How To Decide On A Non Fiction Book Cover Design

How to decide on a non fiction book cover design... #author #marketing #sellingbooks

Today’s author marketing post is about how to pick a non fiction book cover design. In it are some general ideas and then my all time effort saving tool that I think EVERY author should have (both non fiction and fiction)!

Before you even start looking at pretty pictures to use for your cover you need to find out what is going on in the industry. I like to start at the Amazon Kindle bestsellers store because it shows the covers in order from the highest sales to the lowest sales.

Then navigate to the category you are going to be writing your book for. My category is Business and Money > Real Estate > Sales. Here are the books that I am competing with in the top of that category:

Competing Books In The Amazon Kindle Store


So there are some that jump out at me for plain old design reasons. The very first thing to consider is contrast. The Amazon pages are always white so any books that are darker in color with clean edges will stand out. So for me the three white covers are out.

Malcolm Gladwells The Tipping PointFor a while there, white covers were all the rage with everyone copying Malcolm Gladwell’s the tipping point and other non-fiction bestsellers.

While I can see the pretty esthetic that might work in a physical product, my goal is to sell books so the plain coloring and wimpy font are just not going to cut it when competing on Amazon so the three white covers are out.

Next come ones with pictures. While I can see the beauty of having a gorgeous picture as the cover, that is really not a look that I love so I decided to start with some kind of illustration paired with words.

Here are the three that I came up with:

Comparison Cover Graphics

I loved the middle one! It was what is called “flat design” which all the rage now in design circles, PLUS I did a cool thing where I had each of the pieces of the umbrella a different color from the major real estate companies (in order Sothebys, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and Remax). I was sure I had a winner…until I sent this out to my Facebook and Realtor list…here are the comments (there were over 40 on Facebook alone!):

Larry Arth – The brain relates to blue when it thinks of rain. Red is a color of hot. Rainmaker equals blue (I love Larry and he “gets” my concept! YAY!)

Trisha Grose – A…I think the shading on the umbrella looks more professional. Just my gut reaction – LOL! Best of luck! (rats, that came after few email A’s)

Debbie Coon – As a bystander with absolutely no qualifications- A is sharp and grabs my attention. B is “meh” C is pastel- ish Lol. Doesn’t scream “I’ll get er done!” (my glorious B is “meh”?)

Tanya Strauss Lenhardt – I’m drawn to the BLUE and I like the beach ball colors (that relates to Fierce Conversations). I prefer the more clearer font on A for your name though. (ah that is new…they like my name! YAY!)

Michelle Dube Vazquez – A really pops, C looks too muted, and B is just okay. (this is my “right hand” woman and I value her opinion highly!)

David J Deutsch – I love C! It looks cheerier and not like a rainy day! (I was worried men might not like the pink in C but lots of guys picked C)

Beth Hoskin – My vote is for C. A looks too much like emergency colors and B looks too forced with the rainbow of colors. (forced? my cute colors are forced!?!?)

And then my Besty, Deb Ward stepped in and made a request for the design of A but with the umbrella of C and the crowd went wild!

Rainmaker Real Estate Agent: A Marketing Approach To Becoming A Top Producing Listing AgentHere is how the final version turned out! I think it is awesome and really jumps off the page with the crisp black cover and graphic umbrella that catches the eye.

Additionally, if you are not in real estate, you might not be as familiar with the term, Rainmaker real estate agent, but it means someone who is making leads for their team and getting sales done.

That said, I was thinking about it on Amazon and while the “official” cover that I am using in marketing looks neat and I will have a chance to explain myself on my Realtor Marketing page to people who already probably know, like and trust me, I didn’t think it was easy enough to read the title when it was competing with a gagillion other books on Amazon…here is a mockup of the “official cover” on Amazon’s #1 page:

Amazon Realtor Marketing Page Mockup

Hmmmm…okay, I have the contrast and the pretty umbrella and the sexy bottom with red flares, but you can’t even see the title (imagine what it would look like on a cell phone!)

Let’s see what happens if we make the title and my name a little little bigger and bolder…

Amazon Page Mockup - Real Estate Marketing

Oh we have a winner! That is the final version I will use on the Amazon listing. I did have some observations as I went through this process…

1. Popular books. It is super important to check out what everyone else is doing! I use Kindle Spy to do all my research…this tool has taken me from hours to do my research to seconds:

Check out the Kindle Spy Software >>

2. Kill your darlings! There is a saying in the Fiction writing world, that authors should “kill their darling characters” or writing even if they totally love it. For this example I had to get over how much time I had taken to make the middle (beautiful) book cover and go with what my target market liked the best. This is NOT the cover that I would have chosen but I am not my audience and they do now know the whole back story so on my design. Because of this they were a great filter for what should get noticed on Amazon!

3. Creating Buzz. Doing my design in public this way has gotten my Realtor peeps invested in the process and hopefully ready to buy my book. I will be doing more marketing around this launch of course, but I feel like this is a really good way to start the process.

4. Publish quickly. I am publishing this book next week and will try to get people to buy it and leave reviews right away! I have seen people spend months (years) talking about writing and publishing a book. I would not do any of this kind of promotion until after your book is written and in the hands of your editors so you don’t lose momentum!

There you have it…how to decide on a book cover cover design in a semi-scientific way that will hopefully position my book to become a runaway hit when it goes up on Amazon!

Watch Out Great Marketing Tools and Resources Ahead

How To Decide On A Non Fiction Book Cover Design #sellingbooks

Product Development :: Discretionary Versus Strategic

Product Development :: Discretionary Versus Strategic

When you are doing product development, creating things like digital books, courses or even “real life” products, you need to know the motivation of your buyer to decide things like price, quality and the like.

I am creating a couple of products right now myself so I watched a really cool webinar last night by Chris Brogan and he put it in a way that immediately made a light bulb go off in my head, but maybe not the way that he thought it would!

Here are my versions of discretionary and strategic:

Discretionary is something that is not vital to your business or life. It is something that could fulfill some aspect, but you will not lose anything if you don’t have it.

Strategic is something that could help you achieve a goal like making more money or finding a mate and if you don’t have it then you really could be in danger of losing whatever it is. You might have to close your business or die a lonely death without anyone to love.

Discretionary Versus Strategic – Worldview

Chris BroganSo Chris’ thinking goes that in his world an ebook about Spartan Races in general would be worth less in price than something which was made to teach him something and which would have a measurable outcome like a menu plan or a training guide.

Note: Spartan racing is where a bunch of whacked out exercisey people run obstacle courses in the mud.

While his idea is great and what started this whole process in my mind, I think that we have to take a step back even further and ask what is discretionary and what is strategic to anyone in the first place.

I do not find anything about Spartan racing interesting so every bit of purchasing that would have to fall on the discretionary side of the equation, just because it has no value to me. So if you said that an ebook was $1 I would have the same reaction as if you said it was $100 or $1,000…no thanks!

So we have firmly established that Spartan racing is not a valuable use of money…HA!

Erin Condren Planner PageTrue confession time, I have a little planner problem. I have a online calendar that is neat and organized so that I don’t miss any appointments and which my assistant can see to schedule things that come up. But I also have an Erin Condren Planner that allows me to be creative, use washi tape and post picture of my little children in. That is a spread from my calendar.

To date I have bought the planner ($50), washi tape, stickers, a really super cute planner cover ($54), a bag that I didn’t like so abandoned ($30), and a travel case ($79) that would be good for lugging around all the stuff that makes my planner cool. I am probably bumping up on $200 in planner related spending. Don’t judge me…there are ladies who have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on their planner, they REALLY like them a lot!

While I would like to say it is not, this is TOTALLY a discretionary spend. I do not need my planner to run my life, I have a perfectly good (free) online planner that does the same thing, just more effectively.

So Chris’ worldview is that there are varying degrees of value to Spartan race stuff and mine is that calendars can be more than just a way of keeping track of time.

I think that is important and something to consider when you are building your products or services.

Chasing Rabbits

There is a saying: “If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one.” – Russian proverb

Hearing Chris talk about discretionary versus strategic made me think of WHO would find my ebook or course to be strategic or at least unbearably needed discretionary.

I am developing this latest round of products for listing agent Realtors. Because I know the industry, I know what type of people listing agents are and the hot buttons that will make the want to buy…but I have to go one step further.

Listing agents WILL lose their business if they don’t have listings, but they could figure out how to get listings on their own. So as I think about writing an ebook or develop a class, I don’t just need to think about how to market the product after it is done, I need to make sure that it contains things that I can use in the product description which will make it either strategic or discretionarily desireable.

This may not be revolutionary to you, but to me it really struck a chord and made me look at the things that I have purchased in the past and why I felt spending my money was vital.

It has shown me that making a book or course that will appeal to the masses will only result in chasing a bunch of rabbits around. Instead I need to think about the few agents who are so committed to getting more listings that they are willing to buy all my products.

It feels like niche marketing but at an even more specific level.

Find out more

While I love product development and marketing, teaching you how to make courses is not my thing, it is Chris’ thing so if you want to find out more, please check out his course on making courses!

Stop Being Overwhelmed | Time Management Tips

Stop Being Overwhelmed - Time Management Tips

Are you sick of being overwhelmed all the time, thinking that whatever you are doing is not the right thing at the right time? These are my top time management tips…no I am not perfect but I sure do try!

My Name Is Tara and I Am A Time Addict

Cheaper By The Dozen - BookSo I have been a time management junkie for a long time. I have tried hundreds of calendars, time tracking tools, and time management systems. As I child I was fascinated by the book “Cheaper By The Dozen”, both because they had so many kids but also because the dad was an efficiency expert. In it the dad, who seemed a little weird, spent every waking moment trying to make his giant family more efficient.

As an adult, I have been fascinated watching people who seem to be more time efficient also. One of my favorite quotes is that..

You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé

Now some people take this as a put down, that they are not doing things well enough, but I take it as a challenge. If I really do have just as much time as Bey, or Richard Branson, or Oprah Winfrey, what am I doing with the hours that I have?

Let’s be honest here, I used to have all the time in world. I had a great husband who paid most of the bills, no kids and a dog who needed to be let out occasionally. Then we adopted 3 kids and the wheels fell off! Those little suckers are not good for time management at all…great for hugs, super fun to love on, and wonderful little people, but damn can they take up every waking hour.

So I have had to figure some thing about time out.

Oh Crap, There Really Are Only So Many Hours In A Day

1. Oh Crap, There Really Are Only So Many Hours In A Day

If you are stressing out about time too much, I guarantee that somewhere along the line you got the mistaken notion, like I did that there are a million hours in the day. That putting something on the calendar would make the time to finish it magically appear.

Well that is wrong. So the first thing that you have to do is have a serious talk with yourself about being more realistic. If you want to accomplish something, then more than likely you are going to have to stop doing some other things that seem important.

For example, I gave myself two weeks to write a book. Yay! That is a week longer than I usually do so good on me, but what that means is that other things have to take a back seat for a while. I CAN write that guest post, just not this week. I can get my blog posts done, just not a big researchy one, it has to be more talky talk. I can let my family know that I will be head down working for a couple of days and that I still love them, but I will be a little less available.

Now you do this….so if you are reading all of this, it is time for you to start putting your money where your mouth is. You need to make a realistic “perfect week” calendar that shows all the time you realistically have. Here is mine:

Perfect Week

You Really Can't Do It All

2. You REALLY Can’t Do It All

So my next big epiphany after seeing my calendar in a realistic light of day was to realize that I had A LOT of things that I could do, but not all of them were equally important (to my business, my kids or me).

I took a look at all the things that I had on my to do list and started ruthlessly chopping things out. Facebook, hmmm not for me so much. Yes I do pop in occasionally, but social marketing efforts are focused on Twitter instead. Writing books and creating products, front and center, prospecting for more social media monthly clients, off the list. See I don’t love doing that kind of work and I have to be careful that anything I spend my time on is moving me toward my future fabulous life, not just keeping me treading water where I am now.

On the Mommy front, I had to admit that I would never get the Mother of the Year award. I am not going to be able to volunteer to be class mom, I will not be running my kids to 5 play dates a week and no, they can’t be in 3 extra-curricular activities a week (although they can all pick one that they are interested in). I don’t dress like the other Moms and I am not interested in doing a coffee clutch to talk about children, I like talking about marketing.

You do this now… so now that you know how much time you have, figure out what is important to you! Make lists, ask other people what you are good at, go on an off-site meeting with just yourself and figure out what is important to you (not what you THINK should be important). Be brutally honest with yourself and just pick a few things that really matter.

Stop Saying Yes, Right Now

Stop Saying Yes, RIGHT NOW

I have two time management challenges…being nice and squirrels.

First off, when someone asks you to do something, it always seems easier to say yes than to have to make them sad or let them down. We went to the Bunny House the other day and my middle girl, who really will help take care of it, asked for a rabbit. I SO wanted to say yes, but I know who will be feeding the bunnies, cleaning up after them and taking them to vet. I am already at my limit for animals with a dog, two cats, a gerbil (who Desy takes care of) and a fish.

This happens in business too! A dear man asked me if I could help him find a location to hold his event. I SO wanted to help, but that is not something that I am good at. I said no but I would help with his graphics and everything turned out great. But for a moment I thought…well I could help with that. It would so have turned out badly, I would have spent way to much time doing something that is not in my wheelhouse.

Your turn…make no your default. I KNOW, that sounds terrible and you might feel like you could let someone down, but say no and only agree to do things that fit into your plan!

Now to squirrels. They are everywhere! There was that really cool course about marketing books that I could buy, I could research Meerkat the new social network and get on board early, I could start a new website, or do a video a day, every day.

I am sure that there are squirrels in your life too! You really do have to stop chasing your tail and start having a real focus on what matters. Vow to ignore squirrels for just one week and see if you get more done. Ignore the ads, don’t open emails that could get you off track, put your butt in your chair and do your work-work for a whole week without even entertaining doing something new and different.

Get Some Help

Get Some Help

For some of you, this kick in the pants will be enough. You will be able to take this advice, turn your life and time around and go on to live a blissfully happy life.

For me, I needed a little help. I hired a business coach who I admire and respect. I pay him what is a big sum of money to me and then listen to what he says to do. When the squirrels pop up I ask myself if they are on track with what we have decided is important (they never are).

Now, I had hired coaches in the past and they hadn’t worked. Some were group coaching (that is NOT for me), some were charlatans who sold a good game and didn’t come through and some were well meaning but just not for me.

I know that all top athletes and business moguls have coaches so I bit the bullet and signed up.

If you need help with time management, goal setting or marketing, I would love to talk with you for a few minutes to see if we would be a good fit to work together! I have a One On One Coaching program that has helped many business owners get out of their own way and get on track to having a great business and life! Call today to find out more (727) 415-9165

Researching Categories, Sales Rank and Keywords For Amazon Kindle Sales | Author Marketing

Researching Categories, Sales Rank and Keywords For Amazon Kindle Sales | Author MarketingAuthor marketing is actually kind of fun. It allows me to take all the bits from other kinds of marketing that I already understand and put them together to make a brand new form that helps with book sales.

Today we are going to be talking about doing research for your Kindle eBooks for sale on Amazon. In some ways doing Amazon ranking research is just like researching for Google SEO keywords. There are four areas that matter to Kindle word-wise:

  • title of your book
  • subtitle of your book
  • keywords that you use behind the scenes
  • categories that your book is in

Each of these areas allows you to target and manipulate where your book will wind up in Amazon’s Kindle store listings. By using these pieces of the puzzle, you can figure out where you will have the best possible results and thus the chance to sell the most books.

Researching Book Titles, Keywords and Categories In Amazon

Big Fish In A Little Pond or Shoot For The Moon?

Before we go any further let’s talk a little bit about categories and whether you want to rank highly in a tiny little category or rank lower in a category that is harder to achieve. For example, our stock photography book ranks #13 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Arts & Photography > Photography > Professional which is a tiny little category:

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 12.56.24 PM

We could also target a bigger category like Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Arts & Photography > Photography > Reference:

Amazon Store - Kindle Photography Reference


Now it would be great if you could just say that you want to get into that category, but Amazon doesn’t let you pick that far down. Instead they take factors like your title, subtitle, and keywords to figure out what categories they think you should be in. So my choices for photography categories run to Photography > Commercial and Photography > Reference and then all the other bits will have to make up for the fact that I can’t actually pick the category I like.

Photography Categories In Amazon

So there you have it, how to do some research to see what categories, sales rank and keywords you should be using to market your Amazon eBook.

Please note, I didn’ t talk about reviews which do effect the ranking of your ebook, but those are something that is less able to be controlled by you and more at the whim of others.


Kindle Spy - Amazon Ebook Research Tool

As you can see, doing all that research can be a seriously hard and boring task. Not only do you have to cut and paste over and over again, but to do all the top 20 books in multiple categories would literally take hours and hours.

And you can’t actually see behind the scenes to figure out what keywords each of the titles is using.

But wah wah, enter the most amazing research tool I have ever seen for the Kindle store. KindleSpy takes all that time and makes it disappear…doing hours long searches in just seconds!!!

>> Check out KindleSpy For Author Marketing!

note: I received a review copy and this is an affiliate link, if you would like to bypass my referral link, please do a google search for KindleSpy. that said, it truly is an amazing product and well worth the amazingly small cost!!

Best Twitter Accounts for Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Social Media, Authors, Podcasters and Startups

Best #Twitter Accounts for Marketing, Entrepreneurs, Social Media, Authors, Podcasters and Startups

This is my own list of the top Twitter accounts that I follow. There are some pretty stringent criteria that I use to include someone including:

  • Is it the person-person who monitors or answers
  • Do they share great stuff
  • Are they really using Twitter or is their feed full of just Facebook reposts

Now you might be asking me why I would have such a list and there is are a couple of really good reasons.

IMFs – First off, I like being able to easily sort through people on Twitter so I make lists like my IMF list. These are the people who I think are particularly interesting and I want to keep up with what they are sharing and help them get greater reach by retweeting their stuff!

Twitter Ads – The next reason for the lists is that I like to do a bit of Twitter Ads marketing and oftentimes the way to get the best results is to use the “following a certain user” feature. I can tell you that for me, a really good one to include in my list is Mr. 2Morrowknight who has a really big account and who seems to really be involved in working it!

I like these guys and gals. – Last but not least, I really do like being connected and seeing what these hip cats are up to! They all bring a little bit different perspective and I find that I learn something new from what they post!

PS – If I included your #Twitter handle on the list and you would like to be excused, please just email me and let me know tara (at) If you are going to leave a spammy comment hoping that I include your handle on the list, don’t bother. I have basically abandoned the comments section because it is so icky a place to try and slog through!


@2morrowknight – Keynote Speaker, #GivingTuesday Ambassador | Bestselling Author: The Road to Social Media Success |

@adage – Ad Age is the leading global source of news, intelligence and conversation for marketing and media communities.

@AndreaVahl – Co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies. Creator of @GrandmaMaryShow. Improv comedienne and wine drinker.

@buffer – Buffer helps you share to Twitter, Facebook and more. We’re a team of 29 spread all across the world. Oh and we’re hiring, too!

@chrisspooner – The guy behind, I like designing, blogging and making pretty pictures

@ClayCollins – Co-Founder of

@CMIContent – Content Marketing Institute, CCO Magazine, Content Marketing World in #Cleveland 9/8-11, 2015! #CMWorld Twitter chats Tues 12pm ET. Tweets by @MoninaW.

@cspenn – VP Marketing Technology @shiftcomm, ninja, Marketing Over Coffee cohost, speaker, Buddhist. More: Latest book:

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@businessinsider – What you need to know.

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@JLichtenberg – SF/Fantasy/Romance/Paranormal writer in HC, MM, Trade, e-Book, Audiobook. Writer, Editor, Reviewer, Screenwriter

@JoeFinder – Dad, husband, NYT bestselling thriller writer, Red Sox fan, Bostonian, Land Rover Defender driver, tomato farmer, owned by Golden Retriever Love Dog


@JohnnyBTruant – Speaker & Best Selling Author of over 2 million words ( ) Host of &

@KristineRusch – award-winning bestselling writer under Rusch, Nelscott, Grayson & a few other names

@neilhimself – will eventually grow up and get a real job. Until then, will keep making things up and writing them down.

@NickThacker – Author of thrillers: . Optimize your writing, life, and productivity:

@Oatmeal – I make comics.

@SeanPlatt – Publisher, entrepreneur, co-author of Write. Publish. Repeat. I write awesome books. People like them. Try one for free: …

@Shteyngart – Gary Shteyngart is a book writer.

@thecreativepenn – NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Thriller Author . Professional speaker. Entrepreneur. INFJ

@TinaGerow – Multi-published author as both Tina Gerow and Cassie Ryan. Speaker, eBook enthusiast, lover of the written word.

@WarrenAdler – OFFICIAL Warren Adler, world-renowned novelist (The War of the Roses), playwright and digital publishing pioneer.

@wilw – I’m just this guy, you know?


@chrisducker – Author of #1 Bestseller ‘Virtual Freedom’, Founder of @VStaffFinder. Serial Entrepreneur, Speaker, Blogger & Podcaster!

@gjhickman – In love with mobile marketing & helping others grow their business. Founder Mobile Marketing Engine @mobilemixed

@jaybaer – NY Times best selling author, business strategist, keynote speaker. President of @Convince – A strategy consulting firm.

@johnleedumas – EntrepreneurOnFire: Awarded Best in iTunes: Ready to start YOUR Podcast?

@katiekrimitsos – Founder of the Biz Women Rock Podcast & Community & COO of the Tampa Bay Business Owners. Totally obsessed with all things Business and making global impact!

@LewisHowes – Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Former pro athlete & 2 sport All-American. Write books + dirty salsa dancer. USA National Team Handball athlete.

@PatFlynn – Lead by example. Be honest. Hold nothing back.

@RSPPodcast – I interview top self-published authors to find out how they made it, so you can do the same. Audio podcast every Thursday.

@TheRealSBBM – The home of Australia’s #1 #marketing #podcast for #small #business owners. Got a marketing question? Send a voicemail thru my website.

@TimboReid – Marketing speaker & host of Australia’s #1 business podcast. Chasing the world’s best coffee and Dad joke. What have ya got?

@TimThePaige – Husband and dad. Podcaster at ConversionCast. Conversion Educator at LeadPages. Voice Artist, Bearded guy. Diehard Cuse fan.


@bfeld – I’m a VC at Foundry Group. I live in Boulder, Colorado, invest in software and Internet companies around the US, run marathons, and read a lot.

@biz – Co-founder of Twitter, Co-founder and CEO of Jelly Industries.

@cdixon – programming, philosophy, history, internet, startups, investing

@ericknopf – Highly caffeinated lover of entrepreneurship & startups. Father, Believer and Co-founder of @Webconnex. My passion is not being bored.

@jamesjoaquin – Co-founder at Obvious Ventures (former CEO @ Xmarks, Xoom, Ofoto)

@joshk – VC. Father. Geek

@mattjackrob – Co-founder of GoCardless. Sharing my experiences of starting a company. Also found at

@msuster – 2x entrepreneur. Sold both companies (last to ). Now @UpfrontVC looking to invest in passionate entrepreneurs

@sir – Founder/CEO @MakeSpace | First Entrepreneur in Residence @UpfrontVC

Okay, those are my very top recommendations for best Twitter accounts for marketing, entrepreneurs, social media, authors, podcasters and startups. If you have someone I missed and who will enrich my marketing life…PLEASE let me know!

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