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Speaker Training Tips – How To Make Your Sound Better

Speaker training tips come in all manners but this one is hitting close to home. I did a quicky screen capture video that I popped out in a couple of minutes to have for the YouTube and a blog post. While I am a HUGE proponent of launching something without taking a million takes to get there, I did have one watcher call and say that the sound was a little distracting and could he give me a couple of pointers to make it better next time? Sure!

Voice Presentations
guest post by James Todd Shiffer

Original video posted about Twitter Marketing For Small Business

This video posted above is very informative and done very nicely, although a couple things that I did notice that Tara should have done differently.

Sound Mistakes Made On The Video

  1. She had her microphone too close to her mouth.
  2. She was talking directly into her microphone.

Public Speaking Training TipsTechnically, this is what went wrong!

  1. Being too close to the microphone can cause distortion
  2. While talking directly into a microphone can cause what's called “sonic blast” an annoying popping sound that is created when you say “T”s & “P”s this and “blowing” into a microphone can cause damage to the microphone element, the diaphragm that is inside the microphone that acts like your ear drum.

Now with my experience as a 2 way C.B. radio operator and a licensed Amateur radio operator for about 20 years. I will explain the proper way to speak with a microphone, which there are two important things to remember.

How To Talk With A Microphone To Make Your Screen Capture Videos Better

  1. Hold the microphone about 3 inches away from your mouth.
  2. When you speak never speak directly into the microphone speak across it. You can accomplish this by either holding the microphone to the side of your mouth, which does NOT look pretty, but works or hold the microphone under your mouth below your lip line.

A way you can tell where you will need to hold your microphone is to test with you hand. Hold your hand around your mouth about 3 inches away and speak if you can feel your breath on your hand at all this will be the areas you WILL need to avoid holding your microphone, also try different spots around your mouth. Once you have found a spot that is comfortable for you next test this with you microphone to see if you end up hearing a “sonic blast” at all.

I hope this information helps you with speaking in public venues or like Tara did by making informative videos. Thank you for taking the time to read this and Happy Speaking!!!!