Poopourri – Awesome Commercial But A HORRIFIC Email Autoreponders

So I am not sure people outside of marketing are as focused on the brilliance of the Poopourri product’s video marketing. The video that was made as an advertising piece was awesome and compelled me to give them my email address and check out their free sample (turns out that was a seriously bad move on my part!)

While the Poopourri video was AWESOME, their email autoresponders have definitely not achieved the same high level of interaction and cleverness. In fact, it is looking like bad email marketing from the late 2000’s instead of current, up-to-date cleverness to match the video.


So what have they sent me?

Poopourri Email HeaderDay 1

Your poo still smells, do something about it. You had me in your cart, but I can only stop poo stink if I am in your toilet. Click on “View Cart” to take me home this time.

Okay, I get this one. I abandoned the cart and in the moment might have just gotten distracted. As an ecommerce site, their goal is to sell something and get that sale. Gave them a pass on this one.

Day 2

Stop embarrassing bathroom odor right now for free. Try a free bottle of Poo-Pourri today.* No strings attached. Simply click the button below to redeeem your bottle.

Okay I got the message, you want me to order a free bottle, but are you just going to keep saying the same thing? I even commented to my marketing besty that the poopourri people were stalking me like the paperboy in Better Off Dead, “my two dollars”.

Day 3

What The Crap? Something Doesn’t Smell Right. We reached out a couple days ago and never heard back from you. That stinks. Click on “return to cart” to take me home this time.

Now this feels like it is getting personal. I understand that they have sent me some emails and (obviously) I did not buy. At this point I am just wondering how long the autoresponder series is and if I was a normal person (and not secretly obsessed with seeing bad marketing in action) I would either unsubscribe or mark it spam.

What should Pooporri do to improve their email marketing campaign?

Okay guys and gals, we can take away some really good pointers here from a national campaign and help improve our stuff!

I showed a predilection for watching videos, why no videos in the email series?

First off, I got there because of a video of a funny lady talking about poo. I actually watched the whole thing from a YouTube commercial and was interested enough to give them my email. Where did the videos go? This series of autoresponders does have a picture of that lady, but no videos in the emails.

Where did that lady go, she was charming, the emails aren’t!

If that lady had told me I stink in email #3 (it may be #4, I think I hard deleted one before I knew they would keep coming) it would be charming. An email that tells me I stink is just insulting. What about a video with that lady?

One trick pony

That said, I do not have the same connection to the picture of her sitting in the toilet as I once did. I have now received 3 spam emails and get it, it was funny, now not so much. I know about branding and applaud the consistency, but seriously, how many are in the series?

How could they keep the magic alive?

Honestly, I was really interested in the product but not willing to pay the shipping with the information that I have at this point. So what could they do to change my mind?

Tell me where to get it locally

Okay, I admit it, I would pay $4 in gas to go get this at the store rather than paying a couple of bucks in shipping. While I would like to know where in Denver I could buy it, I would be willing to click a map and search for my area (with no personalization they don’t know where I live).

More facts

What about sending me some of the details about the product. Supposedly I have only seen the commercial once and may not have observed the actual features of it.

Real people

What about videos of real people using it? I would love to know if it really works or has solved a problem for someone.

Who is it for?

What came to mind for me was my college days in the dorm when I snuck off at midnight so I could have the toilets for myself. Did they check with anyone to see where this is good for? Most people have no imagination and aren’t chatting about embarrassing poo experiences. Why not give me some good ideas about who and where this could work.


I wouldn’t have even minded answering some questions from an email (not these emails) to help figure out more about me. I have a daughter who will be going to college in a couple of years and could have had my heartstrings tugged. I think this one bothers me the most. This product is ABSOLUTELY a woman centered product and I am getting bold, aggressive man emails that say I stink…sigh.

Okay, I have to get back to work now and stop obsessing about Poopourri and their horrific email autoresponder campaign…:) I will update if I get anymore of their “awesome” emails!

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