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Small Business Internet Marketing Tools

Small business internet marketing tools can make your life SO much easier. In this post I am going to review a few of my favorite tools that I use for my business or my customers.

Small Business Internet Marketing Keyword Tools

Keyword research is vital for finding out what exact keywords you want to use to rank well in the search engines. When writing this post I spent about a half an hour before discovering that “Internet Marketing Tools” is a high volume, lower (200,000-ish) results term which is why I chose it over “keyword marketing tools”.


Keyword Research Tools For Small Business

Google External Keyword Tool

Cost: Free
Use: The google keyword external keyword tool is a workhorse for showing you what the search volume is for phrases you are considering using.
Tips: The best way to get a good idea of the actual data is to “show all” the columns. That way you can see what people are willing to pay per click for the term.

SEO Tools Keyword Density Checker

Cost: Free
Use: The Keyword Density Checker tool lets you put in your url and make sure that your site has good keyword optimization for the terms that you are targeting.
Tips: I check this often as I have thought I was optimized right for a search term, only to find out that I was WAY off the mark. This can happen even more with blogs as the content on the home pages changes frequently.

SEM Rush

Cost: Free or $49-ish Monthly
Use: SEM Rush allows you to see what keywords you rank on the first two pages of google for and also acts as an aggregater to show you what search terms rank well in Google and makes suggestions for additional terms.
Tips: The paid version shows you places that you could buy banner ads from based on similar keyword AND places who might buy advertising from you.

Scribe for WordPress

Cost: $17 Monthly
Use: Scribe basically checks your blog posts to make sure that they are seo'd correctly. You would think I would be good at this by now but on almost every post I find something that could be tweaked a little bit to make it even better. Here is a Scribe video demo.
Tips: For most of my clients the lowest version will be enough, I can not say that I have used more than 50 or so analysis a month even with seo-ing clients work also.

Website Design Tools


Cost: 6 Free Per Day or $10 per month
Use: If you need photos for your site or blog posts, you can download and use these photos.
Tips: I pay the $10-ish fee for the premium membership. Have always gotten great photos and they are all large enough to use for print.

Web Resizer

Cost: Free
Use: Super easy peasy way to resize photos for the web. Just upload your pic and they will reduce the size for you automatically.

Attention Wizard

Cost: 1 Free Per Day
Use: This is my new favorite toy! Attention Wizard lets you see a heat map of where people look at when coming to your website or blog, just by uploading a screenshot!
Tips: Knowing where people look allows you to see exactly what the focus is and will increase sales to your products OR get you more newsletter signups!

Thesis Theme For WordPress

Cost: $87
Use: Thesis for WordPress is what we use for our clients! It has great back end features and there are a TON of skins to make it look pretty.
Tips: If you are going to use it on more than one site, just bite the bullet and get the developers license. The forum has some GREAT information about how to use the theme.

Internet Marketing Training

Offer Vault

Cost: Free
Use: Offer Vault has a TON of free internet marketing videos in the member area. All you need to do is sign up for free to get access. When I need a fix of new ideas, this is where I go!

Misc Internet Marketing


Cost: Varies
Use: Flippa lists websites and domain names for sale. You can find old domain names and even some sites. Just be careful, one domain listed said it was registered in 1970!

All of the products in this post are ones that I use currently for myself or my client OR are products that I have used in the past but still highly recommend. There are some affiliate links in this post, if you would like to avoid my getting a little bit of money for referring you, please type the product name into a search engine.

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Awesome resources. I utilize most of these tools myself and recommend them to any online marketer. They way you market will define your business!

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