Sell?

Tampa skyline by John Jacobsen

Today Seth Godin posted a PDF about the record industry and how they HAVE to change their model. It got me thinking about what they are trying to sell (records that we can’t copy and the fact that we should maintain their industry just as it is). Seth said what they SHOULD be trying to sell […]

Niche Marketing and Customer Service Go Hand In Hand

Niche marketing and customer service are vital to building your small business marketing brand. Having a niche makes your ALL of your marketing marketing efforts easier. If something does not fit in with what your marketing focus is, just don’t do it. If your brand is being a high end boutique, do not advertise in […]

Things you should NEVER do!

I hear a lot of rules when it comes to marketing. I break some of them and am still alive and you can be too! Rule 1 – Never change your look. If you pick a logo and outgrow it you are stuck with it forever. You should NEVER change it. That puts A LOT […]