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You Are A Rainmaker Real Estate Agent!

There are as many different types of Rainmakers as there are snowflakes that fall from the sky. What I have never met is a lazy Rainmaker. Rainmakers are like the Energizer Bunny. They like to come up with new ideas and figure out new ways to find business.

They are not timid little lambs who are willing to wait around for leads. No matter their personality type, they are out there pushing the boundaries of what normal agents think are reasonable levels of work or effort. 

If you were bold enough to check out a book that throws down a title like that, you are definitely bold enough to be a Rainmaker Real Estate Agent!

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For Listing Agents Only

So many real estate marketing books are general "how to" guides that try to be everything to everyone. The Rainmaker Real Estate Agent is a guide for listing agents, showing how to use marketing to dominate your real estate sales.

  • Being a Rainmaker (includes team structure, branding & problems)
  • Marketing leads (includes lead tracking & conversions, budgeting and activities)
  • Marketing for listings (includes niches, marketing ideas and real world examples)
  • Marketing channels (includes website, social, offline and online ideas) 
  • And much more..

Nice Things Realtors Say About My Books

Wow! This book is simply amazing. This book is perfect for K.I.S.S. Marketing (keep it simple stupid) in that it covers all the basics in a way that allows you to not only do them better but do them easier then the Realtor down the street! A must read!!!!

Jason Stanhouse
Le Bois Realty

Great book! I love how this doesn't just tell you what to do but how to do it. Very insightful and thorough. Planning on using the lessons learned in this book to start farming, thank you!

Jonathan Alexander 
J Alexander Real Estate Group



Tara is a high energy, fun and motivated marketing genius. If you need to learn anything about marketing with social media she is your girl. — Vickie


Tara Jacobsen is a sales and marketing speaker, author and consultant that you will not forget.

She brings with her a true, hands on sales, goal setting and marketing strategy focus, and yet energizes her audience with full on content and interactive participation.