Entrepreneur Marketing – For Heavens Sake DO SOMETHING

Entrepreneur Marketing - For Heaven's Sake Just Do SomethingToday’s post is just an observation about what I see going on. I watch A LOT of entrepreneurs who are gung ho about their business, fire in the belly, moving and shaking it until….wah wah wah. I feel like I have to address this right now…entrepreneur marketing, for heaven’s sake DO SOMETHING!

I love the angel in this picture. I bought it from a stock photo place and when this guy (or gal) gets up this morning they are going to be ASTOUNDED that someone actually bought the tatty angel with a wrinkly gown. BUT this is exactly what I am talking about. Instead of second-guessing whether anyone would buy it, they put it out there! Okay…on to the meat!

Learning too much

Splitting your time and attentionI am a learner, listener, tryer. I spend A LOT of money buying training for myself and my staff. I think that one of the reasons I am so successful is that I am constantly figuring out new things and testing them. That said, I see problems, BIG problems.

In my world, occasionally two classes will come out at the same time and I buy both. Being human, I like one more than the other and do it more, BUT still try to watch and implement a little of the other one so as not to have wasted my money. Splitting your time and attention, even with the best of intentions always winds up with two things done poorly instead of just one!

I have also seen many entrepreneurs spend days, months and even YEARS waiting until they know enough to start. QUIT IT. Learn enough to get going and then try. If it was a zero sum game and the world stood still while you were getting ready, that would be fine. But all the stuff that you are learning now probably has a shelf life and if you don’t try now, it may have no value in 6 months or a year.

Go all in

Sorta, kinda trying to have a business is different than throwing your heart and soul into something. Starting out, you HAVE to give it everything you have. You have to take the time and put all your energy into whatever you are doing. I talk to a lot of people who are half-in. They are checking it out until it works or something better comes along. Have you seen a lot of Olympic athletes who are “trying” to be good? Nope! They are spending 6 to 8 hours a day in the pool, busting their asses.

If you are not passionate, I mean REALLY excited about your business, stop and do something else. Get a job, pick something else or figure out what you would love to do but stop torturing yourself. Life is too short to be an entrepreneur who isn’t in love with their business.

Quitting too fast

So you have a dream. You are busting your ass and…nothing. You have been working for two whole months and not seeing any results on your social or your website. Nobody has jumped up to hire you. Well, two months or six months or even a year working at something is normal. I KNOW, you have gotten those emails about how a guy (never someone you know) who had no website, no list and is making $1,000 a day. Those are marketing emails not real life. If you are trying and setting a groundwork, success will come, I promise! Stop going for the quick hit and start a real business.

Quitting too slowly

A good idea executed poorlyNow for the opposite. If you are not selling anything it may mean that there is not an audience for what you are selling. Could be that you need to get more specific or that the marketplace has just rejected whatever you are offering at the price you are charging.

Years ago I was selling an AMAZING service, one that I would have bought without thinking twice. That said, we could never get above 38 subscribers per month no matter how much effort we put in. Shutting it down felt like failing but in hindsight it opened up our time and energy to do something that would actually work.

Today I have learned that I should try something, see if there is interest and then if there is, sky rocket it and reach even more people.

Not planning

Last but not least is planning. My marketing partner (AKA the Media Monster, Rebekah Welch) and I sit down EVERY WEEK for at least 3 hours and talk about what we are doing right now, how it is in line with our business model and deciding what to have done by the following week. Now don’t get me wrong, we have a 5 year plan and a 2 year plan BUT you would be surprised at how random strangeness creeps into your business. Just this week we had to make a hard decision to stop doing in-person classes. Our business has outgrown them (YAY) but they are something that we really enjoyed and felt benefited our peeps. That said, they don’t match what we are doing now.

Now, you might say that if we like it and they like it, what does it hurt. After all, we are just talking about one afternoon a month right? Well there is writing the sales copy, creating the content, promoting the class, losing our planning time for that week, following up and a bunch of other time that goes along with it. PLUS the psychic energy used on something that is not moving us forward is can actually hold us back!

Take a hard look at what you “have” to do for your business. Are there any things that you do because you have always done them or they seemed to make sense a while ago? If so, STOP IT!

BONUS – Stop worrying so much

What makes the dawn come up like thunder? COURAGE!I find that some entrepreneurs are REALLY concerned about what they are putting out. They read and re-read every post. They have an editor look at it and revise it to within an inch of its life. They panic if something goes out wrong and send followup emails apologizing for being such an idiot.

Well…in my world, doing ANYTHING is better than doing nothing. Just this week I put out a quote with picture that I LOVED. It was a cowardly lion quote and epitomizes my feelings about courage. I posted it to the Facebook and watched the views and shares roll in. THEN I noticed that it had a mis-spelling. Instead of stressing about it, taking it down and losing all the social love, I just said, oh well.

I put out enough great content and it was such an amazing picture that no one even noticed (or if they did they didn’t tell me!) PLUS, I did something. Instead of putting out one perfect picture, I have put out 4 pictures this week, all of which have gotten social hits and broadened my reach. Stop worrying and start doing!

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