How To Sell A $97 Strategy Session – This One Is For Larry!

How to sell a $97 dollar strategy sessionThis post is about how to sell a $97 dollar consulting or strategy session.

You are going to see the length and wonder what the heck is so hard about doing this, but this is actually a piece for one of my all time favorite clients who is EXPLODING in his business recently and ready to take the next steps to make more money (and strangely enough, it will not be $97 at a time!)

Not A Money Maker

If you are doing a $97 consultation, even if it is for just an hour, you cannot do or source enough of them to make big bucks. Think about it…40 hours a week, $97 a hour times 52 weeks in the year IS just over $200,000…but…you are probably not a machine that can spit out great information on demand or keep too many stories in your head all at once. You will also have to do marketing and lead generation, administration and business development.

So why do a $97 session? It is basically to weed out the people who are tire-kicking or just fishing and find the diamonds in the rough.

Why So Much Resistance

In our coaching business, we find that many of our “peeps” are super resistant to doing this, and maybe not for the reason you think. Here are some common reasons they give for not being comfortable:

Realtors/Real Estate Investors – Larry works with real estate investors from the US and around the globe. He has an amazing real estate investing website and has recently started writing for a very highly regarded real estate investing magazine. On his site and in his popular newsletter he says constantly that people can call him with any questions, that he is available anytime. Very few people call, and the ones that do are mostly at the very end of sales cycle and are ready to talk money, but it seems to be taking them a long time to get there. One huge factor holding Larry back is that in the real estate industry, Realtors work for free until a deal is closed and he isn’t sure that someone will be willing to pay him for his time and expertise before being ready to close a transaction.

Direct Sales – We have another client who works in the direct sales industry (MLM). She has been a top recruiter for many years on a national level and her expertise is a highly coveted skill. That said, she feels really funny about charging people for her time. Mostly she works just with the people who are in her downline and puts charity time in working with people who belong to her company but are not in her downline. She has seen other people work with MLMers and charge for it, but it is hard to get her head around why someone would pay her money and how that would help grow her direct sales business.

Who Am I To Talk?

So you are on my site reading this so you probably know that I am pretty good at marketing, but what you may not know is that for years all my lead generating was done on a semi-paid model. I would give free talks around town or where ever I happened to be and offer the people in the room a $97 consult. I never did “coffees” or one-on-ones because I can’t help myself, I tell whoever I am with all about what they should do marketing-wise and if I met with 20 people informally I would get paid $0 and have wasted my time.

I say that I wasted my time because I am in business and the goal of being in business is to make money, not to help random strangers. Helping out people with no thought of payment is a non-profit model and I am a for profit business. Additionally, they got the ideas and concepts for free, so they assigned that exact value to them, $0, and didn’t really do anything with them.

Over the years I have talked to close to 1,000 small business owners and learned the back end workings of their businesses. Their motivations, goals and dreams which means that I can now help even more people do even better work in their business. While I no longer do $97 consults, I am super happy that I got all those chances to talk to people, building up my experience and their businesses.

The Real End Result

Enough about me, back to charging money for your time. So let’s look at Larry and his real estate investors. There are probably a few reasons they are not just calling him:

  • They really feel like they are going to be bothering him so they don’t call
  • They feel like if he is willing to talk to them for free, how good can the info be
  • They are so early in the process they would be “wasting his time” reaching out right now

It is funny that 2/3 of those involve people being considerate of Larry and his time. The people who are his best prospects really are happy that he is giving them great information on his site and in his newsletter, they respect his opinion and are just waiting until they are ready to pull the trigger before reaching out to him.

The problem is that some of them will never have enough information to make an investment, they will spend years and years, gathering information and never buy a property. Some other ones will read Larry’s stuff religiously, but not wanting to bother him, will pay someone else so they can have their questions answered and that guy will get the sale because he will have established rapport and been helpful on a personal level.

Strategy Sessions Instead of Consults

Consulting is experiencing a lack of respect and interest right now. People are sick of consultants who swoop in, talk-talk-talk and run out. We like to position our talks as strategy sessions because they are. We are not just throwing out info but making sure to put it together in a cohesive whole.

Another nice thing is that a strategy session feels like it should lead to another. You might want to offer them another session at a later date or even get them into a coaching program.

How To Set Up A $97 Strategy Session

Because I wrote this post for Larry, I know he was polite enough to read all the way through (aren’t you?!?!?) but what he really wanted was the meat, the step by step guide to how to make a $97 strategy session available!

1. Make A Page On Your Website – Write out what you are offering

I always gave them about 7 examples of things that we could talk about, but basically you don’t to have so much there that they rule themselves out because you don’t have their exact problem listed or so little that they don’t see a reason to give you $97.

2. You don’t need to put too much about you!

Probably you are selling your $97 strategy session at a speaking event, on your website or in your newsletter. All places where they already know how cool you are so keep the “about me” to a couple of key highlights.

3. You need a payment processing thingy (that is the technical term)

To start, we recommend using Here is a BRILLIANT tutorial about how to put a PayPal button on your site. You just needs parts one and two! This functionally allows people to pay you, you will get notifications and they will get a receipt.

4. Thank you page

You want to have a Thank You page that explains what happens next (PayPal will let you designate this when you set up your button). This page should tell them EXACTLY what is going to happen next so they don’t worry that they just wasted their money.

I tend to tell them:

1. How long it will be before someone contacts them to set up their time (within one business day)
2. Who will call them (my gal Shell)
3. My phone number in case they have

here is my actual thank you page

5. A few graphics

If you are going to do this, do it right. Get with person and have them make two or three graphics that will be on your page. You want a little bit of a variety so that you can share different things on social media and in your newsletter and people won’t get banner blindness (seeing the same thing over and over).

You should also have a call to action button on the sidebar of your website saying that they can “set up a time to call” or some other fun verbiage.

6. A sales sheet

It is important to have an on-site signup form anytime that you are giving a talk. You want to let them know that they can hire you. This one is a very gentle offer, all we are asking for is their name and email address. Oftentimes we would have a credit card signup sheet.

$97 Marketing consult


That is it! It looks like it has a lot of moving parts but is actually pretty straight forward and easy to do. If you would like help to figure out your business or marketing efforts, check out our Marketing Strategy Sessions!


The last thing I want to leave you with is the actual reason that you are doing these strategy sessions. You should have some real things that you are going to sell AFTER the fact. Now, that does not mean that your hour should be dedicated to selling something else. You should spend the whole time talking to your customer and finding out what they need.

After that you might find out that they need a product that you are an affiliate for, you might find out that they are ready for some ongoing training or they may be ready to start investing in real estate, they just needed some one-on-one time to figure that out.

IF they have additional needs and the money to spend on those, it is your responsibility to help them figure that out. You are not “selling, selling, selling”, you are really “helping, helping, helping”.


10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A Goldmine

10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business Into A GoldmineSo excited to have this guest post from my Monster buddy, Rebekah Welch! We have the Marketing and Media Monsters and she rarely gives out these advanced lead generation secrets!

Lead generation is vital to the success of every business. If you need customers, you need to generate leads to find those customers. No matter how amazing your product or service your business will not draw new customers automatically.

Before you implement the 10 Advanced Lead Generation Strategies to Turn Your Business into a Goldmine discussed below, it is vital to make sure you have a few tools in place.

  • A way to capture the leads you get so you can put them into your database. Use a simple lead capture form on your blog or website. If your leads are coming from another source other than your site (such as networking or email), make sure you have the ability to input those leads into your database. Hire an admin or VA if needed to make sure this piece gets accomplished.
  • robust database and customer relationship management (CRM) system with automation capabilities.
  • A highly functional and dependable email client with great deliverability.
  • A fantastic, high touch, high impact automated follow-up system. I recommend a powerful auto-responder that you can customize for your brand and load with power-packed value added messages and compelling calls to action.

*I recommend using an all inclusive tool such as Infusionsoft that can handle all of the above in one location.

Now that you have your tools in place, employ these advanced techniques to dramatically increase your incoming leads.

1. Optimize Your Website or Blog for Search (SEO)

Statistics show there are approximately 5.2 billion web searches performed daily. Getting your business in front of your target market when they are looking for solutions to the problems that your business solves is the name of the game. Choose your keywords wisely – based on what your customers are ACTUALLY searching for – and position them appropriately in your web address, your titles, your images and videos, and the body of your content. Give the exact info necessary to earn their click, which will buy you the opportunity to educate your prospect on your ability to solve their problem and lead them into your database.

2. Content Marketing

In 2012 businesses spent more than $16 billion on online content marketing alone. Craft high quality content based on your customers needs and challenges then offer it for free on your blog. Position your business as the go-to resource in the market place for your industry. When your potential customer is looking for a solution that your business offers, your company will be top-of-mind.

Always focus on education and avoid anything that feels like a hard-sell or a power pitch. Instead provide real value that includes calls to action within the content you create. If you are truly knowledgeable and capable, your former and existing customers will provide the social proof of your excellence.

3. Create AMAZING “How To” Guides

Your customer doesn’t care about you UNTIL you solve their problems, ease their pain, or provide valuable information. Learn your prospects most sensitive pain points and identify how exactly you can help. Create high quality “how to” guides based on solving that specific issue, and offer it to them via your blog or social networks. Use a simple form to capture their name and email as an exchange for your guide.

4. Create Interesting Reports for Your Industry and Give Them Away

Research interesting and useful information for your market and compile your findings into a report that you offer on your site for free. Sharing information is a great way to develop thought leadership, and position yourself as an expert. Helping your potential customers make better informed decisions will generate conversations, encourage referrals and generate a continuous flow of leads. Use a simple form to capture their name and email in exchange for your report.

5. Identify And Engage Joint Venture Partners

A joint venture is an agreement between your company and one that offers a complimentary product or service. Each partner recommends the other’s products or service to their own audience, creating a broader reach for both parties. Joint Ventures can be used strategically to generate leads, build trust around both partner’s products or services, and mutually boost awareness of each party’s offerings.

6. Boost Leads with Amazing “Explainer” Videos

According to Jakob Nielsen you only have 10 seconds to capture a potential lead’s attention. If you can engage your prospects and convince them stay on your page for thirty seconds, you can often keep their attention for 2 minutes or more.

The most effective way to achieve this is through Video. Entertaining “explainer” videos can quickly demonstrate your ability to solve the problems your potential customers are facing. Build in a call to action (request a quote, get more info, etc.) that captures their name and email.

7. Host Value-Packed Webinars

Webinars are a great way to target your prospects pain points and challenges and present your solution in a highly personal way. The trick is getting interested parties to show up. Make use of your branded email and auto-responder to send a confirmation when they register, a follow up email a few days out, and another the day of your webinar. After the event offer a replay for those who registered and could not attend or would like to see the information again.

8. Target Potential Customers with Social Media Ads

Most Social Media ad platforms enable you to reach tons of potential prospects with rich display ads and highly-targeted text ads. Most offer some method of filtering which allows you to target viewers by location, gender, age, and interests. The purpose of these ads is to funnel prospects into your database where you can offer them your guides, reports, webinars and build the relationship that leads to the sale.

9. Use Inboxq to Answer and Track Questions on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent place to add value, build community and bring in leads. Inboxq is a chrome extension that allows you to track Twitter questions in real time. As questions pop up that you have solutions for you can chime in and position yourself as a resource. Set up tracking in inboxq by identifying keywords relevant to your business. You’ll get a real time alert every time a question is asked based on the keywords you specified. Make sure you answer specifically and use the inquirers name in your response so they know that you are human. Provide links to your relevant resources that help them solve their issues.

10. Send A Value-Packed Newsletter on a Consistent Schedule

Engage and nurture your prospects on a consistent ongoing basis with a fabulous newsletter packed with info. Begin with a compelling headline to make sure your newsletter gets opened. Make your newsletter interesting and loaded with value. Link the content to your resources – your site, your products, your guides, your reports, and your webinars – as well as any Joint Venture opportunities you may be cross promoting.

My Top Lead Generation Tactics That Really Work

My top lead generation tactics that workWhat are lead generation tactics anyways? Let’ step back one pace and talk about “what are leads”.

Too many of my peeps think that leads are sure things. They are people ready, willing and able to buy today. Sigh. Leads are people who have raised their hand and said they are somewhat interested in what you are selling BUT have not said that they are willing to spend their hard earned dollars – YET.

When you are lucky enough to attract a lead, you need to make sure that you have an effective sales funnel to move them from lead status to customer status.

Okay, enough about stupid leads already…onto my personal top lead generation tactics that really work!

1. Speaking

My first love and greatest lead magnet is to be a speaker. When you are the trusted authority at the front of the room, lead generation turns from begging and groveling one-on-one to one-on-many conversations where people WANT to be on your list, get your stuff and buy your products. Now, they are not all ready to buy today so you need to use some kind of followup system (we use and recommend Infusionsoft!)

One last thing I see with speakers is that they have a buy or “wha-wha-wha” mentality. By this I mean that unless someone purchases something, they are not included in the lead capture for the on-site event. If you are doing this you are leaving A LOT future revenue on the table. Stop focusing on the people running to the back of the room to buy and start cultivating EVERYONE in the room as a lifetime customer.

2. Blogging

I cannot even tell you how many opportunities I have gotten because I am willing to talk about marketing and put myself out there. I truly believe that everyone needs to have a blog as a HUB to drive everything back to! If you have a fancy formal site, it is really hard to go on a rant and talk about something that matters to you passionately. It is hard to write a quick post and plop a video into it. So, if you are still living in 1999 with your website, get on the blog bus and start writing.

3. Having partners

Some people call these referrals, referral partners and the like, but for me this is just people out in the marketplace who are willing to recommend me when they hear someone has a need I can help with. NOW, I don’t think they are great at selling their own businesses so I am not counting on them to generate sales copy, printed materials and the like that they can share. Instead I give the materials that represent my company the way that I like to be seen (this is one of the things that we give to share – Social Media Magazine) They get a few printed copies that they can give to prospects they think might be a good fit!

4. Being proactive

This is a biggie! Just last week we were talking with a client who was confused about why no one was taking her up on her free offer. She was offering a FREE Half Hour consult and no one was biting. We asked what she was doing….come to find out she would meet someone, engage in delightful conversation and then give them her business card that had her offer on the back. She would then go back to her office and wait for them to call her.

In my world, this goes a little differently. I speak (or meet someone), tell them what I do, and IF they are interested in taking it a step further I immediately ask them for their card and let them know that my Gal will give them a call. I don’t try to negotiate pricing, schedule a time or any other bits. My Executive Admin Shell then calls them, figures out what is the best fit for them, does all the preliminary legwork (like getting me paid) and THEN I am notified on my calendar that I have an appointment.

The reason this works so well is that I am not constantly being rejected, having to follow up a gagillion times (which takes away from my work time), or hearing the same “stuff” over and over. If I was doing all this part, I would be less inclined to get leads because I would know that they would just mean pain for me to do the legwork. If you do not have somebody following up on your leads, get someone TODAY!

5. Last but certainly not least, I play the WIFT channel in my head at all times!

This is the “What’s In It For Me” channel that everyone has going in their head all the time. You know the feeling when you are listening to a speaker and they start giving you an extended sales pitch, part way through you think, “surely they will tell me something that will help me without having to buy”, and the overwhelming feeling that you will NEVER buy from them because they just wasted an hour of your life. Gary Vaynerchuk calls this the 19 year old dude syndrom. Trying to “score” too soon can mean you lose the game entirely.

Instead you HAVE to provide value to your target demographic and keep giving them value. Now-a-days we think that everyone on the internet is trying to sell us some snake oil and so you have to make sure you build the know, like and trust factor BEFORE you jump on them asking them to “buy my stuff”. You can do this automatically buy giving something away for free like our Best Darn Email Marketing Course EVER. When someone signs up they get tremendous value PLUS I get the chance to “talk” with them as the consume 6 emails with videos of me talking.

I couldn’t PAY them to listen to me talk about my business for an hour and a half, but because I am helping them, they are happy to listen and start to know me a bit! We also have offers and calls to actions sprinkled throughout which lead to more sales!

100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines and Free Optin Offers | Lead Generation

100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines & Free Optin OffersI have scoured the web for the best great headlines, free report titles and free optin offer offers! Having looked at HUNDREDS of sites to write this post, I have a couple of observations…

First as I was looking for great headlines in areas NOT of interest to me, I can tell you unilaterally, no matter how great your offer is, if they don’t NEED what you are offering, they won’t ever sign up, buy or take the next step.

Second be really niche-y! Don’t try to succeed at “weight loss” or “make money”. There isn’t something that you could present that will make everyone want what you have. Niche it down to something that would appeal to your perfect client or customer.

Lastly, there is A LOT of opportunity out there! I did this in order to be able to write better free offer headlines and I thought, “there is A LOT of competition”. In actuality, the majority of top websites and blogs don’t have any opt-in or data capture going on. Some have pop-ups that appear immediately (I ignored them until I learned more about the site), some have only social media opt-ins (good but definitely not the end game), and a few had a great free offer (a very few!)

Some Universal needs you can target:

  • Make money
  • Save money
  • Lose weight
  • Get respect
  • Don’t get ripped off
  • Save time
  • Protect your family
  • Love
  • Stay young, anti aging
  • Personal development
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Health

How To Headlines

This is a way to present that starts with the readers’ need and ends with a benefit to them. In this model you start with How To [X] That Gets You [X].

  • How win friends and influence people (dale carnegie)
  • How to winterize your house and cut your monthly payments in half
  • How to give your children extra iron — these 3 delicious ways (
  • How do you monetize your content and expertise online today? I’ll show you how. (
  • Discover how to slow down the aging process with expert skin care tips (
  • How often do you say to yourself, “I should have started that last week”. How to stay on track in an always on world.

Tips and Tricks (the “Secret”)

No one really knows why people are so obsessed with learning a “secret”. Knowing the unknown is a universal human need and one we can use effectively to get people onto your list.

  • The secret of how to get 6 pack abs with no situps
  • Little known ways to reduce your electric bills
  • Secrets of the “free” home security system (
  • Learn secrets most men will never know about women and dating (
  • Forget The Free Crap, Discover The Truth About Google Plus Powerful Secrets Nobody Knows | Shocking Mistakes Everybody Makes This Is How It’s Really Done… (
  • The top 5 digital marketing tools for local businesses (hint: the 3 best are free) (
  • Discover how to describe what you do in a confident way that excites you and attracts clients -> finally (

The List

  • Get the shocking FREE report “top 10 mistakes men make with women” (
  • Free book gives you 10 unheard of ways to lose belly fat
  • 10 steps to building a bulging bank account (tommi wolfe)
  • Free recording offers 10 ways to beat the high cost of remodeling
  • 5 unbelievable ideas for making money
  • 100 great call to action examples (
  • 25 can’t fail life saving ideas
  • 56 ways to market your business on pinterest (copyblogger)
  • Discover the 39 essential tools needed to map out your goals, maximize your effectiveness, and win control of your time and your life (
  • The 15 poker secrets every professional knows (
  • The only 3 pieces of exercise equipment you need in your home (hint: they all weigh less than 5 pounds) (
  • 10 leads a day formula – discover the 10 leads a day formula using the power of Youtube (Reel Marketing Insider)

Clever Headlines

You have to be willing to rock the nerdy to like these, but after reading all the rest, these are my favorites!

  • Small step for man, giant gaffe for NASA (AP)
  • Going once, going twice, going to be confiscated (dan kelley)
  • Is this the rail price, is this just fantasy, caught up in land buys, no escape from burecracy! (ulster gazette)
  • Nature’s 4 letter words: Wind, hail, rain (collier times)
  • Sneezy? Grumpy? If you visit Disney, use new sanitizers (jason garcia)
  • Tiger Woods plays with own balls, Nike says (AP)
  • Federal agents raid gun shops, find weapons (brian barber)
  • Statistics show that teen pregnancy drops significantly after age 25 (mary ann tebedo)
  • Man accused of killing lawyer receives a new attorney (sun staff writer)
  • Gordon Ramsey sex dwarf eaten by badger (outrageous isn’t always good!)

Doing What Others Can Do

I think this is a real sleeper one, sort of like the secret but showing that it it is possible because someone else has done it before you!)

  • Now you can swim like Michael Phelps!
  • Find out how we made over 6 figures doing affiliate marketing last year
  • I lost 25 pounds in 5 weeks by eating this one super food!
  • Give me 10 days and I will show you how to swing like tiger woods
  • Advice to wives whose husbands don’t save money – by a wife (victor scwab)
  • Real results for real people. You’ve seen my results on TV. Look at the success my members are having right now: (
  • Resource Guide: The top sites we use to get traffic and dominate the search engines (number 4 may surprise you)
  • Are you ever shy on a date? 3 tricks I use that make me the life of the party
  • Who else wants to be happily married?
  • Why some people seem to be able to lose weight and the three things they share in common
  • When top marketers want to make fast money, this is what they do
  • Who ever heard of getting skinny without exercise? Find out how one woman lost 40 pounds sitting on her couch

The One Thing You Need To Do

  • The one thing you must do to make more money
  • The one thing that will make a huge difference in your weight loss efforts
  • Imagine—achieving ALL your goals quickly and easily! download this free e-book and discover the exact formula for goal setting success! (
  • Make women want you…this one weird technique turns them on so fast it should be banned (

Amazing Offers

  • The ultimate guide to…
  • Now you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!
  • Claim an incredible 100% bonus up to $747 on your first two deposits!! (
  • Which of these $2.50 to $5 best sellers do you want for only $1 each? (victor schwab)
  • Free presentation reveals a somewhat unusual tip to get a flatter belly while still eating the foods you love (
  • Would you like me to personally double, triple, or even quadruple your business…for free? (
  • Click here to watch amazing transformational videos (
  • Use this weird technique to make any girl kiss you… (
  • 100% guaranteed way to make twice as much money in half the time
  • It seems incredible that you can get all these tips for just $7.99, but it is true!

Cataclysmic Properties or Opportunities

  • Unstoppable forces will either propel you to victory or bury you on page 2-3-4 of Google’s search results (
  • Do you make these 7 fatal mistakes when buying facebook ads?
  • Is the life of a child worth $1 to you? (victor schwab)
  • Important news for those who recently quit smoking…here’s the fastest and easiest way to clean your lungs of the poisonous tar and dangerous toxin build-up that could eventually lead to premature lung disease, cancer, or even death! (
  • Be prepared to be shocked – take the real age test today. The results may just surprise you. (
  • The sex food so potent priests were forbidden to eat it (

You Deserve It

  • Get the body you know you deserve…introducing Richard’s new 90 day progressive workout system (
  • Get exclusive access to the best bars, restaurants, shops, parties and more in Las Vegas…sign up for deals, memberships, invites and special offers (
  • You deserve the luxury of a cadillac

Avoiding Something

  • LinkedIn marketing mistakes, how to avoid missing great marketing opportunities on LinkedIn (
  • How much lifetime & money will YOU save by quitting smoking? Beat the Nicodemon at his own game with our FREE quit-smoking program! (
  • Stop losing money…10 vital NL holdem’ tips
  • If your website crashed today, would you be up and running in minutes or weeks?
  • 50 fool proof ways to make your kids happy on a rainy day
  • Stop wasting money on training that doesn’t work, this one course changed my whole marketing plan and made me a social media rockstar
  • The one little mistake that can cost you $2,000 a year
  • Stop getting ripped off: why consumers get screwed, and how you can always get a fair deal (bob sullivan – book title)
  • There is finally an easy way to stop getting ripped off at the hospital (
  • Do you make these mistakes in english (victor schwab)
  • Do you have these symptoms of entrepreneur failure?

The Exact Amount

Putting exact numbers into your headline gives it credibility and makes you want to find out more!

  • [FREE Webinar] learn the marketing system these guys used to increase their business by 832% (
  • Learn how these guys grew from $0 to $2,000,000! – Free Webinar TOMORROW (
  • My #1 tip for writing great email newsletters, blog posts, recording videos and more! (
  • Reduce wrinkles & rejuvenate skin. See results in as little as 10 days. (
  • Facelift through exercise. Erase 10 years in 15 minutes a day. Eliminate wrinkles, jowls and more! (
  • 4 AMAZING events to help you grow your business FAST in May 2013 (
  • Starting off with $56,000 in debts… a young divorced mother tells how she became a millionaire in only 34 months. Here she explains how you can start earning enough money easily to retire a millionaire in 5-8 years…(
  • You can master AdWords in 4 weeks with the most thorough A To Z training we’ve ever offered. I guarantee minimum 30% improvement in your performance or your money back (perry marshall)
  • Using your systems, my sales have increased by 215%
  • Skin that looks younger in 48 hours or your money back

Free Resources

  • Download pregnancy miracle ebook Now! (liked the testimonials section too here…Hey, Don’t Believe Me! Believe What Others Said! These Are Several of Awesome Testimonials From Our Satisfied Customers! (
  • Small Business Marketing Guide: 100 Free Marketing Ideas
  • Resource Guide: the top 5 techniques to getting a man fast
  • Buyers Guide: How to avoid getting ripped off by the copier companies
  • How To Look Younger: 11 natural ways to look younger without surgery (
  • Free report reveals…the 5 (dirt cheap) tools I use to create all my videos (including my $80 HD video camera) (
  • Free report: Why go mobile. (worth $27) Discover how smart business owners are making tons of money by adopting the right mobile marketing strategies.
  • 7 important things you must consider before choosing a health retreat. (Natural Attitudes)

There you have it! My 100 Great Free Report Titles, Best Headlines and Free Optin Offers. If you have any I missed or others that you have seen work effectively for lead generation, please feel free to leave a comment!


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Entrepreneur Small Biz One Hour Strategy SessionWe have figured out how to make sales and marketing funnels that pay real income (like this post). By having a sound marketing plan and actionable steps, you can make a marketing system that sells your product or service too!

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5 Steps To Amazing Lead Generation That Really Works

Lead generation is a topic that comes up A LOT in my world. Marketing is not exactly lead generation and so many small business owners to come to me frustrated and glum that they aren’t making any sales when in fact all they are doing is promoting and not ACTUAL lead generating.

So what is the difference between marketing and lead generation?

Marketing is all about increasing exposure to your business via a multitude of channels including your website, social media, networking and about a million other available outlets.

Lead generation is the active collecting of people’s contact information for the purpose of moving them through a sales funnel and ultimately to a purchase.

5 Steps To Amazing Lead Generation That Really Works

  • Step one – Know EXACTLY who you are trying to reach! A lot of times we hear that people want to reach women between 35-55 with a college education and a high income. That is not nearly good enough to develop an offer that will make them take notice. Are these women mothers, businesswomen, do they play soccer or do needlepoint? Are they homebodies or party gals? Do they have pets? Knowing the details of their lives lets you craft an offer that will get them to sign up to receive it. Which leads me to…
  • Step two - Know what you are trying to sell them. You CANNOT try to sell them everything you’ve got available. The more choices that you give human beings, the less chance that they will pick anything. For one of our offers, we are trying to attract small biz owners who are just starting out…we have a free offer and then followup with a chance to talk with us for an hour for a very low price. This is very congruent with what they can afford. If we gave a free offer about free marketing and then tried to seque them into a five thousand dollar package, we would probably not sell too many.
  • Step three - you have to have an AMAZING offer. I love that Seth Godin talks about the opposite of amazing is not terrible, it is just good enough. If you are trying to get someone to notice your business or sign up for your list you have to have something GREAT! Today’s cluttered world means that anything less will just get lost in the shuffle. One of our amazing offers is 100 Free Marketing Ideas, another is The Best Darn Email Marketing Course EVER! Both are amazing and get people to opt in to our list on a daily basis.
  • Step four – This is where most lead generation fails…in step 4 you have to have a followup program to get them through a sales funnel. You need to take that lead and nurture it like a little seed, watering it with information about your product or service that can help them make a buying decision. We all know that it takes at least 5 “touches” before most people trust enough to buy. If you are following up once, twice or even three times, you are falling short of getting the sale most of the time!
  • Step five – Know the lifetime value of that customer. Instead of just getting a quick sale and out, why not look at your current list of customers and prospects and see if there is something else you could sell them. Develop and source items that you know they will like and offer those to this group of “already know, like and trust you” customers!

Dave Sherman Lead Generation WebinarWe are rabid collectors of big lists. My biz partner and I have over half a million people who are connected to us socially and databases of over 40,000 contacts (growing every day!) We LOVE Infusionsoft for our sales funnels and lead generation and are super happy that we got a chance to pin Dave Sherman down on a webinar to help give us even more pointers….:) Check out this FREE Webinar – Fixing Follow Up Failure – How to Convert your Lead Graveyard into a Gold Mine (replay will be available if you can’t make it on that day!)

How DISC Personality Types Affect Customer Service Models

Your DISC personality type affects what your customer service models are and how we can use them to our advantage. When it comes to customer service for our small businesses though, oftentimes we throw that information out the window and forget it!

DISC Personality Sales And MarketingIn a brief synopsis of the DISC personality types, “D” stands for driver, direct and determined, “I” stands for intuitive, inspiring and interacting, “S” stands for stable, steady and supportive and “C” stands for cautious, compliant and careful. Find out more about DISC personality types and small business marketing.

It is always important to me that my small business marketing customers and ongoing clients are happy. That is the easy part, this wish. To make great customers service a GOAL we need to put some milestones and metrics behind it. If great customer service is a goal for your company, you need to look at your CUSTOMERS not at YOUR COMPANY to make it happen. And how does this match the DISC?

Customer Service Done By Personality Types

High “D” business owners are very direct and to the point, frequently solving problems or delegating, but not following up to make sure that their customer is happy. They tend to focus on the task of fixing something after the fact rather than finding out what caused the problem in the first place. High “D” business owners need to be especially aware that everyone does not think that just doing their work is enough, they must keep their customers in the loop throughout the entire process.

High “I” small business owners tend to have the best intentions about doing great work, only fixing problems after the fact. That having been said, they tend to lack the focus required to make sure that the entire project is done and putting systems in place so that their customers know what has been completed. They should be aware that their clients are often disappointed when promised work or solutions are not forthcoming.

High “S” small business owners will set their customer service plans up, making sure that everyone is going to be happy with their product or service. A High “S” is probably the best person in your organization to delegate to handle customer service. Their caring attitude and genuinely want to help get things done right or fix problems will shine throughout their work with your customers.

High “C” are generally the opposite of High “D” business owners; they have ALL the systems and forms in place to document milestones and resolve problems. Watch out though, as their process can tend to be overwhelming for the other personality types to encounter. “C’s” will often have a process by which customer service requests, complaints or queries are implemented and processed. If they are not careful, the system can become so rigid as to not allow for human error or for changes that might benefit their clients in the long run.

Customer Service Received By Personality Types

The High “C” process of customer service can be VERY hard for “D’s” to comprehend. The thought of filling out forms or navigating to the right department through complicated phone systems is onerous to this aggressive bunch. You might want to consider having a “Press 0 to get an operator” or a human who can walk through the process of your forms for them, rather than having them get even more upset on the way to your customer service help. A human voice on the other end of the line will make your “I’s” and “S’s” happier also.

As stated, high “I” clients will also want to talk to a person. Sending an email, text or just leaving a message will not make the “I” feel like you have done the best job for them, even if you got everything handled in a timely manner. Additionally, by not speaking to them directly, you leave a door open for this situation to be ongoing and for them to feel left out in the cold. Sending them links to FAQ sections and self-help videos will not make “I” happy with the your company.

High “S” clients are not looking for amazing solutions or fanfare. They just want to work with someone who REALLY does handle their account or problem when they say they will. There is very little screaming and yelling with an “S”, BUT you can lose their faith in you if you do not follow through on promises that you make. High “S’s” do not want to change companies or vendors so a little bit of customer service will go a long way!

High “C” clients need A LOT of documentation before, during and after the fact. They will be happiest when they get a detailed account of the work that is completed and if there are problems, a list of proposed solutions. You CAN use email, FAQs, knowledge bases and other non-human types of services for a “C”, as many times they can solve the problem themselves. If there are problems, they are going to want to know what went wrong and what steps you are taking so that it will not happen again in the future.

In Conclusion

As a small business owner, knowing your (and your client’s) personality type can help you to avoid costly Customer Service mistakes. DO NOT assume that your customers want to be treated the way that you want to be treated! Having systems in place for notifying them of your progress or issues that cover ALL the personality types is vital for retaining customers. This is definitely not a one size fits all area of your business. Be sure that if you do not possess the correct skills, you hire someone who does!

Focus Schmocus – How to get things done!

You have a million things you HAVE to do TODAY. You need to finish your paperwork, call some clients, send a newsletter, read an article, do some more paperwork, call that icky client, start your taxes, arggg!

I can tell you that there are probably only two or three things that you HAVE to do today to grow your business, sell something or get a new prospect. Those are the only things you HAVE to do today! (If you owe money to the IRS you may HAVE to talk to them today – you have my permission!)

So if you only have a few things you HAVE to do, you must WANT to do all that other busy work you have set up for yourself, right? We humans are funny creatures, we like to keep busy, to feel needed, to do important work. If we have lots to do we can justify to ourselves not getting some vital things done.

That ends today people! Today you need to figure out the top 3 things that you need to do for your business and EVERY day, before you do anything else, those things have to be done!

For my business, my top three things are:

  1. Lead generating – writing blog posts, attending mastermind sessions, writing articles, emailing prospects
  2. Strategic planning – getting the systems in place so that when opportunity knocks I am ready
  3. Writing Ebooks or speaking in person – this is my actual physical work!

If you are a realtor, yours may look like this:

  • Lead generating – holding open houses, blogging about a neighborhood, sending out emails to your database, sending a newsletter, calling your prospects or clients and asking for referrals, attending network events
  • Strategic planning – organizing your calendar, targeting neighborhoods or niches, working on your database, setting up automatic emails to your prospects
  • Actual Realtor Work – taking listings, signing buyer broker agreements, showing houses, servicing your listings, writing contracts, negotiating contracts, and attending closings

Doing anything other than those things is a waste of your valuable time! You need to make sure that something from those lists is on your calendar every day!

Write these things out and hang them on the wall. Anytime something comes in that seems urgent, hold it up to your list and see if it something you HAVE to do…you may be surprised how much you have been doing that is unnecessary busywork that you just have a habit of doing.

Twitter and Google Great Lead Generating Tools

People ask me ALL the time how they can do the things that I recommend! Whether I am saying that they should comment on other people’s blog posts, read lots of different blogs or sign up for Twitter, frequently they say that they have NO TIME for all that “work” on the internet!

Well I can honestly say that Twitter is one of the easiest ways to add to your lead generating tool box! Just go to and sign up.

Some suggestions:

  • Pick a good name that people will either recognize (I am TARAdactyl of course) or is descriptive of your business like the MeekTeam or is descriptive of your industry like REMarketer.
  • Have a good picture or avatar, I can’t tell you how many faces I see that are not recognizable but I sure knew when the bloodhound blog guys come by as they have a droopy old bloodhound as their picture.
  • Fill out your profile – if someone does come by to check you out you need to make sure you sound interesting. For the meantime, just put something, you can come back and finesse this later if you don’t have time now!

To keep track of all the blogs I like I have a secret! I use Google’s free tool to have my homepage show me things that I might find interesting. If I am super busy I just hop on the regular Google search and do whatever is needed BUT if I am looking for great posts to comment on or ideas to jump off of for a blog post – nothing is better!

I have done a video to show you how to use Twitter to lead generate and how to add a site into the Google homepage reader – enjoy!

For more great Lead Generating Tips visit Thrive Client Contact System!

Where should you spend your time?

Time is money. I know, it is trite but true! I had a client ask me today if I thought she should spend some of her time on adding her real estate listings to a website. (See my response on Active Rain)

It made me think about what I spend my precious time on. Sometimes I spend time with my friends and favorite clients (good), sometimes I spend it lead generating (good), sometimes I spend it writing blog posts (good) and sometimes I spend it doing something that ultimately does not benefit my business (bad).

When I was an active Realtor I got lots of emails from companies that would “let” me post my listings on their site. They would then sell that feed to other sites who wanted real estate listings. While it did give my listings more exposure, I could have done that all day, everyday, rather than spending my time doing actual things that could sell my listings like contacting other realtors, marketing the home, attending pitch sessions, holding open houses and a million other things besides posting my listings on sites that had no traffic.

Are you doing something that you “could” do rather than stuff you “should” do? DO NOT get me wrong, I am an early adopter who likes to try new marketing efforts BUT if what I am doing does not benefit me dollar for time then I should focus on dollar productive activities and save my energy for things that have a chance of working for me!

33 Touch – Fab 5 Contest

So Mary Dado of Business Writing, Ink and I have been on a whirlwind tour of 4 South Florida Keller Williams market centers. We went down there to talk about the Fab 5 Contest our region is having and the 33 Touch Program that we developed to go along with it. What the heck is a Fab 5 Contest you ask?!!?

Our region of 29 offices is competing to be the best at sales and lead generation! We KNOW that if we call, email and direct mail to enough people our business will grow. (On a side note – I LOVE lead generating because it gives you the chance to have people call you, it gets you lots of opportunities and it allows you work with only people you like and can truly help!)

Marketing Frequency

100 Calls – You should be making (at least) 100 calls to your sphere, your clients, your prospects and your vendors each month. This ALWAYS seemed overwhelming to me, but now that I am doing it, not so much! I made 12 calls in one day, got two opportunities and one appointment – go figure!

Email – You should email your database each month. This is FREE and if you send interesting and relevant info, people will enjoy getting your emails. I do not advocate sending more than two emails per month unless you are working with a targeted group like investors, since you can overwhelm them and get on the “send to trash immediately” list! If you send a weekly newsletter and do not have a huge drop off rate for your list, you can send two emails IN ADDITION to the newsletter because that will be your baseline for starting.

Direct Mail – I know, direct mail is dead, everyone is using the internet and emails. Except they aren’t. There are many segments of the population that are not online 24/7 to read your information. Also there are people (like me) who get a gagillion emails a day and delete most of them unless they are TREMENDOUSLY relevant. If you send a mailing out to people’s home address (preferably) they will see it and notice it. If you send relevant info they might even stick it on their fridge! Make it a personal note and watch out!

Learning Something

So I was roaming around “pontificating” as Mary Dado says (meaning she can’t get me to keep my mouth shut if I can get 5 people in a room to listen to me!) During these sessions with other Realtors, I asked what they were doing to grow their business. I got LOTS of great answers and learned a few new tricks!

It reminded me that NO ONE knows how to do everything! I make sure to surround myself with interesting people, who cumulatively might know ALMOST everything. We have a “Mega Chicks” mastermind group with 6 intelligent, determined women. I have an internet mastermind group every other week. I hang out with people who are smarter and funnier than I am so that I can learn from them. I ask for help and appreciate when I get it.

Some of the people that we talked to were VERY receptive to trying something that might make their business better. They were not POSITIVE that it would work but were willing to give it a shot – hey what do they have to lose? And they might wind up with a thriving business in a tough economy.

On the other hand, some of the people were SURE that it was not for them. They would NEVER send anything out, or they would NEVER make 100 calls, or they had tried this before and it did not work at all. They didn’t want to be accountable to anyone else for having said they would do something. If this is YOUR knee jerk reaction, is it holding you back? Could you TRY doing something different and SEE if MIGHT work rather than rejecting it out of hand?

I was just sitting here wondering if that was too strong a statement against people who have a closed mind (I don’t want to offend someone I might have met in the last couple of days). But then I realized they won’t be interested or open minded enough to read my blog anyways…:)

Do What You Do and They Can Do What They Do!

Do What You Do and They Can Do What They Do! I know this seems very deep and cryptic BUT it is true!

I was with some of my favorite investor realtors today (Fred Collis & Larry Arth) today and we got to talking about what we can do to generate more leads (their idea of a great lead is Bird Dog who can help them get the word out about real estate investment opportunities). Fred was talking about how his coach keeps giving him tasks which he doesn’t always complete. I think the operative part of that is his coach GIVES him tasks.

I have taught a BUNCH of agents lead generating. In each class I ask the agents and small business owners what they are currently doing. They ALWAYS say that doesn’t matter, that they want to know WHAT to do. I ALWAYS say that they will really only do what they do right now, but more!

If they make calls, they will make calls to more or different people, but they will NOT start blogging on a daily basis if they don’t like to write. If they blog every day and send tons of emails but NEVER pick up the phone, they will not suddenly start making 20 phone calls a day! (I KNOW – there are always exceptions to the rule BUT generally people will do what they do!)

What brought this home for me today was the developer we met with! He is a GREAT charismatic speaker who has been able in the past to sell LOTS because he was able to talk with each client personally in either seminars or on the phone. We are working to market these programs to LOTS of Bird Dogs who have LOTS of clients – there is NO WAY he can talk to 50 clients of 50 Bird Dogs (or over 2,500 people!).

We developed a way to get standardized info out and also to allow him to “talk” to people via a webinar on the internet! We will also record him so he can get his message out via MP3s. Even though these are great ideas, we also need to develop marketing materials for Larry and Fred to get out to the Bird Dogs. The developer never had to do this before because he talked to everyone directly and he isn’t very excited about doing it now BUT to grow the number of people they can reach he will have to adapt or go extinct!

The great thing about this situation is that the Developer has hired us to help him market to new people while maintaining the practices that made him successful in the past! If you are NEVER going to do something then hire someone else to do it so you can concentrate on doing the “fun” tasks you like to do!

Hire Who? Hire You!

So I was reading a blog post this week about asking for business*. Basically the author said that too many times online we have all this great information available and OF COURSE someone would know to send you an email to request your services! But do you ask them directly? Do you ask for the business the way that you would if you were face to face? I always joked around about “three copies press hard”, meaning that I was staying until I got a listing agreement unless it was a listing I wanted to turn down.

I am also very good in person about explaining the next steps in the process. “After we do the analysis of your needs I will send you a written inspection report by Tuesday” or “I will call you on Thursday to set up a time for the photographer to come out”.  Online we forget to set expectations and so sometimes inadvertantly disappoint people who are expecting a certain level of service. If your auto responder says you will get back within the next 24 hours and fail to mention that you take weekends off, they could be VERY put out when you answer their Friday email on Monday morning!

This time I have practiced what I am preaching! I have added a “Hire Me” button and listed some of my services. In the future I will have a cool email form with a dropdown box so they can tell me exactly what they are interested in and I can capture their contact information BUT for now at least they know I want them to call me! I will also have additional products  with cool links to flyers so they can see everything I have to offer, but what if they want to hire me before then?

DO NOT wait until everything is perfect before you start. Start today. I am including a variety of “hire me” buttons for you to use on your site! Please feel free to copy any of them and put it on your site so someone can hire YOU! All I ask is that you post a comment here so we can all see your site with the “hire me” button!!!!

hire me button

hire me button
hire me button
hire me button
hire me button

* If it was your post please let me know and I will add a link!!!!