How To Sell A $97 Strategy Session – This One Is For Larry!

$97 Marketing consult

This post is about how to sell a $97 dollar consulting or strategy session. You are going to see the length and wonder what the heck is so hard about doing this, but this is actually a piece for one of my all time favorite clients who is EXPLODING in his business recently and ready […]

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

So excited to have this guest post from my Monster buddy, Rebekah Welch! We have the Marketing and Media Monsters and she rarely gives out these advanced lead generation secrets! Lead generation is vital to the success of every business. If you need customers, you need to generate leads to find those customers. No matter […]

100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines and Free Optin Offers | Lead Generation

100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines & Free Optin Offers

I have scoured the web for the best great headlines, free report titles and free optin offer offers! Having looked at HUNDREDS of sites to write this post, I have a couple of observations… First as I was looking for great headlines in areas NOT of interest to me, I can tell you unilaterally, no […]

How DISC Personality Types Affect Customer Service Models

DISC Personality Sales And Marketing

Your DISC personality type affects what your customer service models are and how we can use them to our advantage. When it comes to customer service for our small businesses though, oftentimes we throw that information out the window and forget it! In a brief synopsis of the DISC personality types, “D” stands for driver, […]

Focus Schmocus – How to get things done!

You have a million things you HAVE to do TODAY. You need to finish your paperwork, call some clients, send a newsletter, read an article, do some more paperwork, call that icky client, start your taxes, arggg! I can tell you that there are probably only two or three things that you HAVE to do […]

Twitter and Google Great Lead Generating Tools


People ask me ALL the time how they can do the things that I recommend! Whether I am saying that they should comment on other people’s blog posts, read lots of different blogs or sign up for Twitter, frequently they say that they have NO TIME for all that “work” on the internet! Well I […]

Where should you spend your time?

Time is money. I know, it is trite but true! I had a client ask me today if I thought she should spend some of her time on adding her real estate listings to a website. (See my response on Active Rain) It made me think about what I spend my precious time on. Sometimes […]

33 Touch – Fab 5 Contest

So Mary Dado of Business Writing, Ink and I have been on a whirlwind tour of 4 South Florida Keller Williams market centers. We went down there to talk about the Fab 5 Contest our region is having and the 33 Touch Program that we developed to go along with it. What the heck is […]