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My social media marketing empire is driven by an overall grand scheme but basically it is just doing a lot of stuff often. Sorry that is so NOT specific, but I can tell you that much of my social media marketing success is because I had a nice idea, set it up and then sort of kinda ignored it until it got big enough to be interesting. So what does this have to do with twitter grader?

Twitter Grader is Cool! It allows you to see how you twitter account is doing and also to see how your followers have increased over time. Here is picture of my Taradactyl account followers over time:

Social Media Marketing Twitter Grader
Social Media Marketing
It shows that I started about a year and three months ago and how it progressed over time.

As you know, I am big on “what you measure you can change” so it is fun to see how many Twitter followers I have gotten and how that increased when I pay attention to trying to get more. Each straight up part means that for a little while I concentrated on getting more followers.

So take a peek at how many followers you have and see how that has increased over time. I have to say, Rae Ann over at Green Cleaning Products is really focused on getting more followers and she is just starting out so it is fun to watch. Her twitter account is and she is doing all the things that we talk about in our social media how to videos! She is up to a couple hundred twitter followers so far and I can not wait to see how many she can get…:)

If you would like to add your twitter link here, please leave a good comment and we will see if we can get you some more followers!


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