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Random Ramblings – Cat Scratch Fever

So I was stuck for a post topic today and asked my lovely spouse for inspiration. He came up with one great one (The Masters as a brand – which will come tomorrow) but his orginal challenge topic was “toenails”, so here we go!

Toenails are a hot feature in our house. The humans take care of their own (fortunately) but we have two dogs and a cat that require maintenance. The dogs are anti-toenail cutting (mostly because we use that Medieval  toenail tool that just hack them off).

The cat is much more interesting. She does NOT allow anyone to cut her toenails, which are lethal. The cat is also mean, which is a problem. When we got her at the pound, they were also anti-toenail removal for the cat. We did not have her nails removed because she does go outside sometimes and also it seemed very painful. Long story short (I know, too late), they told us about this really humane product we could use to protect ourselves, Claw Covers. These are little plastic toenail covers that are colorful and which we are supposed to glue to the cat's toenails.

You have GOT to be kidding! The carnage that would result from holding the cat down and applying the first one or two (SHE HAS 18 claws!) would be breathtaking! If we do ever attempt this, I will make sure to record it for you, my loyal readers (and to show the doctor so that he can have a frame of reference for why two fully grown people have cat scratches over 90% of their bodies).

There are some really neat innovative products out there AND I am not one for the silly warnings that are on products (coffee may be hot, do not put plastic bags over your head) BUT what the heck kind of warnings must they put on this product? May cause death due to extreme blood loss!

Anyways, that is my take on toenails. Back to our regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!!!


Saturday 19th of April 2008

I'm lovin' it!!

Tara Jacobsen

Friday 18th of April 2008

@Caryl - Unfortunately you know me well enough to know that this is how most of my days and thoughts run!...:)


Friday 18th of April 2008

You take my breath away! YOU ARE A RIOT MY LOVE!!

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