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Small Business Solutions – Obstacle Illusions

When I think of small business marketing solutions like our Thrive Client Contact Program, I am reminded that if you do not implement your technology it is worthless! I read the other day that a good open rate for free email newsletters is 30% and that a good open rate for PAID email newsletters is 50%. HALF OF THE PEOPLE who pay are not even opening the message!!

So what are Obstacle Illusions? I think, as humans, we often look for ways NOT to do something rather than just buckling down and getting to it. Look at April 15th – until legally FORCED to submit their taxes, most Americans will wait and send them in at the last possible moment (some even wait until 11:59pm). 

When it comes to Marketing I see LOTS of obstacle illusions…

Rule: You must send out your direct mail piece on Thursday. It seems to me that some people think that their marketing message will die a horrible unproductive death if it is not going out on Thursday. I can tell you that I have sent out direct mail pieces every day of the week and gotten great results – mostly better than anyone else because I actually sent something. If you have to send out your message on Thursday and you don't get it out, you have just delayed your mailing a week. Then it is Thanksgiving so you can't set out your message the next Thursday. Then the last week of November is a bad time to send out your message. Then you want to be poised to send your message the EXACT right time before Christmas but that doesn't fall on Thursday this year….arggggggggggg! In the meantime, I have sent out 3 imperfectly timed messages and gotten more clients!!!

Another thing I see a lot is that their small business marketing database is not ready yet. It is not perfect. Some people don't have emails. Some people don't have direct mail addresses. The categories have been defined yet. I spoke with an agent yesterday who hasn't sent an email yet because he isn't ready. READY FOR WHAT? Cut and paste the Thrive info into an email and send it!!! Do it half-way but DO IT. 

If you are waiting for something to be perfect, I have a newsflash – it will never be perfect! Send out a message with a typo and be okay with it – I can guarantee that one of your readers will CALL YOU and tell you there was a typo. Talk to that person and make a sale!

Thanks to Dave Jenks (of Millionaire Real Estate Agent fame) who wrote a post about how it has to get worse before it gets better which made me think of this great idea!!!

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Wednesday 27th of March 2013

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