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Popular Social Media Content Ideas (For Facebook & Everywhere Else)

Popular Social Media Content Ideas for Facebook and Everywhere Else - Okay, we have all heard, the sky is falling and Facebook hates our marketing content! This make creating popular social media content more important than ever! Here are some great ideas to get you thinking. Includes examples & explanations.

Okay, we have all heard, the sky is falling and Facebook hates our marketing content! They have functionally said that they are switching the platform over to a pay for play model. But that doesn't mean we can't post things that reach and appeal to our customers social media, we are just going to have to be more creative in our ideas!

Who Is Your Customer Matters More

I have been a huge proponent of niching down in the past, but now I am even more adamant about it!

If Facebook will only show posts that people respond to, we HAVE to know what our customers like.

For example, I was talking with a gal who sells Cosmetic Acupuncture the other day. She is like most people, she said her customers are in the 45-65 age range, but her products and services could help 25 year olds to 65 year olds.

Whoa nellie!

First off, I know for a fact that getting 25 year olds to buy skin care products is hard, they have great skin already because of their age. So she would be wasting some love on a group that is less likely to buy anyways.

Second off, it is almost impossible to find interesting things that people who are young AND older will like!

But what if your customers are men and women, young and old, as they are for dog rescues like my pals at Marley's Mutts?

Then you need to lean into something that binds them all together, love of dogs and animals!

Lean in to your audience's passions and ignore everything else!

Preaching To The Choir

There is a saying where I come from, that you are “preaching to the choir”. Functionally that means that the people who love you or your industry already are your best prospects.

Many times we think that we have to convince people to notice our posts, but Facebook and the other networks already know who is out there that would like your posts.

For example Facebook knows which of my friends like posts about Giant Sloths… Mike and Cindy and Jennie and Donna. Sloth lovers!

Popular To My Friends On Facebook Posts

But how does that help my BUSINESS posts?

On your profile, if you generally post interesting content that your friends like, then Facebook will ASSUME your business related posts might be interesting too!

I have a feeling that our profiles are going to become more and more important! Don't forget people can “follow” your profile, even if you have hit your friend limit.

Niching Down Your Posts To Increase Engagement

One of the things that Facebook is focusing on is Engagement, meaning if you post it to your 5,000 friends and they show 20 and no one likes it or comments, then they are going to stop showing it to everyone.

But what if you only show it to certain friends, the ones that like those kind of things? Here is where lists come into play.

I have a “realtors” list. I built it up over time and now have quite a few agents on that list!

When I post something “Realtor-y” that the rest of my peeps would not appreciate, I can just post it to my agent friends…

Realtor Friends

If you don't have a list but want to do local people, Facebook automatically makes some other lists for you, check them out the next time you post!

A sneaky tip…. post it to you list and get some good engagement and THEN change the setting to public so everyone can see it! Don't know if this will work, but can't hurt to mess around a bit if you are trying to market on Facebook.

What To Post On Facebook

So if you are selling things, how do you make engaging content that people will like?

Consumer Post

Here is a good post for a makeup company… as a 51 year old, I got this in my feed and was interested enough to click through since it applied just to me!
Older woman - good makeup post

Note that it is a promoted post … paying to promote is going to be a thing, but she could have gotten some organic traffic too! That said, please note she was promoting makeup tips NOT a blatant ad to sell makeup.

Biz Post

I can hear you now, but what if you don't sell consumer goods… what the heck can you share that will be popular?

Good electrician facebook post

I am super impressed by this post on Google Plus from Phoenix Electricians Today. They posted a beautiful quote picture that still highlighted their company.

THIS is the kind of thing that merges “popular/sharable” with business.

Age Related Post

One of the things that I have seen doing well on Facebook is targeting your posts to a certain Customer Demographic. For example, this video from Culligan Water (maybe the most boring thing to sell in the world) plays on a love for the movie The Princess Bride.

If you look up “when was the The Princess Bride” released, it was 1987. That is when I was about 20 years old and it is TOTALLY in my wheelhouse.

What you want to do is find out which movies, games, and songs were released when your target customer was in their early to mid 20's (when most of our tastes were set).

So if your customer is in her late 30's right now, you would take this year's date and subtract about 18 years, so we would looking at about 2000. Besides Y2K, the 2000's were known for…

Popular music artists in 2000

Source Billboard music (I did a search on Google for “what music was popular in 2000”)

Oh there she is, Miss Brittany Spears! So if you were selling something to this age group you could post a video from YouTube of “Oops I Did It Again” and then have words in you post that match that theme. Like “Oops I did it again, I forgot to tell you about this great course I launched last week that will help you become an influencer like the fabulous Brittany Spears!”

Figuring out how to pair your message with a popular post type can be a challenge but worth it if Facebook chooses to spread your message!

You Can't Really “Sell” On Facebook Organic

If you are going to focus your marketing efforts on Facebook organic, you are going to have to understand that a pure, “buy my stuff” play will probably not work the best.

Contest Post

Contest Post - Barkbox

You can get some traction with things like a contest post, but note that they say “link in profile” instead of putting the link in the actual Facebook post. This is so that Facebook's algorithm categorizes it as a “picture post” rather than a “link out” post.

Facebook doesn't like you to direct people away from Facebook so anytime you can avoid that, you will get better engagement.

Meme Posts

Funny facebook meme postThere is a reason people love “meme” posts, they get a lot of engagement! This is a super clever way to pair a fun product sale with a meme.

It would be great for my pal Kirsten who has a Pure Romance business.

It's a way to get a share because of the “funny factor” and would for sure include a link to purchase on of her products.

Would I use this particular method myself to post on my timeline? Nope! My customers are business types who could find it offensive.

But for sure the people who love her and support her business endeavors would think it was cute and fun.

Copy What Works

I love seeing Facebook content producers who are innovative and creative! The Lighter Side of Real Estate page is great at creating fun posts that will appeal to their target market, real estate agents.

Funny Real Estate Agent Post

Now this might seem funny to you unless you are a real estate agent, but it really is a hoot if you are their customer type!

All they did was add some words to an old Saturday Night Live video clip. You could do this for any business… for example…

  • Selling your dryer vent cleaning services – What do you mean you have NEVER cleaned your dryer vent… call us today!
  • Selling investment advice – What do you mean you don't have a 401K…call me today!
  • Selling weight loss coaching – When your weight loss client tries to explain how eating a full pizza okay because she was at the gym today!

Popular Social Media Content Ideas (For Facebook & Everywhere Else) Wrapup

There you have it! Hopefully this post has sparked some new ideas that you can use for your Facebook posts.

I KNOW, it sucks that we have to do all of this just to get our posts seen, but if you can get into a groove of producing great content your audience loves you can dominate your competition!


Popular Social Media Content Ideas for Facebook and Everywhere Else