Multi Channel Marketing – Setting Up Your Content Marketing Strategy

Multi Channel Marketing - Setting Up Your Content Marketing StrategyWhen you are a huge content producer, you have funny problems that other people might not understand. Then if you add on diverse interests of the Renaissance Entrepreneur to the mix and you have a whole big beautiful mess!

Today I going to thinking aloud about a multichannel content marketing strategy for myself and my clients, the Self Publishing Podcast guys (who are PROLIFIC content creators, but not all that good at sharing all the content they develop!)

If you are a huge content creator, this may be understandable and the most frustrating part of your empire. It is great to produce all of this, but if it doesn’t ever go anywhere, what good is having all of it. You will achieve some success just because of the shear volume of data out there, but how much could you multiply that by if you took the time to actually make sure it is on the sites that matter for each type of content?

Multi Channel Marketing

Start with this! Everyone knows that creating A LOT of content is important. But what and how it is managed AFTER it is done is the key to making it work for your business.

Content is fire, social media is gasoline….Jay Baer

Some of the Multi Channel Marketing outlets that we are going to be looking at include the top 15 websites that Jay references:

  • Google (search engine)
  • YouTube (video)
  • Facebook (social media)
  • Yahoo (search engine)
  • Amazon (sales site)
  • Wikipedia (reference)
  • Twitter (social media)
  • Bing (search engine)
  • Ebay (sales site)
  • MSN (reference)
  • Microsoft (sales site)
  • LinkedIn (social media)
  • Pinterest (social media)
  • Ask (reference)
  • WordPress (blogging platform)

So based on this list there are 4 social media sites in the Top 15, 3 search engines, 3 reference sites, 3 sales sites, 1 video site and 1 blogging platform.

Awesome data from

What’s The Point

So we get that having content on some or all of these channels is key to…well to doing what exactly?

This will depend a lot on what you are trying to accomplish. For me, I want to get eyeballs on my website so I can sell them my Marketing Strategy Workbook and coaching services or recommend affiliate products that they will love. With that in mind, I have little icons with recommended products and services at the bottom of many of my pages (and just came to a realization today that having them at the bottom of each post is the most important thing on my list of to-dos, effective right now). (see them in action at the bottom of the page here)

For the SPP (Self Publishing Podcast guys), we have to figure out what the point is! It could be to sell more fiction books on Amazon (#5 on the top website list, but where there are competitors), get people on their email marketing list (which means getting them to their website) or even to just increase awareness of their podcast.

Whatever your goal is, it is really important to make sure that every bit of your marketing strives to accomplish that goal.

Sales Funnel

So my sales funnel is pretty good, up to a point. I have great content across a wide range of channels. I have most of it directed towards my website and I have a really cool data capture form from Lead Pages that prompts them to give me their email address.

Lead Pages Data Capture Box  - Marketing Artfully

Where it sort of comes off of the rails is my frequency of mailing my list. I am not consistent enough with my list to really make them anticipate my great content…sigh. Even if all I did was recap all the bits that I had produced that week, it would still be better than the lame-email effort I am exerting now.

Note: I added sending a newsletter once a week to my calendar. Seriously if it isn’t even on my calendar how can I ever hope to complete it!

Where To Share

So now let’s take a look at the multiple channels and where the best marketing opportunities are. This is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of all the available channels, just a little flavor of the things that we are considering as we set up each kind of channel.

So as I meandered through my “stuff” and the guys “stuff” which have two totally different target markets, it becomes blatantly clear that no matter what your product is, having a goal for your distribution is vital.

Hopefully this helps…Tara

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Should You Write Your Blog Posts For Google or Social Media?

Content Marketing - Should You Write Blog Posts for Google or Social Media?The question of whether to write for Google or social has been banging around in my head a lot lately when thinking about content marketing. The happy, friendly answer of course is that you can write great content that does BOTH…big smiley face. But I am not really sure it is possible to do Google and social well.

This question came to mind a couple of different ways:

First: I did a really neat search on Similar Web for this blog, They had some good “stuff” that was presented in a pretty manner but what came glaring out at me was that 75% of all of my visitors come from Google search traffic.

75% Google Search Traffic

Now that amounts to a fair bit of traffic so YAY! But my numbers from Social were deplorable…

6% from social

and that is with me and my business partner sharing these posts on our HUGE social networks. So I started thinking…what the hell is going on here?!?!?!

Second: We set up a fair amount of blogs for our clients and they always want to get to the first page of Google for words like “Tampa Real Estate” or “Best Restaurant Denver”.

In the first case, they would have to build a giant site, garner a ton of real backlinks and take a relatively long time to get there. There are already other sites who have done that work for years and there is no way to jump to the front of the line.

The other kind of client is thinking about ranking well for a search term that doesn’t come up all that often in search. Currently Google is showing NO traffic for the keyword “best restaurant denver”. Now, that doesn’t mean there is no traffic at all, just not consistent traffic. Mostly when I want to find a great restaurant I will check Yelp first (they have a real scoring system, not just who is best at SEO) or ask my friends on Google+ or Facebook.

Lastly: My biz partner and I have talked for years about how we get traffic to our respective websites. She always used PLR (Private Label Rights) or duplicate content which is not Google-cool. She is a much better social media marketer than I am, sharing and building interesting networks of real people (I talk about marketing all the time so my real friends tend to try to be supportive but sometimes roll their eyes a lot!).

Long story short, in today’s world there is no one “right” way to do it and there are things that crossover, but I am a staking a claim – your one little blog post can’t be great for search and social at the same time! You have to pick a side!!!

Let’s start at the top – Headline

Google search results for entrepreneur marketingGoogle likes factually correct headlines with words to match search. As you can see here, all the results for the search “entrepreneur marketing” have those exact words somewhere in the title. Now I have heard like everyone else that Google killed SEO and now it understands words so you can just write about any old thing and it will figure out you mean “entrepreneur marketing”, but a couple of minutes on the search engine will show you these kinds of results for your industry!

Social. That is all well and good but knowing that most people who are going to find and share your post to social media will not take the time to rewrite your headline to make it more interesting does not bode well for our factually correct headline words. I like the fact that Vala added a personal endorsement on his post, but none of those headlines would really jump out at me in a buzzfeed kind of way. You can see that there are many hashtags (#entrepreneur) and @mentions but are those enough to counteract the bland dryness of the good for Google headlines?

Twitter headline listings

Buzzfeed-style sharable headlines are more along the lines of scandal, intrigue or mystery…

Buzzfeed headlines

Now, maybe I could write scandalous marketing headlines that would be intriguing AND search friendly, but would serious business people who are actually looking for marketing help really respond to that? I don’t really think so.

- – – A break for blatant social media link baiting – – –
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SCANDALOUS Blog Post Reveals The Secret Behind The #SocialMedia versus #Google Controversy [JK]

- – – Now back to our regularly scheduled programming – – -

Next comes content

Google generally adds up all the content in the blog post and figures out if what you say you are talking about in your headline is what you are actually talking about in your post. They also check to see if the user “bounces” meaning that they see the search result, click the link to the post and then come right back to check another search out.

While it is true that you could do a super fun headline like “Funny Realtor Postcards that will make you laugh so hard you pee your pants“, at the end of the day it is up to your content to support that title. The funny realtor postcards blog post is actually about how to have cute headlines for your print marketing, but I am not sure they are THAT funny.

I can only assume that someone seeing that title in social would expect pictures of postcards and not be thinking about reading a 1,000 word blog post on how to do direct mail marketing.

Pictures matter

There are at least 5 different sizes of pictures that you need to satisfy social. (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+). Pinterest likes a really tall photo that spans a couple of rows of listings (like the one at the top of this post!) and Google Plus likes a really wide post that they will make huge in the feeds like this.

Google wide photo

If you are primarily considering sharing your picture to social, you want to give enough information in the picture that someone could get the idea of what you are talking about just by looking at it THEN you want to make sure the words on the picture match the content of the blog post.

Plain jane social media pictureIf you are just writing a blog and not sharing it socially, then any old picture will work (or you could even skip the photo entirely). This is good enough to give you an idea that we are talking about social media and that is about all we are trying to accomplish.

Should You Write Blog Posts For Social Media or GoogleThis one though is great for sharing. It is 1200X800 so it will be big enough to show up well if shared on the social sites and anyone seeing it will know that it is about social and that it is a blog post about content marketing.

That is just the tip of the iceburg about pictures for social (it is such a big topic we wrote a whole book about it!)

Can you do both?

I really do try to make my blog posts Google friendly, fore-going social stuff. That said, it is pretty easy to make the graphics “social friendly” too. At the end of the day I am much more concerned with making Google happy than making social happy which shows up in my deplorable social numbers!

Do you try to do social or Google in your content marketing? Please leave a comment below to let me know!!

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