Customizing LeadPages – Yes They Can Look Pretty and Different

Customizing Lead Pages - Yes They Can Look Pretty and Different

I love LeadPages. I especially love how easy it is to customize the look of everything and make them look pretty and different from everyone else’s. If you do decide to sign up, please consider using my affiliate link to do so! click here For those of you who don’t know what Lead Pages are, […]

Public Speaking, Blogging and Email Marketing – What Is Your Voice?

Public Speaking, Blogging and Email Marketing - What Is Your Voice?

When you are public figure (and I am feeling like everyone in business is moving in that direction with the advent of blogging and social media), you have to be interesting. Your blogs, emails and speeches have to convey something that ads to the conversations that are happening online and in the real world. Back […]

Infusionsoft versus Office Autopilot (Ontraport) – Email Newsletters and CRM Databases

Infusionsoft Versus Office Autopilot

I get a lot of clients who ask about the difference of Infusionsoft versus Office Autopilot (Ontraport) and passions run high on both sides! Just this last week I had a client come to me and say that her business partner was insisting on using Office Auto Pilot for the email newsletters and internet marketing. […]

Contact Management Software Reviews – Infusionsoft, Ace of Sales and Office Auto Pilot

Infusionsoft Product Review

Going way beyond email newsletters, contact management or relationship management software is a tool that companies use to prospect, track and communicate with their prospects, suspects and customers. It is sometimes called your database and is VITAL to your success! First off, I have a confession to make, my name is Tara and I am […]

Email Newsletters – How To Get Them Opened With Great Subject Lines

Email Newsletters - InfusionSoft Recommendation

The clutter in today’s email inboxes means that more often than not, not only are they not reading your email newsletters, but they aren’t even OPENING your message. So how can you up the chances that someone will be willing to invest their hard earned time to look at your message? These are my favorite […]

Small Business Marketing – Writing Good Subject Lines And Content

Bad email subject line - writing good email subject lines post

Small business marketing is ALL about making a connection with the person you hope buys your product. Email marketing is brilliant when done right and great subject lines and content are VITAL to getting someone to even take a peek at your message! Email marketing is so “old” that we forget it takes effort to […]

Small Business Marketing – Layering Your Marketing Message

Small Business Marketing - Layering

Small business marketing is all about getting prospective customers to notice you. I KNOW, you think that small business marketing is about getting them to BUY from you, but first they have to know you exist! The easiest way to get people to notice you is to show up everywhere they go, from in person, […]

How To Send Free Video Email – Eyejot

How To Send Free Video Email

Lots of my customers ask how to send free video email. Because my peeps know they can email me anything marketing related to review, I have been getting a glut of “should I buy this video email program?” questions. The ones that are the current MLM (multi level marketing) darlings are quite pricey, with setup […]

Small Business Marketing – Common Email Marketing Mistakes

Small business marketing - email marketing

Small business marketing has MANY shiney objects to chase and it may seem like the latest and greatest new gizmo is the most important. Today we are we are going to talk about what may seem a little antiquated (smile) email marketing and some common email marketing mistakes! I see A LOT of mistakes out […]

Burning Your List – Mobile, Email, Twitter or Facebook

burning your list mobile email social media

Burning your list means that you oversaturate your message to a group of people. I am here to tell you that a list of people who have said you can contact them on a regular basis is a beautiful thing to waste. Years ago we all had a rolodex of people we could call or […]

Email Marketing – Hiding your list

Super secret email newsletters

I like email marketing as much as the next gal! I have numerous lists of people who have subscribed to receive my message and I email them twice a month with great marketing information in my newsletter. Do you know something funny I noticed recently? You can’t subscribe to my “real” email newsletter! HA! Over […]

How To Use Email For Marketing from Top 10 Internet Tools

How to do email marketing

How to use email for marketing is simple. It is not easy but the benefits you get FAR outweigh the time it takes to become proficient! In Learn Use the Top 10 Internet Tools for Small Business, I talked about 10 things that I thought were super vital for your internet success. Here you will […]

Writing Great Headlines from Top 10 Internet Tools

Writing great blog posts

In my last post Learn Use the Top 10 Internet Tools for Small Business, I talked about 10 things that I thought were super vital for your internet success. Here you will find out about writing great headlines for email, blog posts, article and website marketing. Get the dos and do nots for all your […]

How To Write a GREAT Sales Letter!

You know I never re-post stuff from other people but Gabor Olah of PLRwholesaler sent out one of the more informative emails that I have gotten recently. His email about how to write a great small business marketing sales letter was very informative and easy to understand. PLR is Private Label Rights and this guy […]

Absolutely Free Ebook – How To Pack An Event

Here is the link to a totally free ebook on how to get people to attend your event. Whether you are holding a seminar, workshop, party, open house or anything else, you will find some gems here to help get people in the door! I cover using, facebook, linkedin, email marketing and some other […]

Eyejot – a free email marketing tool!

There are SO many free tools on the internet to get your marketing message out – Eyejot is a winner! One of my absolute favorite marketers – Brian P. Forrester of Mortgage Communication Spot sends out an eyejot most Mondays to tell his sphere important information about the mortgage industry. It takes him less than […]

Building A Community – How it helps your social networking, email list and life!

How can you build a community, online and offline? According to Miriam Webster a community is “the people with common interests living in a particular area”. In the past your community was limited by proximity and by who you could meet face-to-face. If you wanted to meet someone new you had to ask a friend […]

Autoresponders (8X8s) for Realtors – Buyers and Sellers

Using Auto-responders to Grow Your Real Estate Business Auto-responders are one of the most innovative tools a Realtor can use to grow their real estate business. However, most Realtors fail to utilize them to their full business potential.  The ease of use of auto-responders is astounding once you have them set up! If you have signed up […]

What is database marketing? Solving small business marketing problems!

According to Wikipedia, database marketing is “a form of direct marketing using databases of customers or potential customers to generate personalized communications in order to promote a product or service for marketing purposes”. Wow is that not helpful! My definition of database marketing is to have all your clients, potential clients, prospects, vendors, friends and […]

Your Favorite Medium

No this is NOT about psychics or charlatans! This is about what YOU think works and how that affects what you DO. Now to give you some background on where I am coming from, before returning to marketing, I built my highly successful real estate business in Clearwater by using direct mail marketing pieces and […]

Constant Contact – Let’s Play Hide and Seek!

While I was an active realtor I was VERY good at keeping in touch with my clients and prospects. It was my favorite part of the job (which is why I am now helping agents and small business owners with their marketing instead of actively working with clients)! Lead generating is like a really neat game […]