Goal Setting – Good Marketing Done Imperfectly Still Counts

Doing the day-to-day stuff is hard and where most people fail. So it is the time of the year that I do some serious goal setting. During December I generally try to post a blog post each and every day of the month (generally missing the first day…it has become a tradition around my house!)

So today I got all fired up to write an AMAZING blog post but then figured out that I had a speaking event, two client meetings and about 1,000 emails. Sigh.

What to do, what to do. Well people in person trump blog posts. Clients have paid for their time and that trumps blog posts. But still, it is important to do what I say I am going to do…so here are my deepest feelings about marketing:

Good marketing done imperfectly still counts

So I am signed up for a website called Flylady.com which tells you how to keep a house well (I am organizationally challenged which is why I have such stringent systems for my business). While I do like some of the tips, mostly I like her motto which is “housework done incorrectly still blesses your family”.

Those of us who are frustrated perfectionists can understand this immediately. It can seem like doing a post that is not a great seo post, that is published at 6:09 Mountain time is a waste. But it is not really. I truly believe that doing what you say, no matter if it is perfect is important.

Doing LOTS of stuff sometimes trumps doing perfect stuff

During my speaking event, a lady asked about social media and if she should do one really well or all of them (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Pinterest) a little bit. I think she wanted to hear that doing one perfectly was the best bet.

Of course I said, do all of them! It is tempting to do the one that you like the best, but your potential customers are actually on all of them and you are leaving a lot of opportunity on the table if you only do the one you favor.

Doing LOTS of stuff sometimes trumps doing perfect stuff – part two

Another thing for this topic is that A LOT of my traffic in the coming year will come from the posts that I write this month. Every day when I try to shoehorn a blog post in around presents for the kids, decorating, oh and work, I think about that.

Doing the day-to-day stuff is hard and where most people fail. If you can just show up everyday you will beat out 98% of the people out there!

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