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Personalizing The Disney Theme Park – A Viral Masterpiece!

Video starts running automatically BUT you can pause it if you like! The content is an amazing act of customization, worth the 30 or so seconds!!! See fascinating article below

So I was reading my email today and my friend Lori Crawford, Realtor extraordinaire in Trinity Fl, sent me the absolute best email! Lot's of people tease me and call me a Princess (my so-called friends and family) and so this viral marketing campaign from Disney is BRILLIANT. I was enthralled that my name was plastered all over Disney World and that Goofy even said my name once!

So what IS personalization?
Personalization can be done in a number of different ways:

  • The most basic is to have a person's name in the greeting of your email. BUT every email program does not have the capability of adding a recipients' name. You might want to consider using a newsletter template company like AWeber. While I know that many of you have Database programs that SAY they perform this function, few have really acceptable HTML formats. It will save you LOTS of time to use a third party solution!
  • Another way is to have the person's name on a direct mail piece. You can use MS Publisher or Word to accomplish this OR use a reputable printer to do it professionally. I got a custom postcard from a local jewelry company that was addressed to John and Shelly. My husband's name IS John but who the heck is Shelly?!?!?! They obviously had moved the Spouse's name one place down – this is NOT a great situation for the mailer so make sure you spend a little bit more to have it done RIGHT!
  • These two aside there are a MILLION ways to personalize your message to your clients, use a hand written note, make a card that has pictures from magazines that you think your client would like, create a website that registers a persons name and calls them that throughout (obviously a high tech, high cost option).

So what is a viral campaign?

A viral campaign is something that spreads like the flu – person to person. This Disney campaign is BRILLIANT and VERY expensive to program originally, but may reap HUGE rewards for Disney! I sent it right out to my Mother In Law, a friend and a child I know. So Lori's original message resulted in 4 direct new emails BUT then I blogged about it. You may be going – “How cool I should send it to X”. If just two of my readers resend it to 5 people we are now up to 15 people from Lori's original email – zoinks!

So why does it work and how can you do this? Well viral campaigns are hard to start and even harder to sustain. For my small business clients (and myself), we do not have the capital to take a roll on spending $10,000-$50,000 that can support a technical viral campaign that may bomb.

Instead, write great content and then recommend that your client's spread it! If you have a referral system, recommend that your clients use it. It may seem like they should KNOW that they could refer your stuff out, BUT THEY DON'T!

FYI – if you know any small business owners that would like this post, please do not hesitate forward it to them OR send a link to so they can sign up for automatic updates!

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Wednesday 30th of March 2011

[...] Personalizing The Disney Theme Park – A Viral Masterpiece! [...]

Brian P. Forrester

Tuesday 16th of December 2008

Hey Taradactyl...

Great message! I love to get marketing addressed specifically to me. By the way, knowing you as I do, "Princess" works!

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