Internet Marketing – Your Home Page Doesn’t Matter

Internet marketing is NOT about pretty and shiney anymore and the sooner you understand your home page doesn’t matter, the more money you will make and the more leads you will get!

Internet Marketing - Your Home Page Doesn't MatterAlright, this is blasphemy and I know that there will be outrage about it, but your home page doesn’t matter in web design.

I say this after looking at analytics from many different sites, and what I noticed right away was that there is a very small portion of people who actually come to your home page. Okay, I KNOW that some of you are optimizing your home page, you are driving paid traffic to it, etc. but in general, the majority of your traffic (if you are a small business owner) will come from blog posts on your site.

Why would that be? You want people to come to your home page so they can see the labor of love that you have done, with flash and an intro page and moving images. Oh the time you took to make sure it was perfect and looking EXACTLY as you wish.

Well, no one is interested in you or your company.

I am sorry to be the one to break this to you, but in todays always on, 24 hour news cycle, get kids to the soccer game, fight to keep your job, information inundated world, NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU or your little website either.

They care about what YOU can do for THEM. The end. They don’t care if you have a great home page, if you have the right stock photography, if you have a splash page that loads, loads, loads (well they do care and probably leave before it ever gets loaded). They do not have time to try and figure out a complicated website. They want to be able to find the most important navigation links, see that your site looks professionally done and then get to whatever they need.

Prove it!

Okay, here is a lovely little video where I look at the back ends of some our (and my) blogs. You will see overwhelmingly that people are looking at pages that help them, tell them something or that they want to buy, NOT at any home page.

So, please stop trying to make the front of your blog or website look pretty (if you aren’t blogging, that is a shame and a post for another day). Make the most of your internet marketing efforts by producing great content and leave the looks for the other guys!

PS – want a bit of fun….check out…most of the problems with having a “beautiful” site are that they are counter to good design, non-functioning and basically invisible to search engines.

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