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Small business marketing in the B2B (business to business) space can sometimes feel a little less exciting than what the B2C (business to consumer) folks can do. I hear a lot in the marketplace that social media and YouTube videos are not for B2B.

Small Business Marketing - Great B2B Norfolk Southern VideoWhile it can be hard to conceptualize how to make businesses like accounting, floor sweepers or cash registers (or now the Square) exciting, I cannot think of something older or more stable than rail transportation. It only applies to large companies who need national transportation for large amount of goods (a pretty small slice of industry). It is not a market segment that I would think of being on the cutting edge of technology or innovation.

That was why I got SO exited to see this commercial, that makes a B2B video fun, interesting and, heck even exciting!

So why does it work and how can you take these ideas and move them over to your small business?

The mystique of rail travel…okay, I have to admit that I love trains. I got it honestly from my dad who loves trains too. That having been said, there is a large percentage of the population who like trains, had toy trains or whose brothers, fathers or sons had trains. It pays to look at your industry and find out what makes it “sexy” or interesting. Could be whacky urban myths, a rabidly loyal customer base or even the industry itself.

Obviously this was a professional production, CGI laden, EXPENSIVE commercial that ran on the national cable channels. So how can you expect to compete (and darn it, you keep telling us that great production on videos is not important!) Take the idea of the video and transport it to your less expensive videos!

I could so picture this as a smaller local video with pictures of trains fading into a video of a train blowing past and then a picture of a big city in the background with the words superimposed over the images. That is a perfectly acceptable version that would work for our small biz peeps. You just need to make an effort to think how you can leverage these kinds of ads and make them your own.

Copy the big guys

I cannot express this enough. BIG NATIONAL companies spend a gagillion dollars doing ads, focus testing them, production costs, etc. If you can take their concepts and make them your own, you are WAY ahead of your local competition. Using a national ad that comes to mind, how fun would it be to take the Farmers ad with Kasey Kane (a Nascar race car driver) and a fire extinguisher and move it down to small business level by going with a local agent and a Boy Scout style racer.

B2B YouTube video marketing does not have to be boring or hard, it just takes a little bit of creativity!

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