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I Got Klout Perked By The Fair Trade People and I LOVE IT!

Holy buckets batman! I got Klout perked by the Fair Trade people and there is SO much cool stuff!!!

So, I check out the Klout perks that are available from time to time and have seen some that looked cool, and some that I thought, well that is not so much me. But when I saw that there was Fair Trade perk, I jumped right in and raised me hand to get it and boy am I glad I did!!!

Here is a video showing all the “bits” that came…

Here are the companies that were in the box:

Barefoot & Chocolate

Calebs Kola

Lake Champlain Chocolates

Nourish Organic

Wear Pact | Wear Pact Website (how cool! these guys are right around the corner from me in Boulder!!!)

Weavers Coffee | Weavers Coffee Website

World's Finest Chocolate

So I just want to say thanks to Klout and all the companies that sent me goodies…I love them all and am so appreciative that you sent them!!

My totally awesome Klout perk