3 Month Social Media Posting Service

Three Month Social Media Sharing ProductYou know that you should be sharing great industry content everyday and you have the best of intentions, but honestly, that is probably at the bottom of your to-do list at this point. Who has the time to get all those tweets and posts scheduled.

Not to mention that the reason you started doing social in the first place was to SELL SOMETHING. While social is not a magic pill for selling, you will absolutely not be able to sell anything if you are not posting great information from your blog, sharing your services, promoting your courses and events.

What Is This Good For

Events – If you are doing an event it is vital to post regularly during the time leading up to your event, but posting nothing but “come to my event” over and over is a recipe for disaster! By sharing other relevant industry content (as well as your non-promotional items) you can earn the right to post frequently about your event without looking spammy!

Launches – If you have written a book, started a course, or are launching a coaching program, this type of scheduled, controlled distribution of content is perfect to generate excitement and “buzz”.

Sales – Whether you are doing a price reduction or just focusing on a product line, having a targeted sales strategy for three months can exponentially increase your sales efforts.

Services – If you are selling your own services, talking about yourself day after day is almost impossible. Coming up with thirty or so ways to express how wonderful you while talking about yourself in third person and not trying to brag too much doesn’t sound like fun to anyone! Using our service, you can ignore the posting and focus on what matters, serving your clients well.

Professional Services – If you are in a regulated industry or have a license to defend, finding and sharing quality content mixed with company approved messages will vastly increase the number of people who are interested in your business. Social doesn’t have to be scary, we can do a great job of curating only the highest quality content for your accounts.

Realtors – We know how hard you work and the thought of having to post across your social channels twice a day probably brings a little tear to your eye. Establishing yourself as a real estate authority is easy-peasy when you use our posting service!

Service Providers – If you are a speaker, coach, author, trainer or other service provider, this is the perfect way to spread information about your services and industry expertise.

What We Post

We use the power of Hootsuite to auto-schedule two posts a day at the optimal time as determined by Hootsuite’s algorithms (computers are good for figuring out that kind of data!!!)

Additionally we hand schedule posts as needed to promote specific events, sales pushes or product sales. These can be as frequently as daily or as targeted as twice a week for maximum visibility.

Some things that do well for the hand scheduling:

  • Events
  • Sales pages
  • Book links
  • Ebook links
  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Social sites
  • Deals
  • Call to action graphics*

Where We Post

As long as you have the sites available to add to Hootsuite, we will post all content to the following websites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Profiles
  • Facebook Groups
  • Google Plus Pages
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Groups
  • Linkedin Business Pages

Call To Action Graphics

Some of the best content on the internet comes in graphic format. The “old saw” that a picture is worth a thousand words holds true for social media marketing. Each of these photos will be branding your company with your logo and website domain name.

Some graphics that we can make for you include:

  • Quotes with pictures
  • Blog post graphics
  • Product shots
  • Calls to actions
  • Employee and customer photos
  • Testimonials and kudos

*The 10 Piece Graphics Package is a premium service that will increase the effectiveness of your social posting.

How We Do It

Learning to how to post optimally is a skill that anyone can master, but why should you? Unless you are a social media professional, learning how to post to all your social sites for maximum effectiveness can take all your time, effort and energy, not to mention that about the time you get it figured out, they will change it on you!

We thought it would be fun for you take to a peek and see just how the postings are done. Yes we know that there is a chance you will see this and think, “hey I can do that!” But more often than not, our clients think, “are you kidding me” and sign up for another three months!


 How It Works

Once you sign up, we will contact you for your social media logins and start populating your feeds. Generally we can have you up and running within 7 business days, but for more technical accounts (like financial services), the startup time might be a bit longer.

We schedule your posts out a month at a time, 3 months consecutively so that the content you are sharing doesn’t appear “stale”.




All posting is done on a first come, first serve basis. If you are buying this service to promote an event, we highly recommend that you have at least 6 weeks “lead time” to ensure that there is enough time to get things done. Social media setup services available upon request if you do not have the social sites needed to use this service. Graphic design is a premium service. This service is provided by Tara Jacobsen, PA and is in no way affiliated with Hootsuite.